How A Series of UFO Encounters Changed the Life of Radio DJ and Journalist Bryce Bond

UK Sightings Hot Spot Draws Celebrities Like David Bowie and Mick Jagger at Height of UFO Flap

By Sean Casteel

ufos key to inner perfection coverThe story of how the new reprint of the late Bryce Bond’s book “UFOs: Key To Inner Perfection” came about is almost as interesting as the book itself. It started in late 2014 when Inner Light/Global Communications CEO Timothy Green Beckley received an all-too-rare order for Bryce’s book on the impact that UFO contact had had on his philosophical and metaphysical perceptions of himself and humanity in general.

In his introduction to the recent updated and expanded edition, Beckley writes of how he first met Bryce in the mid-1960s. At the time, Beckley, along with his partner in crime, the late Jim Moseley, was organizing small meetings for a flying saucer club in midtown Manhattan. Bryce was working as a deejay at New York radio station WTFM, where he eschewed rock and roll and played mainly standards like Frank Sinatra. Bryce had a mild interest in UFOs and would announce news of the flying saucer club meetings on the air free of charge.

During one of their brief conversations, with “Old Blue Eyes” crooning in the background, Bryce told Beckley he was going to England soon for a vacation. Bryce asked Beckley if he knew of any suggestions about what to do there, things that were off the beaten track and not just the usual “touristy” fare.

Beckley had just published a book by British journalist Arthur Shuttlewood called “UFO Prophecy” that dealt with an enormous wave of sightings then taking place in a small hamlet called Warminster, located on the Salisbury Plain a stone’s throw from Stonehenge.

Warminster UFOs came in many shapes and sizes, as depicted by artist Carol Ann Rodriguez.

Warminster UFOs came in many shapes and sizes, as depicted by artist Carol Ann Rodriguez.

Eventually thousands of ordinary witnesses would observe “The Thing,” which one of the more mysterious Warminster UFOs had been dubbed by the local press. Several celebrities also made their way to the top of Warminster landmark Cradle Hill to see what they might see, including Mick Jagger and David Bowie. The national media hopped on the Warminster UFO bandwagon for a while and produced a number of television documentaries, including this rare classic, which can be found archived on YouTube –

Beckley dashed off a letter of introduction for Bryce and air-mailed it to Shuttlewood.

“The next thing I heard,” Beckley writes, “was that the two gentlemen had gotten along rather famously and that Bryce had become, in essence, Shuttlewood’s sky-watching buddy. Word came back to me from several sources that Bryce had not only seen a UFO but that he had felt the psychic energies given off by standing inside a crop circle, one of the early ones at that, and that he had had several unexplainable experiences which are detailed throughout the pages of this book.”

Bryce’s experiences in Warminster over the years included several “missing time” episodes and he was also brought onboard a landed space pod for a brief sojourn among the crew members. As Shuttlewood told it, there was an incident in which Bryce was absent from the group of sky-watchers for a period of hours. But, upon his return, Bryce stated that he felt he’d been gone a much shorter time.

The late journalist  Bryce Bond. Photo by  Phillis Brinkerhoff.

The late journalist
Bryce Bond.
Photo by
Phillis Brinkerhoff.

Beckley writes that such an experience might shake up almost anyone, but Bryce’s response was one of elation, of suddenly being high on life. Almost immediately upon returning to New York, he quit his job at WTFM, saying he could no longer do anything as superficial as spin Frank Sinatra records. Bryce had to be free to help others and save humanity.

Bryce began to lecture at Beckley’s New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences, became an instructor for Silva Mind Control and a well-known faith healer in the area.

“UFOs had changed his life,” Beckley writes, “as they have for many other individuals – both positively and negatively. Sometime later, Bryce began working on a book he called ‘Keys to Inner Perfection’ which he asked me to publish and which I did. There was nothing really significant about UFOs in the book, but I felt that what Bryce had to say was important enough to print a small edition of 2,000 copies.”

That first book is reprinted in the new Inner Light/Global Communications release. It reads like a sort of “alien-inspired” self-help book in which Bryce tries to teach the open-minded reader to realign one’s consciousness with the cosmos. Which admittedly is not easy to do, even with help from the flying saucer occupants. He also preaches the always worthy sentiments of unselfishness and unconditional love for one’s fellow man and the world in general.

“Unfortunately,” Beckley writes, “Bryce Bond never lived to see his book published. He passed away less than a month before the cartons arrived at our warehouse from the printer. I was always sad about this fact as I knew Bryce had put his heart and soul into preparing this publication.”

The book sold moderately well over the next couple of decades, but some of that small initial press run were consumed by bad weather and hungry rodents who had infested Beckley’s warehouse. When Beckley received the aforementioned order with only the one copy on his shelves, he decided to return the customer’s money and tell the person they were going to reissue the book. Beckley then handed the book over to William Kern, one of his graphics people, to have it scanned.

Then, as “luck” would have it, Beckley was going through his extensive files and came across a dusty black binder. He realized it was a partially-edited, typewritten manuscript by none other than Bryce on his experiences in the U.K. Beckley vaguely remembered that Bryce had given him the book around the time he had submitted the “Keys To Inner Perfection” manuscript and asked Beckley to publish it at a later date if he could. The pages were now brittle and had changed color from white to a brownish-yellow.

This newly discovered, detailed account of the UFO encounters that had led to “Keys To Inner Perfection” would add more depth and meaning to the reprinting project. It was now apparent that UFOs had impacted Bryce’s life more than he had let on.

