The Lore of Haunted Treasure and It’s Ghost and Flying Saucer Connection

Treasure third  final cover

Spooky Treasure Troves

By Timothy Green Beckley


Somewhere along the twisting path of the paranormal I discovered that UFOs and ghosts seemed to be attracted to buried treasure – either to guard it or lead to its discovery. Both phenomena have supposedly led prospectors directly to the proverbial “mother-load” or hovered so damn near it as to be beyond mere coincidence. I guess you could say they functioned as a sort of sign as to where to dig or dive – if the ultimate prize is underwater. Other times you better get your pistol or pick axe ready to protect yourself from the walking dead, though, come to think of it, neither instrument can wound or kill something that has already turned to dust. So it’s better to hope you’re light on your feet and can hightail it a safe distance away.

I have no statistics on any of these paranormal declamations, but I’ve heard an assortment of rumors. Now, in the case of UFOs, we’re not talking about spaceships with humanoid pilots on board, but more likely ornery spook or ghost lights that seem to be under “intelligent control” but not piloted by “aliens” as we’ve come to imagine them – at least that is what I would assume.

Though I must say that one scribe pointed out to me that if the ancient astronauts known as the Annunaki were really coming here from Planet X thousands of years ago to take human slaves in order to mine for gold, perhaps they are still searching for this valuable substance – or perchance the slaves themselves are returning from the realm of spirits to haunt these particular locales as a form of retribution to their slave owners. It’s all assuredly conjuncture. Pure speculation. But something uncommonly bizarre does seem to be going on that connects some lost treasures with the eerie sector of the phantasmal.

Spirits of pirates sometimes guard their buried treasures, while other times they may lead a sober, deserving individual to their troves. (Inspired art by Carol Ann Rodriguez).

Spirits of pirates sometimes guard their buried treasures, while other times they may lead a sober, deserving individual to their troves. (Inspired art by Carol Ann Rodriguez).

In all honesty, I first started to put two and two together “treasure-wise” and to think about any possible connection with the supernatural (the supernatural would include UFOs, which I believe to be more psychic in natural than physical hardware from outer space) when I started working out of Jim W. Moseley’s office in Manhattan. Jim was the editor/publisher of “Saucer News,” a magazine devoted to the investigation of unidentified flying objects. Jim was a well-known media personality, pushing subscriptions on TV and radio shows like the popular Long John Nebel Party Line, a five-hour talk fest that was broadcast nightly over WOR, a station that pumped out wattage over thirty states, creating a huge audience in the tens of thousands.

Moseley had taken over my less-polished mimeographed zine – known as “The Interplanetary News

Service Report” – and hired me as managing editor of his illustrious rag. JWM had garnered a somewhat “mysterious – lone wolf – reputation” among certain incredulous types in the UFO field who accused him of being a government agent or a member of some global cabal they loosely referred to as the “International Bankers.”

One of the reasons for this negative notoriety seems to have been Jim’s ability to disappear for considerable periods of time, leaving behind his Fort Lee, New Jersey, digs (he actually resided in Guttenberg, the next town over but picked up his mail from the same Post Office Box in Fort Lee for decades) and traveling overseas. Since his father had been in the military, this made him a prime contender for being a possible agent of darkness.

Truth is, Moseley and his father – U.S. Army Major General George Van Horn Moseley – had not spoken in years because of their highly polarized political views. This included taking particular exception to his father’s outspoken racist and anti-Semitic views, including his claims that America must “breed up” its own decaying population by copying Nazi eugenics practices and launching a program of “selective breeding, sterilization, the elimination of the unfit, and the elimination of those types which are inimical to the general welfare of the nation.”

Some have accused Jimbo of being a “tomb raider” because some of the artifacts he dug up while on “saucer sabbatical” in Peru were indeed buried more or less “six feet under,” which technically made him a grave robber. The treasures consisted of everything from pottery to beautiful gold burial masks that bought him a fabulous fortune once he bribed Peruvian authorities to smuggle the pieces out of their country and into the U.S. where such “foreign relics” were NOT considered to be contraband.

