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Army Major General David Haight

This past summer brought us yet another sex scandal involving a highly placed military personage, Army Major General David Haight. Haight was a decorated combat veteran and family man who held a key post at the U.S. European Command, the Pentagon’s frontline bulwark against Russia.

“He also led a double life,” reported “USA Today” journalist Tom Vanden Brook. “An 11-year affair and a ‘swinger lifestyle’ of swapping sexual partners that put him at risk of blackmail and espionage, according to interviews and documents. Jennifer Armstrong, 49, a government employee, said she and Haight had been involved in a torrid love affair that began more than ten years ago in Baghdad and ended this spring. Badly.”

Armstrong told USA Today that the relationship began with a “flirty email” and ended after assignations with multiple partners at swingers’ clubs, hotels and her home.

How Haight maintained his intimate secret is unclear, Brook’s report continued. His superiors promoted him three times since his affair with Armstrong began.

“Screeners of officials for security clearances,” writes Brook, “particularly those trusted with access to the nation’s most sensitive information, like Haight, scrutinize financial and family stability to guard against vulnerability to bribes or blackmail. If an adversary such as Russia had learned of Haight’s affair and sexual adventures, he would have been a prime target to blackmail, said four senior government officials who were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.”

But perhaps there is something darker afoot here, something that goes beyond the sexual transgressions of a high-ranking military official and the subsequent negative publicity Haight received. One should perhaps view the story through the much-maligned prism of political analysis called Conspiracy Theory, which encompasses everything from the machinations of the UFO cover-up to tales of a secret government operating in close cooperation with the alien presence.



According to editor and publisher Timothy Green Beckley, the CIA has, from its inception, tried to manipulate public opinion on a variety of subjects, to include, of course, UFOs.

“They have often operated in an underhanded way without even a glimmer of full and public disclosure on the vital subject of UFOs,” Beckley said. “And even though the CIA is supposed to deal only with international espionage, it is no secret that they conduct domestic surveillance programs all the time – to the detriment of the American people.

“The CIA has even falsely claimed to be responsible for certain UFO sightings reports,” Beckley continued, “by ‘revealing’ that what people were seeing were actually the agency’s own drone aircraft sent up to gather various forms of intelligence, as well as the early rumblings of the Stealth bomber being pressed into early ‘practice runs.’ But their ‘spy-craft’ were operating at very high altitudes and had nothing to do with the multitude of sightings and landings that took place much lower in the atmosphere.”


Could it be that some members of “officialdom” are pretending to be aliens in order to coerce humans into illicit acts for undetermined purposes?

As Beckley is quick to point out, many of the objects being encountered in the late 1940s, the 50s and early 60s were structured aircraft of various shapes and sizes and definitely not of the earthly variety.

“They had the earmarks of the Ultra-Terrestrial all over them,” he argued. “And, remember, we are also talking about face-to-face meetings and encounters with little men and humanoid creatures that ‘invaded’ Terra Firma on a global basis.

“Some conspiracy theorists,” Beckley continued, “also harbor suspicions that the CIA and other official agencies might have masqueraded as ETs in a sort of ‘pretend,’ perverted alien abduction scenario in order to point the finger – boney as it might be – away from their own misconduct. Some of the sexual contact – forced or ‘consensual’ – between supposed aliens and abducted earthlings could have been staged by CIA cohorts-in-crime as a means to disavow any involvement in rape and torture ‘experiments,’ if that’s what you wish to call them.”


Alien abductions could be a smokescreen for CIA experiments of a perverse nature.

It is sometimes even claimed that the alien abduction phenomenon is really a human-run program of mind control and genetic experimentation, which serves to explain why some abductees recall being forced into sex with complete strangers by their captors and witness people in military garb rather than the more typical gray aliens.

The admittedly “beyond controversial” subjects of mind control and sexual slavery are dealt with surprisingly rationally in a book from Beckley’s Global Communications. It’s been said that paranoia can be entertaining, but perhaps that is still inadequate to describe this particular tome, which pushes past some barriers in ways that the reader may have trouble dealing with.


Mind Controlled Sex Slaves of the CIA

The book is called “Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA: A Collection of Essays and Interviews about Project MONARCH.” Project MONARCH is an outgrowth of the better known MK-ULTRA program of mind control experiments begun during the early years of the Cold War and first brought to public awareness in the congressional hearings conducted by Senator Frank Church in the mid-1970s.