“Frankly,” Beckley writes, “I can’t help but believe that somehow Bryce was behind all this. As he looked down from some lofty place in space or a heavenly realm, I am sure he wanted others to discover the glory of his transformation experiences so they might experience their own. I think Bryce put me up to doing this because his complete story was never really told. I realized the work needed to be updated and a ‘final’ version published.”

The “lost” manuscript is a gripping narrative of what happened to Bryce as he took his leap of faith and visited the paranormal-soaked world of the small British hamlet.



“Warminster, at this time of night,” Bryce writes, “even for a Saturday, was somewhat deserted. Only a few people ambled along the narrow streets. I felt that I had eyes on me all the way. It was a most unusual feeling. The small narrow streets, with high brick walls, sky overcast, and the town strangely quiet — maybe a prelude to what I was about to experience that night! After walking a short distance through narrow archways and flower-lined paths, I was amazed how lovely it smelled and how clean it was. On the hill, some of the group had their telescopes set up on tripods; others had binoculars and cameras ready.

“The thing that really struck me was how friendly everyone was. A good portion are very curious, another percentage are thrill-seekers, and the remainder, well, they just enjoyed being there with this warm, loving group of spiritual individuals, sharing stories and conversations . . . UFOs have been here for eons of years. History is filled with reports of strange glowing craft, of landings and contactees. But due to negative programming regarding these ancients, and fear of the unknown being magnified out of all proportion from mouth to mouth, it spread right into modern times. Only in these times we blame television and motion pictures for doing the damage: creating near mass-panic in the mind, showing these UFOs as hostile, coming down from the heavens to devour, murder and rape — and to gobble us up!

“This travesty of beings who are thousands or even millions of years ahead of us in technology, intelligence and spiritual intent. . . . What the masses do not understand, they fear. When they fear, they shoot and run. There are numerous reports that UFOs were shot at, out of panic — even by the military. Put yourselves in their shoes and think: What would you do if you went to their planet, or dimension, or universe, or another period in time? We drove over to Starr Hill, another ancient burial ground area. This sector is where the Romans built upon, with a few of the remnants still in evidence. The location was down in a valley, wheat fields all around and high hills. The sky started to clear, filled with thousands of beautiful stars and still no UFOs . . .


       Starr Hill

“It was getting awfully late and still I had not interviewed Arthur Shuttlewood. My voice was getting weaker, my head clogged up due to the cool dampness. I got his attention and we crawled into one of the nearby cars to keep warm while I interviewed him. He was telling me that, only a few nights ago, three large entities about eight feet in height were seen down in a little hollow, to which he pointed. While in their presence, people felt a great warmth exuded from them; they were engulfed by it and the scent of roses and violets was very strong. All of a sudden, while Arthur was speaking, his conversation went to a peculiar light that just appeared in the field in front of us. He was somewhat blasé about the whole thing . . .

“Arthur then said quietly: ‘I’m very glad you are here tonight, Bryce. There in front of us is a UFO. Notice the triangle shape and colored lights going around? That is a very good sign.’ It then started to lift off in a weird pattern — then just disappeared. I was flabbergasted! It was so close. While describing that one on tape for American listeners, another one popped up about 25 degrees along the horizon. This one was very brilliant white, while the other was a blaze of colored lights. The intensity increased as it raised itself very slowly, did a little dance in the sky, then took off and disappeared. But before it did, Arthur jumped from the car, borrowed a flashlight from someone and sent Morse code to it. It in turn sent back the same signal that Arthur flashed out. Then it flew off. This was the highlight of my British trip: a close sighting; yet I honestly felt spiritually close to the lights in the field.”

Bryce had begun interviewing other watchers as to what they witnessed when he suddenly felt called away once more.

“I turned off the recorder and made a mad dash out into the field, went into a light trance state and asked higher intelligence to make contact again. Leaving the group, I made my way down to the hollow, where two nights before three entities were seen. Again I went into a light trance state for what seemed to be a few minutes only . . . I was awakened by my friends, who thought I had gone. I must have been there for about an hour. I truly do not know what transpired while I was there or in trance. I told my friends I would return shortly and they went back to where the others were standing. I then made my way slowly back to the parked cars and people. Now here is a strange thing: the wheat in the field next to me as I walked back up the dirt road was about waist high . . .

“I walked along the road very close to the fence. Suddenly I heard a noise — like something crushing the wheat down. There was no breeze blowing that night. I looked over. The moon had just come out, shining very brightly — and there, before my eyes, a large depression was being formed. The wheat was being crushed down in a counterclockwise position. It too was shaped like a triangle and measured about twenty feet from point to point. I stood there a few moments and experienced a tremendous tingling sensation — the same sweet smell — being engulfed by warm air. Not fully understanding what had happened, I walked up the road to get Arthur, my host.

“Speaking of the field, Arthur pointed out some landing impressions in the section fronting the farm barn: a circle about thirty feet in circumference, with another depression spotted, but this one in a long cigar shape. All the depressions, recently made and noticed, were in a counterclockwise fashion. After all this, I was very happy and thankful. My mission had been a success.”

Bryce never wavers in his belief that he has contacted something compassionate and loving in the fields near Warminster. Later in the new book, he writes, “None of us seemed to feel fear. Perhaps we didn’t have time for fear, or perhaps it just didn’t exist in this dimension of consciousness and contact. Perhaps these beings created a state of Samadhi, the experience of ultimate union with the source of creation, called God, higher consciousness, the Supreme; whatever the name, the feeling of total oneness is the same. Somehow we had been guided to this destination at this specific time to make contact with these extraterrestrial intelligences and to share in the extraordinary experience together.”

