By Sean Casteel

Diane Tessman speaks at a UFO conference.

Diane Tessman has been in contact with “otherworldly entities”   from her earliest childhood. While some people merely dabble in the study of ufology before moving on to some other temporary obsession, Diane has been immersed in the reality of the UFO phenomenon her entire life. She has written about her experiences extensively and has gathered a following eager to hear the messages from her spirit guide, a being named Tibus.

Timothy Green Beckley, the head honcho of the publishing company Inner Light/Global Communications, has recently published a greatly expanded version of Diane’s first book, from 1983, with new material and updates, making it over 300 large format pages. The newly-renovated book is called “The Real Life UFO Transformation of Diane Tessman: A Continuous Close Encounter with Future Man — Space Man.”

The Real Life Transformation of Diane Tessman

What makes Diane’s life journey so fascinating – and so different from others who have related their personal endeavors with the Ultra-terrestrials – is that she had made the full transition from UFO investigator for the influential MUFON and APRO groups to  an abductee whose experiences have been verified (as much as scientifically possible) by several members of the academic community, to an individual who is actually able, she says, to communicate with her “Special One,” a human-looking individual who she has come to believe represents “future human.” Diane does not deny the possibility that some UFOs may come from outer space, other dimensions or parallel   dimensions. “It’s a big universe,” she says, “and therefore I am open to a multitude of theories.”

“Where do I begin?” Diane asks in her preface. “It was a long time ago that I wrote ‘The Transformation’ on a $5.00 garage sale typewriter, which, in 1983, was considered a very old-fashioned typewriter. It was a heavy beast which weighed about a ton. I knew I had a lot to say. Much of it was not generated by my mind but catapulted into my head from outside. It was from an ‘unknown,’ but I somehow knew and loved that unknown.”

It is most reassuring to read Diane’s continual testimony about her contact with Tibus being rooted in love. The fact that she “knew and loved that unknown” extends beyond herself to the Planet Earth itself, which is in dire need of some form of intervention in order to survive. Diane writes that, in spite of the passage of many years since she wrote her first book, the message of her contact Tibus remains the same: he is part of an effort to love and protect Mother Earth and all her lifeforms and to guide humankind through this time of change and upheaval.

“Throughout the years,” Diane writes, “he predicted what has come to pass with climate chaos and change, the tragic extinction of many species, social unrest, mass hysteria, mass insanity, and even deadly viruses which emanate from humans transgressing upon nature. However, Tibus had a great hope for our planet way back in 1983, just as he does today. “


Diane had long had an ongoing relationship with the study of the nuts-and-bolts aspects of the UFO phenomenon, being a member of the Mutual UFO Network and the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, but, in 1981, she decided to explore another aspect of UFO contact by undergoing hypnotic regression with well-known psychologist Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle. Under hypnosis, Diane recalled her earliest UFO encounter:

“I’m playing with Pat, my dog, on the farm. And I had stayed out late and Mom is inside cooking. Father’s inside. I don’t know where my brother is. The stars are clear. It is chilly, November. I am seven years old. And I have contact with something that has contacted me before, but I’m not allowed to remember. I want very much to remember them, though, and I try very hard. But this night I worry about Pat, my dog, when I go with them. They say he is all right.

“And there is someone onboard I know in particular, and I’ve known him each time. I’m not scared and I’m special, as other people are, but that to function in this life, in the mundane part of life that I have ahead of me, as protection, I cannot know the other side of me for a while, nor remember all that has happened. I love my mother and father, but every time I see them, I feel that this is where I belong. I always hate to leave. I always want to remember, but at that point it is not allowed.”

Diane says the entities she sees onboard the craft look fairly much like humans.

“The one I know best is human,” she says, “and I love him. There is something between us.”

She calls the one she knows and loves her “Special One,” and she will eventually come to call him “Tibus.” It seems that Diane was never formally “introduced” to Tibus, but rather had known him all her life without any conscious recall of “how.”

As part of this experience at age seven, Diane says “I know that I will be watched – or monitored – throughout my life, until the point comes where I finally enter the world where I belong, where they are. I’m reassured.”


Tibus is quite the vocal presence in Diane’s work. The Future Man Space Man of the new book’s title, describes their relationship as “an experiment in shared consciousness between two individuals. Our sharing is a thing of joy and wonder to both of us, but we could not be sure at first that it would turn out as well as it has.”

Tibus recalled that when Diane was typing out the original “Transformation,” she was sitting on the floor of her duplex apartment because she couldn’t afford any furniture.

“I couldn’t be sure,” Tibus says, “that our shared consciousness would work, but, as the book progressed, I realized my messages were getting through loud and clear. I send them telepathically and they land in her head, often a few paragraphs long, then she hurries to write them down accurately.”

There are some mind-bending aspects of time travel in the relationship.

Diane Channels Tibus.

“As individuals,” Tibus says, “Diane and I have much in common. You might even wonder if she is me in a previous lifetime or I am her in a future lifetime. Ah, well, possibly so. She and I always proclaim that we are both separate, physical individuals, but we do acknowledge symbiosis, not only in working with our messages but as individual spirits as well.

“The difference is,” he continues, “I am of the future from her point of view and yours. But all time is simultaneous! I have always promised that Earth and the human species do make it into the future. As a human from the future, I am proof of this. However, I realize that having a conduit of shared consciousness with Diane is not what most scientists call ‘proof.’ My coworkers on starships and time-ships are indeed extraterrestrials from far different planets, as well as humans of my (future) time. We do have the key to time travel, and you will soon also.