Through Church’s efforts, the stunned electorate learned, among other things, about CIA experiments that sought to discover whether LSD could be used to aid the interrogations process. The idea was that perhaps the anxiety of a “bad trip” could frighten even the most tightlipped subject into submission or induce such confusion of mind that it became impossible to keep a lie properly assembled for one’s interrogators.

In his introduction to “Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA,” well-known paranormal journalist Nick Redfern provides an excellent history of what is publicly known about the CIA’s mind control experimentation, and any reader unfamiliar with the subject can be quickly brought up to speed on the basics.

The real meat of the book, however, is in the interviews conducted by journalist and author Tracy Twyman about Project MONARCH, which she says is a super-secret program to kidnap and “brainwash” children for use as sexual slaves, both to service the politically elite and for various kinds of espionage.


Dr. Sidney Gottlieb approved of a CIA, MK-ULTRA subproject on LSD in a June 1953 letter.

Twyman says the program was initially imported from Nazi Germany as part of Operation Paperclip, in which President Harry Truman authorized the smuggling of such top Nazi scientists as Wernher von Braun into the U.S. to work for the military and intelligence community and, eventually, for NASA. The newly acquired knowledge of mind control techniques had come from experiments on prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. The Third Reich’s scientists had studied the effects of the calculated used of torture, drugs, hypnotism, electroshock and sleep deprivation on an individual personality.

The result they achieved was the fragmenting of the personality into separate components which are unaware of each other. This creates what is known today as “Multiple Personality Disorder,” or by the more recent, clinically accepted term, “Dissociative Identity Disorder.” Once separated from one another, the individual personality components could then be programmed to perform certain tasks, much like a computer.

Twyman quotes former FBI agent and mind control expert Ted Gunderson: “It’s a combination of torture, hypnosis and drugs. What happens is, they torture them so much that their personality splits in order to endure the pain and misery. When their personality splits, they become another person. It’s through this technique that they train them.”

According to Gunderson, such methods could create “Manchurian candidates,” unwitting agents of espionage who could courier sensitive messages and even commit assassinations against their will without any conscious recollection of those events.

“Although clearly unethical,” Twyman writes, “such practices were justified by the CIA under the belief that the Soviets, America’s new archenemy, already possessed such covert weaponry of the mind.”

Former CIA Director William Colby is alleged to have told former Nebraska state senator and author John DeCamp that, after the Korean War, the CIA and the U.S. government were “terrified” of the mind control abilities of China, Russia and North Korea. It was decided that the U.S. could not afford to be left behind and that for the very salvation of the country it was imperative to keep up. And so millions and billions were poured into these programs.

“But when all is said and done,” Colby added, “we were never behind and we aren’t today.”


Woman being enticed into a possible “alien”/CIA breeding pit.

Twyman writes that several self-proclaimed victims of mind control have stated that the U.S. is really AHEAD of the game and that the CIA’s motivation was never strictly “for the good of the country.” She cites the rumored existence of the aforementioned Project MONARCH, the alleged offshoot of MK-ULTRA, designed to create legions of so-called “mind-controlled sex slaves” for use by the rich and powerful.


Declassified picture of a young MK-ULTRA subject who was given heavy doses of LSD over a six month period, 1961.

“The value of a mind-controlled sex slave is multifaceted,” she explains. “For one thing, they can be used to satisfy the perversions of people in positions of power without jeopardizing that power, since a person under mind control is not likely to expose the event to public scrutiny. Furthermore, these encounters can be videotaped for the purpose of blackmailing public officials and businessmen should they at any time step out of line or do anything to endanger the intelligence community’s global plan. Some people who purport the existence of Project MONARCH might also believe that the CIA is under the control of the Illuminati ‘New World Order’ conspiracy of global domination.

“Then there is the financial aspect,” Twyman continues. “A sex slave can be prostituted from childhood on to wealthy individuals who will pay large sums of money for the experience. They can also be used in child pornography to be sold on the global market. Many MONARCH ‘survivors’ claim that unwanted, expendable sex slaves are picked to star in the most controversial pictures of all – snuff films, the existence of which has yet to be proven, according to the FBI. The slaves are also, say the stories, used as drug mules for the CIA’s secret trafficking of illegal substances.”

The money derived from these black market transactions of drugs and sex is used, according to Twyman’s sources, to fund the CIA’s many top secret and under-budgeted black projects, as well as simply to enrich the perpetrators.