This shared sensation of bliss – absent any sort of fear – is not always the case for UFO witnesses. Many sighting and abduction reports tend to be all about the terror of encountering a phenomenon that is nonhuman, supremely intelligent, and able to hold us helplessly spellbound even as it defies what we believe are the natural laws of space and time.

But the way in which Bryce and Shuttlewood and the rest of the group were having such a pleasant time of it is also not without precedent, as in the contactee accounts that began to proliferate in the 1950s. One recalls the Betty Andreasson Luca case, beginning in 1967, in which a New England housewife and other members of her family were regularly abducted over many years by what Betty continues to feel are benevolent aliens preparing the way for the Second Coming of Jesus.

Bryce quotes Arthur Shuttlewood thusly on the subject: “I think the UFO intelligence is essentially of God. But man must sink his ego before he can get the truth.”

50th anniversary of UFO flap being honored by UFO conference this year.

50th anniversary of UFO flap being honored by UFO conference this year.

Beckley has also added the elegiac recollections of two of Bryce’s old friends to “UFOs: Key To Inner Perfection.” One of those friends is Marc Brinkerhoff, who contributes a pencil drawing he made for Bryce depicting his late friend’s face-to-face encounter with both a gray alien and a human-looking, female alien. The event had taken place during a later trip to Warminster by Bryce in 1974, and Marc provides a brief but relatively detailed account of the meeting between Bryce and the friendly UFO occupants.

Psychic Shawn Robbins writes about discovering Bryce’s dedicated interest to UFOs one day when they were conversing about Jimmy Carter’s famous sighting experience in 1969 as he was campaigning for the governorship of Georgia. Bryce opened up and told Shawn that he’d been in a kind of mental contact with UFOs for many years, but Shawn felt that he was trying to establish a psychic bond with the aliens through her as well. After all his years of encounters with the UFO occupants, Bryce somehow still felt like an “outsider” even as he struggled to communicate the reality of the alien presence to the people. Shawn believes that mission was accomplished by Bryce’s books.

Bryce died in January 1992 at the age of 63 from a brain aneurism. He had been due to give a short lecture on metaphysics and healing at the United Nations that day, and when the always punctual and reliable Bryce didn’t show up on time nor answer his phone, Marc decided it was time to call the police. Bryce was discovered collapsed in his home and taken to a New York City hospital, where he was kept on life support for several days. Marc claims to have had an out-of-the-body meeting with Bryce in which Bryce appeared youthful and vigorous but concerned about what was happening to his body. Shortly after this otherworldly encounter, Bryce was taken off life support and passed away.

Perhaps Timothy Green Beckley is right when he says the publication of “UFOs: Keys To Inner Perfection” may have been guided by Bryce Bond from some heavenly location. The various components of the new book have come together after the passage of many years and now form something like a completed puzzle. The final pieces were the newly discovered manuscript and the testimonies of those who knew and loved Bryce. One can only hope that, after meeting the aliens and preaching unconditional love, Bryce has found it for himself and is still able to lead others to it.

         Sean Casteel

            Sean Casteel



America’s Spiritual Destiny – From UFOs to the Prophecies of the Presidents

By Sean Casteel

America's Strange and Supernatural History  By Tim R. Swartz

America’s Strange and Supernatural History By Tim R. Swartz

I have written here previously about a new book from Tim Beckley’s Inner Light/Global Communications publishing house called “America’s Strange and Supernatural History,” which recounts numerous little known paranormal and simply weird moments in the life of this nation. Everything from the “survival cannibalism” that took place one savage winter in the American colony of Jamestown to the mid-20th century crime spree of a disgruntled chemistry student, dubbed the “Mad Gasser,” who used an aerosol anesthetic as a weapon to the 18th century shapeshifting, werewolf-type transformations of those foolish enough to have broken Lent seven years in a row in the French enclave of Vincennes, Indiana, are part of the heritage of the United States.

The bulk of the first section of “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” was written by Tim R. Swartz, but also includes the contributions of Wm. Michael Mott, Olav Phillips, Tim Beckley and, in the interest of full disclosure, myself.

It is the second section of the new release that concerns us here: a reprint of the rare – but often referred to – “Prophecies of the Presidents: The Spiritual Destiny of America Revealed” by the aforementioned Tim Beckley and his late coauthor, Arthur Crockett. The authors make us aware that not only did our former presidents have contacts with the divine, they were also cognizant of their predestined place in history and readily accepted guidance and help from above.


The presidents have also had their share of UFO contact along with matters more directly occult. The fact that Jimmy jimmy CARTER_UFO-2-21Carter saw a UFO in October 1969 and stated so publicly in 1973 is generally known among UFO enthusiasts, as is Carter’s unfulfilled campaign promise to unlock the government’s secret files and open the subject to public scrutiny. But “Prophecies of the Presidents” actually reprints the official report that Carter filed with the now-defunct National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) as well as quoting comments from Carter’s press secretary, Jody Powell, who told reporters: “I remember Jimmy saying that he did in fact see a strange light, or object, at night in the sky which did not appear to be a star or plane or anything he could explain. If that’s your definition of an unidentified flying object, then I suppose that’s correct. I don’t think it’s had any great impact on him one way or the other. I would venture to say that he probably has seen stranger and more unexplainable things than that during his time in government.”

Perhaps less well known is the story of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s meeting with beings from outer space said to have taken place on February 20, 1954. Beckley and Crockett say the story has been confirmed for them by a member of the British Parliament of their acquaintance, among others. Eisenhower was vacationing in Palm Springs when he was summoned to Murdoc Airfield by high-ranking military officials. Murdoc was later renamed Edwards Air Force Base and served as the landing field for the space shuttle. Eisenhower canceled a scheduled news conference to go to Murdoc with the official explanation being that he was at the dentist.