Flying saucer provocateur, and Moseley’s friend, Curtis Collins, has summed up Jim’s treasure hunting days thus:

“For the next several years, Moseley divided his time between the U.S., ‘Saucer News’ and Peru treasure hunts. Jim’s absences were a mystery to the flying saucer fans and ‘Saucer News’ readers and the subject of much speculation. This helped fuel fanciful rumors that he was a saucer spy! Also, while in Peru, Jim found time for both some real saucer work and also some mischief.”

I knew Moseley very well on a personal basis from having worked with him daily out of his “Saucer News” office on Fifth Avenue. When he wasn’t “out of town” on mysterious business dealings, I also partied until the wee hours with him and our sometimes wild gang of “saucer kooks” and had many discussions with Jim, both sober and inebriated.

At this stage, I don’t profess to recall the intimate details, not having written them down, but Jim was certainly familiar with the lore and legends of Peru as far as ghost legends and flying saucers went. He said his frequent guide, a fellow by the name of Robert Kennedy, had told him that the spirits of the departed often guarded the places where they had been buried with valuables. I don’t think they were intentionally hoarding these treasures from their position in the spirit world, but I am certain they had no intentions of having others dig them up centuries after they had been placed in the ground. That’s sacrilegious in anyone’s book.

Many a tomb, both in Peru and elsewhere, has a longstanding curse associated with it – especially ones that involve something valuable being buried underground. That’s one of the reasons no one has ever located the Lost Dutchman Mine tucked away in the Superstition Mountain Range of Arizona outside of the heat-baked city of Phoenix. It’s said that the spirits of the local native Indians, as appointed guardians, prevent anyone from getting anywhere near the cave where all the valuables are buried. Many have died and disappeared there, and some have even been abducted by UFOs, but that’s another story for another time.

UFO sightings are very common in Peru Many times they visit places where treasure in one form or another is said to be buried.

UFO sightings are very common in Peru Many times they visit places where treasure in one form or another is said to be buried.

UFO sightings are very common in Peru. Many times they visit
places where treasure in one form or another is said to be buried.

Regarding his treasure-hunting days in Peru, Jim had mentioned to me that mysterious flashing lights were being seen fairly frequently at high altitudes all over this South American country and there was some thought that flying saucers might be creating this unexplained phenomenon. Others have said that there is so much purportedly lost treasure in the mountainous regions around Machu Picchu that you can’t possibly separate potential treasure from the UFOs hovering and streaking across the sky.

My friend and crystal skull explorer Joshua Shapiro said he became interested in the area near Lake Titicaca, Peru, after reading a book by Brother Philip (aka George Hunt Williamson) called “Secret of the Andes and the Golden Sun Disk of MU.” In his book, Brother Philip describes a secret brotherhood in this area who administer a special school for those on the spiritual path.

“Lake Titicaca is even higher than Cusco. The Lake itself is very large and there are many islands within it. The large Peruvian city which is on the shore is called Puno, and this is where one stays. I know many of you have seen the derbies the women wear in Peru (which they got from the British, when they were there) and this is the case in Puno. Some of the local people have villages on the reed islands, and, in our last trip, we were able to go on one of their reed boats, which were very sturdy and comfortable. I asked our navigator if he ever saw UFOs in this area, and he said it is a common thing. Many people claim they have seen UFOs come in and go out of the water. Another friend told me that Jacques Cousteau once went in a submarine there to see what is under the water and was so shocked by what he saw that he has never spoken about this. My tour guide said the local people believe the Golden Sun Disk of the Inca is buried here. I think of all the places in Peru I visited, I saw more UFO-type ‘clouds’ here than everywhere else. Also, all the islands in the lake have stone terrace structures everywhere. The question I asked myself is, where did they get all these stones?”