Many alien encounters could be a deceptive “setup” that leads to disinformation.

Potential slaves are chosen for their genetic propensity for suggestibility, hypnotize-ability, dissociation and high intelligence. Over the past several years, a number of these so-called “survivors” have “recovered” their memories and gone public about their past abuse at the hands of the government. Twyman pays particular attention to a woman named Cathy O’Brien and O’Brien’s book “The TRANCE Formation of America.”

O’Brien’s “pedophile” father allegedly first began to train her sexually.

“Cathy claims to have come from a family of multigenerational incest perpetrators,” Twyman recounts, “where Daddy abused all of the kids and all of the kids abused each other. Growing up in Muskegon, Michigan, a ‘pedophile capital,’ according to Cathy, it wasn’t long before Cathy’s father was whoring her around for use in lucrative child pornography.”

In time, Mr. O’Brien was caught, but what happened next strains belief, even for die-hard conspiracy theorists. Instead of going to jail, he was visited, says Cathy, by a prominent politician whose name is better left to those who actually read Twyman’s book.


Cathy O’Brien claims to have undergone sexual abuse as a child by the secret MK-Ultra program Project Monarch.

The politician made an offer that Mr. O’Brien couldn’t refuse: sell Cathy into the MONARCH program and receive immunity from prosecution. The CIA viewed Cathy as a prime candidate because they knew that any child who had been sexually abused to that extent would be suffering from the standard dissociative disorder that would make her a susceptible target for mind control.

Cathy said her father spent two weeks at Harvard University learning how to continue raising his daughter to serve as part of MONARCH.

At that point, Cathy claims to have been prostituted to a long list of high-ranking officials, to include prime ministers, U.S. senators and others whose names I won’t repeat here. Cathy further claims to have been forced to engage in strange perversions, which again are better left unnamed.

“One of the consistencies that runs through almost all of the personal testimonies of the self-proclaimed MONARCH victims,” Twyman writes, “is the use of the occult and Satanism as a ‘trauma base.’ Cathy O’Brien vividly describes the ‘Rite to Remain Silent’ she claims she endured at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Muskegon, a reversal of the Catholic mass in which she was allegedly doused in the blood of a freshly-slaughtered lamb and made to take an oath of secrecy. She also claims to have witnessed human sacrifices at Bohemian Grove retreat, an exclusive retreat for global movers and shakers who meet on a private island every year in secret. They dress up in bizarre costumes and indulge in their most extreme perversions with mind-controlled ‘Stepford whores,’ much like scenes from the Stanley Kubrick film ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’”

The claims of mind control and MONARCH programming are an extension of the tales told about Satanic Ritual Abuse that began to surface in the early 1980s, Twyman writes. The SRA phenomenon has largely been discredited by the mental health establishment but continues to be a strange kind of “urban myth” for many people.

“Many groups, several of them affiliated with Protestant churches,” she says, “believe in a large conspiracy of Satanists that spans the globe and which controls the drug and child pornography industry (i.e., the Mafia), as well as, to the view of many, the government (i.e., the Illuminati). They believe that these people engage in the large-scale abduction and abuse of thousands of children for use in their sick, sadistic, satanic sex rituals and the pornographic documentation thereof. When not from multigenerational satanic families, like O’Brien’s, where their parents willingly submit them to the MONARCH program, children are supposedly snatched off the streets – the familiar milk carton kids. According to the lore, the conspirators even infiltrate pre-schools and day care centers to access children there.”

Twyman quotes the aforementioned Gunderson thusly: “The satanic cult movement dovetails with U.S. intelligence. In addition to being involved in kidnapping, they were taking kids out of Boys Town and foster homes and orphanages and flying them to Washington, D.C., for sex orgy parties with congressmen and senators. We’re talking about a large-scale pedophile ring and a large-scale kidnapping ring known as ‘The Finders.’ It’s a CIA covert operation running out of Washington, D.C. That’s just a cover name for finding children.”


Lt. Col. Michael Aquino

Several of Tywman’s sources claim that a former Green Beret officer and senior U.S. military intelligence officer, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, was involved in their abuse. Aquino took an active part in several “PSY-OPS,” or psychological warfare operations, and publicly advocated the use of propaganda, subliminal messages, air ionization and ELF waves (i.e., putting low frequency signals in TV and radio broadcasts to induce specific states of mind) in times of war, both domestically and abroad, in order to manipulate public opinion.