Eisenhower and a handful of U.S. officials watched as five alien craft landed and the aliens disembarked, appearing something like humans but by our standards “misshapen.” The aliens asked Eisenhower to begin a public education program about them for the American people and eventually the entire Earth. Eisenhower allegedly replied that the world was not ready for such an announcement and the aliens agreed to contact only isolated individuals until the people of Earth got used to the idea of their presence.

After demonstrating some of the capabilities of their spacecraft – and making the entire presidential contingent quite nervous by showing that they could become invisible at will – the aliens boarded their ship and departed. It is a generally accepted theory that we are currently experiencing a cultural conditioning program intended to help us gradually accept the fact that aliens are real and already among us, as the aliens requested that day at Murdoc.

Robert Kennedy's Letter To Gray Barker

Robert Kennedy’s Letter
To Gray Barker

Although Robert F. Kennedy never became president, he was a politician with enormous clout and influence whose political star was very much in the ascendancy when he was assassinated in 1968. The reader may not be aware that he had a definite belief in UFOs. In a personal letter to publisher Gray Barker of the Saucerian Press, Kennedy noted that he was a card carrying member of the Amalgamated Flying Saucers Club of America and indicated that he accepted the stories of those who claimed to have encountered aliens from other planets.
Kennedy wrote: “Like many other people in our country, I am interested in the UFO phenomenon. I watch with great interest all reports of Unidentified Flying Objects and I hope someday we will know more about this intriguing subject. Dr. Harlow Shapely, the prominent astronomer, has stated that there is a probability that there is life in the universe. I favor more research regarding this matter and I hope that, once and for all, we can determine the true facts about flying saucers.”

What is important about stories like these, especially the Carter and RFK stories, is that they place the UFO phenomenon in a real-world setting where our leaders grapple with the unknown the same way we do and also burn with a curiosity they long to see satisfied. We are comforted that UFOs are not just a fixation of the fringe elements of society but are of genuine concern to even our most highly placed officials.


Before that fascinating sojourn into presidential UFO lore, Beckley and Crockett begin by declaring that America has an Presidents back cover artimportant role to play in the coming New Age, what the authors call “an age of reason and enlightenment which is soon to engulf the entire planet we live on.” Nothing in human history happens by chance, they believe, and so God intended the U.S. to help lead the entire world in the direction of freedom, love and perfect balance for all mankind.

“There is every reason,” the authors write, “to believe that many of our Founding Fathers were reincarnated philosophers from Greece and Rome (and perhaps other planets) who originally lived in the time of Atlantis and had reentered physical shells in order to help reshape the history of the planet for centuries to come. Their main objective was to steer humans on the proper course and to see that this great nation got off on the right foot.”

Reading this for the first time, I was struck by what an ingenious combination of various ancient spiritual ideas this concept was. When the authors speak of the Founding Fathers voluntarily being reincarnated to the physical plane to help guide America’s birth, one is reminded of the Buddhist concept of the Bodhisattva, enlightened spirits who forego nirvana and willingly incarnate to happily share in the miseries of the world. Meanwhile, the authors’ belief that our leaders are not selected by mere chance recalls the words of Saint Paul from the book of Romans, Chapter 13:1: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”


Having mixed for us this heady cocktail of spiritual optimism and patriotic fervor, the authors next tell the story of George Washington, whom they say was supernaturally implanted with an indomitable faith in this country that saw him through the darkest parts of the Revolutionary War. Later in his life, Washington wrote a letter to the governor of Connecticut in which he stated that it was “almost possible to trace the finger of Divine Providence through those dark and mysterious days which led the colonists to assemble in convention, thereby laying the foundation for prosperity when we had too much reason to fear that misery and confusion were coming too rapidly upon us.”

There had been moments in the war when Washington could be seen to openly weep, especially during the difficult winter of 1777, when his forces had suffered severe reverses on the battlefield and were close to starvation and freezing to death. He made a daily habit of going into a thicket, out of sight of his troops, to drop to his knees in prayer and ask for aid and comfort from God.

One day Washington gave strict orders that he not be disturbed in his headquarters so that he could draft an important dispatch without interruption. At one point he looked up and was startled to see a lovely young woman standing before him. She was by far the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, yet she had violated his privacy, so he asked her why she was there. After he had repeated the question four times, with no reply, he began to feel strange sensations and found himself unable to rise to his feet in the normal way of a gentleman greeting a lady. The room began to glow and Washington wondered if he was now dying.

Finally, the woman raised her arm to the east and said, “Son of the Republic, look and learn.” There followed a series of visions in which Washington was shown that the American nation would one day spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Another vision seemed to forewarn Washington about the Civil War to be fought less than a century hence. A third vision prophesied an invasion of America by the combined forces of Europe, Asia and Africa, which the authors link to the book of Revelation, Chapter 9:13-16. Those verses speak of troops that will be 200 million in number and wage war in the Last Days. Washington’s visions concluded with the promise that America will emerge victorious from that future conflict and that her union will stand as long as there are stars in the sky.


Washington is said to have appeared in a vision to Union General George B. McClellan at a point in the Civil War when the prospects for a northern victory seemed bleak. Washington warned McClellan that Confederate troops were set to descend on the nation’s capital and score a decisive victory.