* * * * *


One of the most popular shows of the season is Curse Of Oak Island on the History Channel. For several seasons dedicates treasure hunters have been seeking what is said to rest at the bottom of the infamous Money Pit.

One of the most popular shows of the season is Curse Of Oak Island on the History Channel. For several seasons dedicates treasure hunters have been seeking what is said to rest at the bottom of the infamous Money Pit.

Up around Mt Rainier in Washington State where Kenneth Arnold saw a string of nine crescent-shaped UFOs back in June of 1947 there is so much gold said to be buried in them there hills that you need a state guidebook to plot them all out on a map. From time to time some happy go lucky prospector – yes there are still a few of the old breed still around laying claim to some secluded grubstake – will come into town carrying a pouch of sparkling nuggets, but it doesn’t seem anything really to get excited about as the vast troves are still there for the taking if you happen to hit upon the right “ghost flame” to direct the way to the deep veins that exist below the earth, inside the mountain itself.

Actually, your best chance to come across a pocket of nuggets would be up around Yakima Indian Reservation,, though the locals certainly would not think highly of you if you absconded with what rightfully might be theirs according to tradition. At one point in the 1970s there were so many UFO sightings in the area that the Parks Department built a viewing stand from which the phenomena was even photographed.

Paranormal investigator Ryan Dube gives these additional details: “The Yakima Indian Reservation is located in the southern part of Washington state and covers roughly 3,500 square miles of both forest and flat land. The first reports were made by forest rangers in 1960, and most impressively Chief Fire Control Officer Bill Vogel reported a ninety-minute sighting of a mysterious ghost light in the sky over Toppenish Ridge. The officer reported that the light had a teardrop appearance (like a flame). Air Force investigators also became involved and gathered information on the light including photo and video footage. The lights attract both ghost enthusiasts and ghost hunters. Campers and Rangers observed and reported the greatest level of activity throughout the 1970s, and a number of witnesses even reported receiving telepathic messages from the lights as well as electrical devices failing.”

Maybe this “natural” or supernatural phenomena persists because of the high concentration of certain minerals in the earth. I know from personal experience that a large crystal deposit can make any good spook light, as they are also called, jump to high heaven and attract a good deal of attention.

Fellow author and PSI proponent Preston Dennett says he has personally kept tabs on what has been called the Oriflamme Mountain Lights. “These light,” Dennett insists, “have an ongoing reputation for hovering over areas where miners are known to have found gold and thus locally have become dubbed most appropriately ‘Money Lights.'”

In his suspenseful book Supernatural California Preston describes the Money Lights in rigorous detail.

“One famous location is the Oriflamme Mountain in the Southern California desert town of Anza-Borrego. Located on the western edge, the Oriflamme Mountain is composed of Granite and Schist bedrock. It has several streams which flow from it. Oriflamme Canyon is lined with oaks, sycamores, willow and cottonwoods. It is a popular site for hiking, camping and biking and remains a largely untouched wilderness area. The Oriflamme Mountain is also known for its mysterious ghost lights. The name “Oriflamme” actually translates as “Golden Flame.” Apparently, the accounts of these lights reach so far back in history that the mountain was actually named for them. The lights occur all over the mountain and range out over the adjacent Borrego Valley desert.

“While the oral traditions are well-established for centuries, the first recorded account came in 1858, when a stagecoach driver passing by the mountain observed “phantom lights” dancing on the mountain. From that point on, reports began to pour in from other witnesses, including settlers, prospectors and soldiers.

“At first, the lights were thought to be from the spirits of the Native Americans who once inhabited the area. Several ancient Indian burial grounds are located in Oriflamme Canyon and the surrounding areas. True to their profession, however, prospectors generally theorized that the money lights, as they called them, indicated the presence of treasure or gold, and in fact gold has been found in the area.