“Another interesting fact about Michael Aquino,” Twyman writes, “is that he just happens to be the founder and leader of the Temple of Set, a splinter group of the Church of Satan, in which Aquino was once a high-ranking member. The Temple of Set now has a number of chapters that operate on military bases. This group’s rituals often involve Nazi symbols and rhetoric, and Aquino once performed a satanic ‘working’ at Heinrich Himmler’s castle in Wewelsburg while in Germany on ‘official NATO business.’”

In the late 1980s, an abuse scandal surfaced at a day care center on the Presidio military base in San Francisco, where Aquino was stationed. The children identified Aquino and claimed that the people who molested them were part of a “devil worship club.” They were able to describe the inside of Aquino’s home, where the abuse was said to have taken place. Aquino was also said to keep a ranch in Colorado that was a “safe house” for kidnapped children.

Twyman spoke to Aquino about the accusations.

“Throughout my entire career as an Army officer (1968-1994),” he said, “I never encountered any evidence of anything named or resembling ‘Project MONARCH,’ never participated in anything involving children or adult ‘sex slaves,’ never abused any children under any circumstances whatever, and never had contact with any of the cranks who’ve thrown my name around with ‘MONARCH.’”

Aquino’s use of the word “cranks” to describe his accusers illustrates one of the ironies of Project MONARCH and other mind control operations. Having had one’s mind toyed with over a period of several years understandably makes for disjointed, fragmentary testimony from victims. It’s easy to call such people crazy since they have in fact suffered years of personality-altering torture and sexual abuse. Also, given the fact that extremely high levels of government secrecy may be involved, there is no one who can come forward and validate the bizarre claims of the victims.


Fashion model Candy Jones is said to have been used as a mind controlled “mule” by the CIA.

It goes without saying that Twyman provides only “anecdotal evidence,” simply retelling the various stories as they were told to her. But as the late alien abduction researcher, Budd Hopkins, once told me, anecdotal evidence is enough to convict someone in a court of law. Even when a DNA sample is used in evidence during a trial, the jury does not “see” the DNA testing results. They merely listen to a DNA expert TELL THEM A STORY about those results. The point being, one should not automatically dismiss anecdotal evidence as being unreliable.

In any case, Twyman has certainly done her homework in “Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA,” which is packed with her interviews with both victims of sexual slavery and experts in mind control and deprogramming. While she has not produced any sort of “smoking gun”-type documentation, the book is nevertheless an interesting read for those not too faint of heart to bear up under its shocking revelations about some of the famous names that are accused within its pages.

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Sean Casteel


MIND CONTROLLED SEX SLAVES AND THE CIA, By Tracy R. Twyman, with additional material by Nick Redfern and Commander X.





By Sean Casteel


Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains

They are the demon dogs from hell, the huge black canines with blazing eyes that haunt country lanes, and the phantom hounds that are regarded by some as Satan’s personal minions.

In the new Global Communications/Conspiracy Journal book, “Timothy Green Beckley’s Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains: Dogmen, Devil Hounds, Phantom Canines and Real Werewolves,” the reader will indeed discover that there exists on the periphery of UFOs and aliens a shadowy realm of supernatural phenomena that includes many weird crypto-zoological monsters and creatures, none of which are housebroken and do not in any way, shape or form, make good domestic pets . . . demon dogs or hellhounds included!

Encounters with the oversized, flaming-eyed canines of torment and terror have been reported through the ages and have often been associated with subsequent death or other forms of tragedy. To hear such a creature howling in the night is to tread close to danger of many kinds.


Butch Wacokski dogman

Chief investigator Butch Witkowski has taken testimony from firsthand witnesses who say that when the creature appeared they feared for their lives.

In an interview conducted exclusively for this book, Butch Witkowski talks about his research into what he calls a “bipedal canine” who is frequently reported to appear in the state game lands of central Pennsylvania.

Witkowski began to study the paranormal after a UFO sighting he shared with several people went completely unacknowledged and unreported by the government and media. After he set up his own organization, called the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, with a gathering of like-minded UFO-believing individuals, he was surprised by the increasingly numerous reports of a doglike creature walking on two legs that were coming into the group.

“This is a real mystery to me,” Witkowski said. “You know, I thought Ufology was strange and hard to figure out, but it’s kind of simple compared to this stuff.”