“General McClellan,” Washington’s voice spoke with amazing clarity, “do you sleep at your post? Rouse you, or ere it can be prevented, the foe will be in Washington! You have been betrayed, and, had God not willed it otherwise, ere the sun of tomorrow had set, the Confederate flag would wave above the Capital and your own grave. But note what you see. Your time is short.”

As Washington spoke, McClellan beheld a “living map” which showed all the various troop positions. He took up a pen and copied down everything he saw. When Washington was assured that McClellan understood the military situation, he then spoke to the general about the 20th century, when other perils would beset the country even as America took its place as a leader among the nations of the world. McClellan would later write that the country would become “a Messenger of Succor and Peace from the Great Ruler, who has all nations in his keeping.”


But not all the messages from the next world are so cheery and hopeful. “The Prophecies of the Presidents” also deals with information obtained through 19th century mediums like Lucy Brown, quite renowned in her day. She, too, felt she was in contact with the spirit of George Washington, who “predicted fascist dictatorship and its threat to America’s destiny,” according to Beckley and Crockett.

“Clouds in the horizon that are looming up to overcast the future of America,” Washington allegedly spoke through Brown, “becoming very dense, dark and foreboding ill, will burst in an unexpected moment upon the heads of her people. The mutterings of discontent, engendered by a sort of incipient, despotic rule, mild, perhaps, at present in its hold over the masses, and swelling into vaster proportions and power, is breeding discontent and disharmonies in the ranks of all classes of minds who labor diligently for a subsistence and gain a small and inadequate pittance of their hourly needs and daily bread.”

This economic unrest among the working classes is due to the “widespread and desolating schemes of the robbers of the people of their rightful inheritance to life, land, home and pursuit of happiness.” This financial chicanery does not go unnoticed by the hosts of spirits who dwell above the mortal sphere and can see into the secret workings of the minds and motives of the oppressors.

After Washington spoke, Thomas Jefferson added to the indictment by saying, “If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

President James Madison spoke even more frankly: “We are free today, substantially, but the day will come when our republic will come to impossibility because its wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. When that day comes, then we must rely upon the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation to the changed conditions.”

Abraham Lincoln confessed that he trembled for the safety of future America because, “As a result of war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people until all the wealth is aggregated into a few hands and the public is destroyed.”
It was presumably a later medium that channeled Woodrow Wilson, who grimly charged that, “The masters of the government of the United States are the combined capitalists and manufacturers of the United States. The government of the United States at present is a foster child of the special interests. It is not allowed to have a will of its own. The government, which was designed for the people, has gotten into the hands of bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy. America is not a place of which it can be said, as it used to be, that a man may choose his own calling and pursue it as far as his abilities enable him to pursue it. American industry is not free as it once was free; American enterprise is not free.”


I have quoted this section of “Prophecies of the Presidents” so carefully and extensively because it strikes me as being genuinely prophetic. The spirit voices of this small grouping of American chief executives are addressing what would in fact become a major issue for dissent in this country, as expressed by the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in September 2011. The movement’s unforgettable slogan, “We are the 99 Percent,” neatly summarizes the present condition of social and economic inequality suffered by the American people that has resulted from the greed, corruption and undue influence of corporations on government.
In 2012 and 2014, the media uncovered proof that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had monitored Occupy Wall Street through its Joint Terrorism Task Force despite labeling it a peaceful movement. Declassified documents showed extensive surveillance and infiltration of OWS-related groups across the country. Perhaps the wary suspicion of the two law enforcement agencies was also fueled by corrupt corporations seeking to guard their financial empires from a change in the national temperament.
Whether or not the “messages” spoken through the mediums were truly sent from the departed souls of some of our late presidents, or even if Beckley and Crockett made them up from whole cloth, they were nevertheless FULFILLED. One should realize that “Prophecies of the Presidents” was initially published in 1992, a full 19 years before the Occupy Wall Street movement first entered New York’s Zuccotti Park.
Someone somewhere did indeed see the future and managed to get it written down in Beckley and Crockett’s book. Some unknown power wanted it etched in stone and on the record. To me, that’s a little uncanny. But, given my many years of writing for Tim Beckley, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. He has always seemed to occupy some kind of publishing netherworld unto himself where books like “American’s Strange and Supernatural History” with its “Prophecies of the Presidents” bonus reprint just come with the territory.

          Sean Casteel

                Sean Casteel





Contacting Aliens and Angels With Cipher and Symbols

By Sean Casteel angel spells cover

Tim Beckley, the CEO of Inner Light/Global Communications, has always had a healthy interest in helping his customers make their personal spiritual journey to some kind of positive, joyful outcome. While Beckley resists some of the more “preachy” literary paths to salvation, he does inject into the marketplace a goodly amount of information intended to firm up your faith that there are patient, heavenly forces reaching out to those who are open to them.

Not only do these heavenly force reach out to us, we are provided with a method of reaching out to them as well. Which is the subject of a recent release from Inner Light/Global Communications called “Angel Spells: The Enochian Occult Workbook of Charms, Seals, Talismans and Ciphers.”

                 ENOCH’S LONG LOST BOOK

Perhaps some explanation about what the word “Enochian” in the title means. It refers to an “angel summoning” system first developed by John Dee, the most respected scholar of his day, in the 1500s when Queen Elizabeth I ruled over England. Dee, working with a psychic partner named Edward Kelley, attempted to open communications with the angelic realm.

I learned from my initial research into Dee and Enochian magick that it is an astonishingly complicated subject, so I turned to an expert. Aaron Leitch is the author of several books in the field that attempt to make the study a little easier for the uninitiated. Leitch told me that in the apocryphal Book of Enoch the prophet Enoch is said to have communed with angels on a regular basis and even to have been taken up to heaven and given a tour of the place. The book was later rejected from the Biblical canon and it was impossible to find a copy anywhere after it had been outlawed by the early Church many centuries before Dee’s time.