Every year dozens search for the gold of the Lost Dutchman's Mine -- without success. The gold is said to be cursed.

Every year dozens search for the gold of the Lost Dutchman’s Mine — without success. The gold is said to be cursed.

“One of the strangest and most famous of the sightings occurred in 1892, to a group of three prospectors camping near Grapevine Canyon. One of the men, Charles Knowles, described what happened. He and his companions suddenly observed three “lights” which looked like “fireworks” or balls of fire. The strange lights seemed to rise directly from the ground. They traveled in an arching pattern, reaching an elevation of about 100 feet. As they started to fall back down to the earth, the lights exploded.About thirty minutes later, the lights returned. On this occasion, the lights behaved very differently. They rose from the ground and arched up to 100 feet, but instead of exploding, they returned to the ground where they stopped, reversed in direction, and traveled back to their starting location. Clearly these are not normal lights!

“The sightings continued. Miners periodically saw the lights over the adjacent Vallecito Mountains and across the Borrego desert. At times, the lights reportedly lit up the night sky like a fireworks show. During the Prohibition era, it was speculated that the lights were caused by bootleggers. And at one point, the Oriflamme lights again came under suspicion for indicating the presence of illegal immigration or smuggling activities.

“Still, the lights continued to appear. Reports have continued on and off reaching to the present day. In the 1930s, a sighting of one of the mysterious ghost lights bobbing up and down along San Felipe Creek was reported to the American Society for Psychical Research, which printed the account in their journal. More recently, in October 2002, the International Earthlight Alliance (IEA) conducted a field investigation into the lights. The IEA is composed of scientists with various disciplines devoted to studying the phenomenon of earth lights.

“On October 18, 2002 Marsha Adams of the IEA headed a team of researchers for an on-site investigation. While the team did not observe the lights, they were able to interview firsthand eyewitnesses from the nearby town of Butterfield who confirmed that the lights still appear.Still, no explanation to account for earth lights has ever been found. One recent scientific theory is as bizarre as any other theory. It states that when strong winds blow sand up against large quartz outcroppings, they create a strong charge of static electricity. When the static-electric charge is strong enough, it discharges and causes the lights to flash. The area is now preserved as Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. To reach Oriflamme Canyon, take Highway S-2 one mile south of the Box Canyon Historical site. There is a small sign that reads “Oriflamme Canyon.” It is a three-mile dirt road that may require four-wheel drive. Stay left as the road forks and it will lead you to the base of the canyon. Here you will find some of the ancient Indian “morteros” or grave-sites. The canyon leads up to the south-west.The mountain itself can be observed from Highway S2, four miles west of Butterfield ranch. Two dirt roads lead up to the mountain. The Butterfield Ranch Resort is located at: 14925 Gt. S. Overland, Julian, CA 92036. Phone: 760-765-2179”

I have been pleased to have Preston Dennett on as a guest on Exploring The Bizarre a weekly podcast I co-host with Emmy Award winning producer Tim R Swartz on the KCOR Digital Radio Network (all shows on archived at KCOR.Com or can be found on my YouTube channel Mr UFOs Secret Files – or simply under Tim Beckley. In the “golden days” of UFO newsstand publications I relied on Preston to be a regular contributor to the now defunct UFO Universe and UFO Files magazines. I believe he told me last time we spoke that he had written seventeen books (don’t hold me to that figure!) which included UFOs Over New Mexico, UFOs Over Arizona and the forthcoming UFOs Over Colorado. That’s a hell of a lot of UFOs over somewhere.

Preston’s conclusions. “UFOs definitely seem to be hovering over mines, and in some instances, are actively digging there in gold mines, silver mines, copper mines, uranium mines, you name it.” Wild speculation? But certainly within the framework of this wondrous topic which hopefully will have you turning these pages till you have come to the end. You ARE invited to stop on over to Preston’s website anytime –



Or (U.S. and worldwide)




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