The first report came to Witkowski in November of 2014 from a reliable witness – a retired pilot with 40 years of experience in both the military and with commercial airlines. Pilots are highly trained observers; it is a vital part of their job to accurately understand what their eyes behold. The pilot told Witkowski that he had been walking his two dogs in a familiar stretch of woods when the canines suddenly went berserk for no apparent reason. Next, the man beheld a tall, hairy, short-snouted “whatever the hell it was” that seemed totally oblivious to both him and his agitated hounds.

Dogman by Butch

Dogman is said to have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the face of a fierce bulldog with a pug nose.

The man described the creature to Witkowski by saying, “If you would take Arnold Schwarzenegger and make him eight to ten feet tall – same body, massive chest, very thin waist, heavy-legged, muscular arms with hands.”

The man added that he didn’t see any ears, but he remarked that he hadn’t really looked for ears. He had taken in the whole creature, which had a short snout similar to a bulldog or pug.

After struggling to get his dogs back in his vehicle, the man pulled a handgun out of the glovebox and walked into the woods again. He saw nothing. No broken branches or footprints. The man subsequently returned to the scene – ignoring Witkowski’s advice – with several heavily armed friends. Although the group saw nothing, they simultaneously began to feel deathly afraid, as though an invisible presence was making them fear for their lives. They literally walked backwards out of the area, too frightened to turn their backs on whatever was generating that collective terror.

Another Pennsylvania resident, a woman raised in a religious family, told Witkowski about seeing a similar creature standing at the edge of a pond near her home. The woman had been taught that – if she were ever to see the devil – he would appear to her in animal form. “I truly believe,” she told Witkowski, “that I was looking at the devil.”

The creature is often called “demonic,” according to Witkowski. He has also consulted Native Americans, including members of the Inuit and Cherokee tribes, who have told him they think it may be a creature called a “skin-walker,” a shape-shifting spirit that could have gotten stuck somewhere between human and animal forms.

Whatever the creature is, it consistently terrifies those who encounter it.

“One thing that stands out in every report,” Witkowski said, “is that the people feel ‘This is not a good place to be right now. I need to get out of here or I’m going to die.’ They have a fear that comes over them that just sets the impulse to fear and flee right into motion instantly, the minute they see it.”



Michele Lowe had her own frightening experience with a strange “Hellhound.”

Michele Lowe is a paranormal researcher who relates a fascinating personal experience in “Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains.”

“When I was in my late teens, early twenties,” she writes, “I used to hang out with my friends, like most people in Southern California. But I was a little weird. I loved all things Hollywood. I would recruit my friends all the time to go with me up to Hollywood to hang out.”

Lowe first recounts a few Hollywood ghost stories, like hauntings by “Superman” actor George Reeves and Paul Bern, the husband of blond bombshell actress Jean Harlow. Both Reeves and Bern committed suicide and their troubled spirits can find no rest. Along with cruising the streets where ghosts allegedly materialized on a regular basis, Lowe and her friends were curious about seeing the house at 10050 Cielo Drive, where the Manson family had murdered pregnant actress Sharon Tate and several of her friends and peers.

They had to drive up a steep and narrow driveway before reaching the home’s iron gate, which was where the first body was discovered the morning after the killings in 1969.

“The feeling of being so close to where such a horrific crime was committed,” she continues, “was very sobering. The atmosphere was very heavy there, and it just didn’t feel right. So we left.”

Lowe writes that they decided to explore some of the other Hollywood neighborhoods, consoled by the bright lights and a more cheerful ambience.

It was then that a giant black dog came charging at the car.

“It was huge,” she recalled, “and had this very thick black fur. The dog’s back and head easily came up to the window of the car.”

Lowe and a female friend screamed in panic while Cuz Dave, the driver, hit the gas pedal. Even when the car reached 35 mph, the dog had no problem keeping up the pace.

“It was literally right next to the car,” Lowe writes, “looking at us as if it was out to kill! It was barking violently as we tried to drive away in sheer terror. We drove about a mile or so before Dave finally slowed down and turned into another neighborhood so we could calm down and regroup. Just as we were starting to calm down, the giant black dog literally appeared out of nowhere and came charging at the car.

“We again screamed and Dave took off again. We could not believe this was happening. There was no way that dog could have kept up with us when Dave took off out of that last neighborhood over a mile away! We quickly got out of that neighborhood and again lost the crazed dog. This time, though, we didn’t stop. We went straight home.”