But Dee knew about the legendary Book of Enoch. He wrote in his journals that if Enoch, Ezekiel, Daniel and all the other prophets old had gotten their wisdom directly from angelic sources, why couldn’t he do the same? So he began to explore occultism, reading medieval Christian magickal texts such as “The Keys of Solomon” and other sources that instructed the practitioner on how to call down angels and command demons.

Dee and Kelley would eventually create their own system for summoning angels that fused together the Jewish mystical work, the Kabbalah, along with the then current trends in Christian mysticism. Dee never called his system “Enochian Magick,” however. That label was later applied by historians in reference to Dee’s dedicated interest in the prophet’s long lost book. But Dee saw himself as a faithful Christian even though his religious practices might have seemed a bit strange to his average fellow believers.

Having summoned the angels, either as a vision in Kelley’s scrying stone (a variation on the more familiar crystal ball) or as audible speaking voices, Dee would write in his journal whatever the angels imparted. The problem quickly arose, however, that something besides the Queen’s English was needed to make the conversations more authentic, more meaningful. What was to Dee a completely unknown tongue (sometimes called “The Language of Eden” because it was believed to have first been spoken by Adam in the Garden) was revealed to him by his angels. The language came to be called “Enochian” because it was given to the world by Dee in the course of his work.

“Angel Spells: The Enochian Occult Workbook of Charms, Seals, Talismans and Ciphers” includes the complete Enochian Keys, which are the requisite invocations to be spoken to summon the angels in both their preferred Edenic language and in English. There are also guides to pronouncing the Enochian words should you wish to experiment with all this a little yourself. According to author Aaron Leitch, who has written a two-volume study and analysis of the language called “The Angelic Language,” one can bypass a great many of the complicated rituals, mathematics and encrypted instructions along with the language and still have a satisfactory angelic contact experience.


And where do aliens fit in all this? The Book of Enoch has long been thought to contain elements of a typical alien abductionenochian-greenfield---contact-has-been-made2 experience. Enoch is roused from his sleep by two angels and taken aloft to tour heaven. He is given information on the workings of the cosmos and then returned to his home. There is a school of UFOlogy that equates the angels who abducted Enoch and Biblical stories like Elijah’s journey to heaven aboard a fiery chariot with basic elements of the present day UFO phenomenon. Dee sought to contact the same beings who had so graciously kidnapped Enoch, and it is left to us to wonder if he succeeded.

“Angel Spells” also tells the story of the legendary occultist Aleister Crowley’s experiments with the Enochian magick he had learned while a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an occult society founded in London in 1888. After Crowley broke with the Order, he continued to refine what he was taught until it became his own system. While on vacation with his wife in Cairo in April 1904, he received a surprising response to his many years of practicing Enochian magick: the appearance of “Aiwass,” or “Aiwaz,” a being Crowley regarded as super-human. The drawing that Crowley made in his journal at the time unmistakably resembles the familiar gray alien of our time. One is hard-pressed not to draw the conclusion that John Dee was most likely working with these same beings since he and Crowley were using such similar methods of summoning them. Crowley wrestled all his life with the nature of the Higher Beings he contacted, including Aiwass, and died in poverty in 1947.


William A. Oribello

William A. Oribello

The late William Alexander Oribello believed himself to be guided by angels from his childhood on and wrote several books for Tim Beckley that sought to teach others to do the same. Over the years, Oribello studied many sacred texts on communicating with the Angelic Kingdom. He discovered that there are certain times when they would be more readily available to come to our aid as well as offer guidance and support. Oribello always emphasized the importance of casting spells or praying while burning specific colored candles.

Oribello contributes a chapter to “Angel Spells” in which he summarizes his teachings regarding the Archangels, their influences, their association with various Zodiac signs and their relevance to specific days of the week. His chapter also features information about the type of candles to burn that will bring angels into our aura. He is able to make what could have been a strenuously complex cosmology into something charmingly simple and reassuring and even entertaining.

We are next given some female insight into all this by the Reverend Maria D’Andrea, an internationally known professional psychic from Budapest, Hungary. Maria gives simple step-by-step instructions on using some of Dee and Kelley’s ritual objects and combining them with the angel symbols she created and which are included in her chapter. Maria follows that up with another chapter that teaches the reader to pray for safety and protection, how to use certain talismans and exactly which angel to summon for a specific purpose.

Here it is important to explain the “Workbook” part of the book’s subtitle. Some of the ritual symbols in the book are intended to be photocopied onto cardstock or, preferably, virgin parchment. For example, there is a full-page reproduction of a symbol called the Sigillum Dei Aemaeth which was used by Dee in his Enochian rituals and is crucial to the magickal process. The idea is to photocopy the complex design and then use it as an altar in combination with the angelic symbols provided by Maria. This is all simpler than it might sound and does not require anything approaching the machinations of more pure forms of Enochian magick. One can also purchase the symbols already nicely printed out and thus avoid a trip to the photocopy store. Just check the ad in the back of “Angels Spells”greenfield and beckley

A special bonus section consisting of a reprint of Bishop Allen Greenfield’s landmark book “Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts” is also part of “Angel Spells.” Greenfield holds the title of bishop in the Gnostic Church and has a long history of active – and contentious – membership in many occult organizations, including the Ordo Templi Orientis, established by Aleister Crowley.