“The entire magnificent galaxy and the incredible universe beyond awaits humankind at The Moment – a moment of humankind’s own choosing. Out there, that-a-way, is a magnificent quilt of multiple interdimensional worlds. But first mankind needs to make one small step up the awareness ladder. I speak of humankind as one collective consciousness.

“However, you have to CARE about the fate of Earth and her animals and CARE about your fellow humans. Be an activist in bringing our new world!”


The predominate theme of “The Real Life UFO Transformation of Diane Tessman” grapples with the nature of time and the many different ways it is manifested and experienced. The new book includes an interview with Diane conducted by one of her fellow UFO researchers, who goes by the name Quantum Shaman.

Quantum Shaman asks Diane: Why are you so involved and even defensive of the concept that UFO occupants are time-traveling humans? I know you have faced a lot of criticism from people who hold fast that UFO occupants are aliens from far distant solar systems.

Diane: This is the first sentence of my book, “Future Humans and the UFOs,” published in February 2020: “I do not deny that there are probably thousands of advanced extraterrestrial races in the galaxy and that some may visit Earth. However, I think we have ignored what is right before our eyes: our children’s children’s children are the occupants in most or all unidentified flying objects.”  

Future Humans and the UFOs

I am not excluding aliens from being among our strange visitors. I am merely trying to bring to light the fact that we have not seriously considered that time traveling humans are here also, in the flying vehicles that we will create in the relatively near future.

Quantum Shaman: What is your conclusion then about abductions? Do humans actually abduct other humans?

Diane: Of course they do! We abduct each other all the time. What else is kidnapping? We murder each other, we molest each other, “we” being our species. In our history, we have taken each other as slaves and we have committed genocide. Future humans may want to know more about the biology of their ancestors, either for scientific research or perhaps they need our DNA for some reason. Certainly most abductions do include tissue samples being taken.

Humans are a flawed, adolescent species. I do not claim that UFO occupants are angels. We can be cruel and self-serving. Isn’t this how we current humans are too? We fail to consider that future humans visit us from all different levels of time. Of course, once we conquer time, we are perhaps timeless. However, there is no doubt that our species is behind in spiritual evolution while we excel at tech and science.

What will we be in 500,000 years, which is just a drop in the bucket of time? Will we have grown even more selfish? Or will we have evolved spiritually? Long story short, Tibus is not from 35 years ahead, but from hundreds or possibly thousands of years ahead. He is truly timeless in that he is a citizen of the cosmos as much as he is a citizen of Earth.  He has learned the lesson, finally, that humans have taken so long to learn. And so, there is no contradiction between Tibus’ spiritual messages and the future human premise.


In one of the many messages from Tibus included in the book, he talks about transcending time altogether.

“Most people on Earth accept that time ticks along just as the river keeps flowing downstream and that this is an absolute that can never be overcome. However, with advanced technology and/or with a mind/soul of a higher frequency, one may head upstream just as if you had a motorboat to help you go against the current. Or, one may simply stand on the bank of the river and observe what was and what will be, as well as what is. Also, you must realize that there are other rivers (other timeframes, other dimensions/frequencies) flowing consecutively with the Earth river.

The human evolutionary line leads to humans in the future who look like what we think of as “extraterrestrials.”

“We have stood on the bank of Earth’s timeline/history since human life began on Earth. There are souls among us whose unique essence very much belongs to our frequency/dimension who volunteer to live on Earth for a lifetime, awaiting contact from us, for this promise from HOME never leaves their hearts and souls. In a sense, we infiltrate. Our star people are on lifetime ‘espionage’ missions. However, these missions are ones which are only to enlighten Earth, to gently guide her, to quietly raise the raise the frequency level, to pave the way for a higher dimension but within Earth’s historical timeline.

“We do not overtly interfere or change history or meddle unless individual crises do not allow otherwise; and even then we often choose to allow the mundane dimension’s karmic debts to be enacted, lived out, fulfilled – so that the higher dimension may occur naturally.”


For nearly four decades, Diane and Tibus have run a joint venture called “The Star Network” with which they reach out to fellow believers with a regularly published newsletter and monthly group meditations intended to help envision a new and better day for Mother Earth.

“Channelers usually give a message and then move on,” Tibus writes, “never going back to be accountable for the information they offered. For perhaps the first time in the world of channeling, Diane and I are happy to offer input on our original messages where need be.”

Which is a big part of why “The Real Life UFO Transformation of Diane Tessman” is such a valuable source of information. The new book not only revisits Diane’s classic “The Transformation,” it also adds a perspective from the future in which many of the messages are reevaluated or given the benefit of years of hindsight, an important factor in any endeavor that deals with the bending of the fabric of time.

“This book contains science and it contains spirit,” Tibus says. “Reality is composed of both.”


Diane can be contacted by email at:

Her mailing address is:

Diane Tessman

PO Box 352

Saint Ansgar, IA 50472.



The Real Life UFO Transformation Of Diane Tessman

Future Humans And the UFOs,” by Diane Tessman

UFOs Déjà vu,” by Timothy Beckley (and others)

Tim R. Swartz’s Big Book of Incredible Alien Encounters

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