Many readers, according to Lowe, might mistakenly think the young people were only dealing with someone’s pet. But she counters that assumption, saying she had never seen a dog so enormous. Its speed was also mind blowing, since it ran right next to the car without straining to keep up.

“It was clear the dog could have run even faster if it wanted to,” Lowe writes. “And then there is the fact that we drove off as fast as we could a mile or more away to another neighborhood and were there only a couple of minutes when, literally out of nowhere, the dog appeared again and started charging us at full speed. How could it even find us again? Even though we didn’t understand it then, we still knew that what happened was not normal.”

Over the ensuing years, Lowe began to study the paranormal in a quest for answers to the brush with the supernatural she and her friends had shared.

“Knowing what I know now,” she reasons, “I believe that what we encountered was a hellhound. I had heard of them before but didn’t know what they were. So I did some research and this is what I found: A hellhound is a supernatural dog, usually very large with thick black fur. They are unnaturally strong and fast and have red eyes. Sometimes the eyes are yellow. It is said that they are assigned to guard the entrance to the home of the dead, like graveyards or burial grounds. They also have other duties to do with the afterlife, like hunting down lost souls. They can also be an omen of death.”



Strange unknown cryptid creatures are being seen – and photographed! – all over the world.

“Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains” also features the work of Nick Redfern, one of the most visible faces in the field of paranormal research. Redfern has testified that his bedroom was once

“invaded” by a werewolf-type creature which crept closer and closer to where he was sleeping and then suddenly vanished. Redfern begins his chapter with a genuinely frightening story, told in second person, of a hapless traveler encountering a hellhound and fleeing for his life. One is then informed that the story was not a work of fiction, but actually happened in 1997 in a small English village called Ranton.

“But what are these infernal creatures?” Redfern asks. “Are they legend, reality, or both? And how, and under what circumstances, did they inspire the most famous, cherished and loved Sherlock Holmes story of all time? Published in 1902, Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ tells the memorable and atmosphere-filled saga of the noted and wealthy Baskerville family that has called Dartmoor, Devonshire, England, its home for centuries. Dartmoor is filled with supernatural tales of terror, horror and intrigue – but leading them all is the legend of the terrible hound that haunts the Baskervilles.”

Conan Doyle took the lead from all-too-real supernatural occurrences of the paranormal hound on Dartmoor. He also relied on stories about a real-life resident of Devonshire County named Richard Cabell, a monstrously evil squire who may have sold his soul to the Devil himself for personal gain. When Cabell died in 1677, presumably into the embrace of his fork-tailed, horned master, a pack of supernatural hounds materialized on the old moors and raced for Cabell’s tomb, where they howled ominously all night long and struck cold fear into the locals.

“Thus, the story began to develop in Conan Doyle’s mind and imagination,” Redfern continues. “He moved the location of the old hall to Dartmoor and changed Richard Cabell to the evil Hugo Baskerville. In the process, literary history was made and ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ was born. But there is one important factor to remember: Conan Doyle did not invent Britain’s fiery-eyed hounds. He merely brought them to the attention of the public in spectacularly entertaining, fictional style.”

For those looking for a possible link to the UFO phenomenon, one does not have to travel through a black hole to find what appears to be a very positive connection.


Is there a connection between some “Black Shuck” sightings and UFOs?

It is at this point that Redfern begins to chronicle several instances of people encountering the real thing, and in more recent times than one might think. For example, there is the story of Nigel Lea, who in the early weeks of 1972 was driving across the Cannock Chase woods that dominate much of Staffordshire when he saw a strange ball of glowing blue light that seemingly came out of nowhere and slammed violently into the ground some short distance ahead of him before releasing a torrent of bright, fiery sparks. As he slowly approached the area where the light had fallen, he was both shocked and horrified to see looming before him “the biggest bloody dog I have ever seen in my life.”

“Very muscular, and utterly black in color,” Redfern goes on, “with a pair of large, pointed ears and huge thick paws, the creature seemed to positively ooze both extreme menace and overpowering negativity, and had a crazed, staring look in its yellow-tinged eyes. For 20 or 30 seconds, both man and beast alike squared off against each other in classic stalemate fashion, after which the animal both slowly and carefully headed for the darkness and the camouflage of the tall surrounding trees, not even once taking its penetrating eyes off of the petrified driver as it did so.”

Somewhat ominously, two or three weeks later, a close friend of Lea’s from back in his childhood days was killed in a horrific industrial accident in a West Midlands town. Today, after having deeply studied – almost to the point of obsession – the history of British Black Dog lore and the creature’s associations with both deep tragedy and death, Lea believes his strange encounter was directly connected.