Greenfield’s “Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts” is a provocative magickal text for the modern age that has come to be regarded as a classic in the field and one which might be considered to have a particularly hip cachet. For a long time it was a rare and difficult book to track down but it is included in full in “Angel Spells.”

The book explains Greenfield’s theory that much of the UFO phenomenon can be “decoded” by using a method that draws on the Kabbalah, especially the numerology aspects of its Jewish mysticism, as well as other similar ancient systems. He believes the UFO occupants are an eternal race that has always reached out to certain human adepts by using hidden, obscure linguistic and mathematical symbolism, including elements of Crowley’s version of Enochian magick


Can contact with angels/aliens ever be something where we, as mere mortals, are an independent part of the conversation? Do we have the ability to bring such heavenly beings into our presence and then engage them in a dialogue in which they freely reveal what we are so eager to learn? Or does that sound a little too good to be true? Maybe you can answer that for yourself after reading “Angel Spells: The Enochian Occult Workbook of Charms, Seals, Talismans and Ciphers” and experimenting with some of the tools in the book.

However, be careful to approach all this with caution and to follow the instructions and rituals carefully. If you succeed in summoning an angel or two, you may find yourself in the company of something much more powerful than you ever imagined, an entity who is no respecter of persons and whose concerns and priorities are very different from your own. To quote Aaron Leitch, some of these angels can “fry your brain out with a single thought.” But you may also experience ecstatic visions and draw inexpressibly nearer to God. The decision as to whether to take the risk is entirely your own.

          Sean Casteel

Sean Casteel






America’s Strange and Supernatural History: Proof Positive That We Are A Strange Nation

By Sean Casteel

America's Strange and Supernatural History  By Tim R. Swartz

America’s Strange and Supernatural History
By Tim R. Swartz

Words like “strange” and “supernatural” are admittedly relative terms whose true meaning exists in the mind of the beholder. What one person calls strange and supernatural, another might call commonplace or, conversely, too unreal to even contemplate taking seriously.

But when reading “America’s Strange and Supernatural History,” a recent offering from Tim Beckley’s always-cutting-edge publishing house, Inner Light/Global Communications, it is not so easy to make convenient distinctions between what is real and what is laughably dismissible. The book consists primarily of historically documented facts as reported at the time, facts which, although not deliberately concealed, have nonetheless been omitted from the average history classes one takes while growing up in this country.

For example, do any of you recall being taught that there were instances of cannibalism in Jamestown, the oldest permanent English colony in the Americas?

Historians have long acknowledged the truth of what is eerily called the “Starving Time,” the harsh winter of 1609, and the horrors the colonists were subject to in their struggle to survive. In May 2013, a team of archeologists announced that they had excavated a trash pit at the Jamestown colony site in Virginia and discovered physical evidence that erased any lingering doubt: the skull and skeleton of a 14-year-old girl were unearthed that bore cut marks indicating that her flesh and brain had been removed, clearly to feed the starving people, according to a forensic anthropologist employed by the Smithsonian Institution.

The colonists found themselves in such dire straits due to extreme drought in the region coupled with the fact that their relations with the neighboring Native-Americans had deteriorated to the point that the local natives were unwilling to help them. A supply ship the colonists had been counting on was lost at sea and most of the settlers did not have even rudimentary farming skills.

George Percy, the president of Jamestown during the “Starving Time,” wrote a letter in 1625 in which he described how, after they had eaten horses, dogs, rats and other vermin, they were forced to dig up the corpses of their own dead and use them for food. The colonists were rescued in May of 1610 when settlers who had been marooned in Bermuda arrived to find 60 skeletally thin survivors.

“America’s Strange and Supernatural History” also includes the tale of prospector Alferd Packer, who confessed to eating some of his fellow gold-seekers after the group became snowbound in the Rocky Mountains in 1874. Packer had been born “Alfred,” the familiar spelling, but after receiving a tattoo that misspelled his name as “Alferd,” he decided it was easier to change his name than the tattoo. He was initially sentenced to death for his crimes, but his sentence was commuted to 40 years and he was later freed. He died in 1907 at age 65 of “senility, trouble and worry.”

The bulk of the first section of “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” is written by Tim R. Swartz, a veteran journalist in the field of UFO and paranormal research. He covers a great deal of territory, such as the discovery by archeologists of the skeletal remains of apparent giants throughout the United States.

Giant skulls uncovered in Texas.

Giant skulls uncovered in Texas.

For example, in 1833, at an army outpost on Lompock Ranchero in California, soldiers digging a foundation for a powder magazine found a stone coffin containing the skeleton of a man who in life would have stood over 12 feet tall. The local Native-American medicine man said the bones were that of an “Allegewi,” a race of giants who had occupied the land before the Indians. The Allegewi were fierce creatures who would raid the Indian villages to carry off women and children to eat until the various local tribes finally united and wiped the Allegewi out in a bloody war. Having explained the skeleton’s origins, the medicine man then demanded that the giant’s bones, which were believed to still contain the spirit of great strength and cunning, be turned over to the village. The bones were eventually reburied in a secret location and have yet to be rediscovered today.

Swartz also recounts numerous stories of “sky falls,” some dating from the 1800s, in which everything from flakes of venison and mutton to mysterious rocks to living alligators have descended from above with no explanation. According to another chapter written by Swartz, there have been several instances where people have become mysteriously sickened by apparently poisonous fumes that defy chemical analysis and seem at times to be related to UFO appearances in the same general areas. One such incident happened in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1986, causing the evacuation of 10,000 workers and students. One public health official said at the time that the source of the fumes may never be identified.

“The Mad Gasser of Mattoon” also rates a chapter in this book on uniquely American weirdness. The “Gasser,” one learns, was not an escaped Nazi or a crazed ape-man, as some early reports had suggested, but was instead a vengeful grocer’s son named Farley Llewellyn, who was angry that his community of Mattoon, Illinois, seemed to think less highly of him than he felt was warranted. Farley had majored in chemistry at the University of Illinois and had built a full-scale chemistry laboratory on his family’s property. Only days prior to the first “Mad Gasser” attack, one neighbor recalls hearing the sound of an explosion coming from Farley’s lab.

Beginning in September, 1944, the local “Mattoon Daily Journal-Gazette” reported on the recurrent attacks of an “Anesthetic Prowler” who would subdue his victims by spraying them with an unknown form of gas. One woman said she had been asleep at home when she awakened to a “sweet, sickening odor.” The odor grew stronger and she realized that her legs and lower body were paralyzed. She became frightened and screamed to her sister for help. Her sister came into the bedroom and also noticed the odor. The woman told her sister of the strange sensation she was feeling and said she was unable to move from her bed. A neighbor later confirmed seeing someone lurking outside the woman’s bedroom window in the early hours of the morning.

The gas attacks persisted for some time, motivated by some inner need to torment the townspeople, though Scott Maruna, who has written a book on the Gasser, believes that Farley’s ultimate aim was probably to blow up the entire town of Mattoon. The police could never conclusively prove that Farley was the culprit, but, after the last gasser attack, his family had him committed to a state mental institution, where he lived for the remainder of his life. After his book was published, Maruna received correspondence from people claiming that similar “gasser” sprees had taken place in their cities as well, from Virginia in the early 1930s to Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas and Ohio in subsequent years.

Swartz concludes the chapter by noting that, after the Mattoon incidents had run their course, the phenomenon was given little to no media coverage. Since the Mattoon spree had never been completely understood or explained, it was sometimes blamed on “hysteria,” which at the time was quite a shameful term, and the entire Mattoon community had been subjected to ridicule in the national news media. Other communities that later suffered similar attacks were understandably hesitant to publicize them.

The loup garou of old Vincennes.

The loup-garou of old Vincennes.

In a chapter called “An Unnatural History of Indiana,” Swartz chronicles some of the stories of “high strangeness” in the Hoosier State, to include lake monsters, Bigfoot sightings, anomalous big cats, UFOs and more. A creature called a “Loup-garou” was said to haunt the early French settlers of Vincennes, Indiana, taking various frightening forms as it shape-shifted its way through their nightmares. It was said that a person might become a Loup-garou by breaking Lent seven years in a row. He would thus become condemned to roam each night through the fields and forests as an enraged animal. During the day, he would return to his human form, though he was continually morose and sickly and fearful to speak of his predicament lest some worse fate befall him.

The first half of “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” is rounded out by chapters from Timothy Green Beckley, Wm. Michael Mott and Olav Phillips.

Beckley, along with Circe, his longtime female friend, returned to Sleepy Hollow, New York, home of the famous “Headless Horseman” legends. Beckley writes in his usual lighthearted, humorous way of doing the “tourist” thing with Circe, enjoying the local food and libations. But his attitude shifts to one of measured sobriety as he recalls that this same part of New York was the scene of frequent sightings of huge, triangle-shaped UFOs, seen by thousands, in the early to mid-1980s. Beckley and Circe crossed the state line into Connecticut, where giant jack ‘o’ lanterns are said to have harassed locals shopping at a farmers’ market.

The pair purchased a copy of Washington Irving’s book on the Sleepy Hollow legend at a local souvenir stand and Beckley quotes it thusly: “A drowsy, dreamy influence seems to hang over the land and to pervade the very atmosphere. The place still continues under the sway of some witching power that holds a spell over the minds of the good people, causing them to walk in a continual reverie. They are subject to strange sights and hear voices and music in the air.”

Contributor Olav Phillips discusses whether the ancient Lemurians, a Pacific Ocean race similar to the fabled Atlanteans to the east, erected the mysterious walls found in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay area. The walls stretch for some 50 miles, all the way to San Jose, and are six feet high.

“To say that is a massive engineering project,” Phillips writes, “is somewhat of a misnomer,” adding that the walls would have taken a huge labor force decades to construct and involved the use of considerable resources – and all for some unknown purpose, something beyond simple celestial alignment or ritual structures. Phillips’ theories on what the East Bay walls are really all about makes for a story of American strangeness you won’t likely find anywhere else.

One may not often think of Mississippi as rife with the paranormal, but researcher and writer Wm. Michael Mott is here to tell you different. Over the years, he has collected many interesting anecdotes from the area, including stories passed down to him from his parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents.

“While many of these accounts,” Mott writes, “seem at first glance to be more or less ‘standard’ types of UFO and strange creature accounts, they actually vary in very distinctive ways which place them more in line with historical accounts of phenomena of a supernatural nature. Some are strangely reminiscent of Marian apparitions, angelic visitations and demonic manifestations from the Middle Ages up through the present day.”

We all know America is strange and has always had its share of the supernatural to mystify and enthrall, but reading “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” will amplify that perception to an ear-shattering degree, perhaps even to what is called in audio circles “the threshold of pain.” But that’s not all the book has to offer. A later article will deal with the second half of the book, called “Prophecies of the Presidents,” which cranks the weirdness up to the level of our Chief Executives, whose documented struggles with paranormal and occult mysteries will raise the eyebrows of even the most jaded of political cynics. Look for it on this website soon.

Sean Casteel

Sean Casteel