According to Redfern, perhaps the most famous of all of the phantom hounds of old Britain are those that are said to have frequented, and in some cases still frequent, the ancient roads and pathways of Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk and Sussex. Their various names include Black Shuck, the Shug Monkey and the Shock. The Shuck and the Shock are classic black dogs, whereas the Shug Monkey is described as being a combination of spectral monkey and immense hound.

“Even their very names have intriguing origins,” Redfern writes. “While some researchers consider the possibility that all of the appellations had their origins in the word ‘Shucky,’ an ancient east coast term meaning ‘shaggy,’ others suggest a far more sinister theory, namely that Shock, Shuck and Shug are all based upon the Anglo-Saxon ‘scucca,’ meaning ‘demon,’ a most apt description for sure.”

In the winter of 1983, a couple in their twenties, Paul and Jayne Jennings, encountered a black dog in Rendlesham Forest, home to Britain’s most famous UFO encounter, the December 1980 event in which numerous personnel from the nearby Royal Air Force Bentwaters military base encountered a UFO in the woods. Like Nigel Lea’s witnessing a glowing blue light before his face-to-face meeting with a black dog, the close proximity of the military’s UFO incident creates a tenuous connection between both phenomena. [Memo: Go to our Mr. UFO Secret Files YouTube channel for the exclusive story – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8QScAUN-pE]


Dogman often appears first inside a fog or mist that hovers just above the ground, then finally emerges into the woods to confront frightened backpackers.

The Jennings were walking along a trail in the Rendlesham Forest when, according to Redfern, they saw what Jayne described as a “big black dog that kept appearing and disappearing.” When Redfern asked her to elaborate, she explained that on rounding a bend on the path they came face to face with the dog, which was a huge creature whose head was unmistakably that of a large hound while the body, strangely, was more feline in nature.

The dog was not aggressive, and seemed to have a mournful expression on its face. But the Jennings were shocked when it vanished in the blink of an eye. They were even more shocked when a moment later it reappeared and proceeded to “flicker on and off” four or five times before vanishing permanently. After the dog’s disappearance, the air was filled with a strange smell that resembled “burning metal.” Could it be the fires of hell, to which the mournful-looking dog was dispiritedly returning? And what of the possible Rendlesham connection? Are the weird goings-on there proof that this might be what John Keel once determined to be a “window area” to another dimension?


Further along in his chapter, Redfern tells the story of the Wild Hunt and even wilder hounds. He quotes the famed crypto-zoologist Jon Downes: “Belief in the Wild Hunt is found not only in Britain but also on the Continent, and the basic idea is the same in all variations: a phantasmal leader and his men accompanied by hounds who ‘fly’ through the night in pursuit of something. What they are pursuing is not clear; although Norse legend has various objects such as a visionary boar or wild horse, and even magical maidens known as Moss Maidens.

“Greek myth has Hecate roaming the Earth on moonless nights with a pack of ghostly, howling dogs and the phenomenon has also been reported from Germany, where, according to folklore, the procession includes the souls of unbaptized babies in the train of ‘Frau Bertha,’ who sometimes accompanied the wild huntsman.”

(The mythic apparition of the Wild Hunt is said to resemble, and may have inspired, a well-known Country and Western song called “Riders in the Sky,” in which a band of ghostly cowboys is condemned forever to chase a herd of cattle across the sky yet never actually catch them. The song has been recorded by the likes of Johnny Cash, Gene Autry, Bing Crosby and Peggy Lee, as well as a later rock version by The Outlaws.)

Downes explains that the hounds are universally believed to be portents of war, death and disaster, and an unfortunate traveler who heard one would fling himself face downward to the ground to avoid seeing the beast. The Devil’s hunting pack, and the related phenomenon of the Devil Dogs, have been reported on more occasions during years of warfare than at any other time.


Fortean blogger Andrew Gable ably adds a history of black dog hauntings in the United States.

“Legends of black dogs and phantom hounds,” Gable writes, “are widespread throughout the Chesapeake Bay region, which was one of the earliest areas settled by the English. The tales of British black dogs were combined with werewolf traditions and typical ghost stories, as well as possibly with crypto-zoological sightings of weird creatures, to create traditions that are like the British ones, and yet unlike them at the same time.”


“Legends of black dogs and phantom hounds,” Gable writes, “are widespread throughout the Chesapeake Bay region.”

One of the interesting stories Gable relates concerns a phantom hound named “Snarly Yow” who haunted a section of the National Pike near Turner’s Gap in Frederick County, Maryland. Gable references an 1882 book by Madeleine V. Dahlgren called “South Mountain Magic” in which no less than a dozen sightings of the beast are recorded.

A man named Daniel Mesick testified that his father kicked at a huge dog near Dame’s Quarter and his foot passed directly through it. Sticks, rocks and even bullets were said to pass right through the “animal.” Other accounts have it that the dog left physical traces and frightened horses so much they threw their riders.

“A staple of Frederick County legendry for years,” Gable writes, “the Yow was seen in 1962 near Zittlestown. In this instance, it was headless, white and dragged a chain along behind it.”

There is a phantom dog called the Fence Rail Dog, an enormous hound nearly ten feet long, which haunts a stretch of Route 12 near Frederica in Delaware. The dog appears in the wake of automobile accidents on the road. Gable points out that folklore from around the globe speaks of dogs as a kind of psycho-pomp – or spirits which guide the dead to the afterlife – and that the Fence Rail Dog’s appearance in the wake of death may be an example of this.

Gable also recounts the folklore concerning an outlaw named Silas Werninger, who was cornered in his home but committed suicide rather than be taken by his pursuers. He was buried in the forest near his home, and after his death a large black wolf emerged from the grove and menaced townspeople. A witch advised the people to dig up the outlaw’s remains and bury them in consecrated ground to dispel the phantasmal wolf.

Gable says the source of the folklore is the real life story of a Pennsylvania outlaw named William Etlinger, who did indeed kill himself after taking his wife and children hostage. His cabin was burnt to the ground by authorities trying to flush him out. It is said that the cabin sometimes reappears on its burnt foundations and that the outlaw’s body was moved after it was felt a black wolf familiar in the area may have been feeding on the corpse. Even suicidal outlaws deserve better. There is more to the story Gable tells than is recorded here, but let’s leave that to readers of the actual book, eh?


mib lady and tim and grave

Tim Beckley and the MIB Lady, Claudia Cunningham, visit the grave of paranormal icon Charles Fort.

Claudia Cunningham, nicknamed “The MIB Lady,” relates the story of how she and Timothy Green Beckley visit the grave of Charles Fort in Albany Rural Cemetery, near the state capitol of New York. Cunningham says that perhaps the site where Fort and his entire family are entombed is a fitting place for dastardly black hounds and phantom dogs from hell to be seen since Fort collected such beastly stories throughout his writing career and placed them in the volumes that make up “The Complete Works of Charles Fort.”

While Cunningham and Beckley failed to sight any phantom dogs of their own, their story still makes for a lively break in the action, to include some local Men-In-Black stories that center around the cemetery just outside Albany. In addition to being the place where Charles Fort is buried, the graveyard is the resting spot of a president of the United States, Chester Arthur. Is it any wonder haunting hounds, the MIB and other strange incidents raise their heads up from the etheric there from time to time?

Cunningham then goes on to record several late 19th and early 20th century stories from Fort’s research concerning the mysterious slayers of sheep in the UK. In one case in England, the police were unable to explain how the sheep had died since it was not possible for the killer to have been a mere dog.

“Dogs are not vampires,” said Sergeant Carter of the Gloucestershire Police, “and do not suck the blood of a sheep and leave the flesh almost untouched.”

A few weeks later, a newspaper report declared that the “marauder” had been shot and was said to be a large black dog, which Cunningham claims was an early example of convenient “debunking,” a pattern repeated throughout the history of the subject of demon dogs by the newspapers of the time. It appears that even in Fort’s time, a media cover-up of the paranormal was firmly in place.



The Loup-garou often appeared as a monstrous wolf but could also shape-shift into a cow, horse or any other animal.

Also included in “Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains” is a chapter by paranormal researcher extraordinaire Tim Swartz, who writes about the folklore of his native Indiana. In the early 18th century, French fur trappers making their way south from Canada encountered their own version of the canine nightmare called the Loup-garou, a supernatural threat more frightening than any wild and predatory “earthly” wolf.

The Loup-garou often appeared as a monstrous wolf but could also shape-shift into a cow, horse or any other animal. The creatures were also said to have mental powers; under their spell, a human victim became an enraged animal that roamed at night through the fields and forests. During the day, the unfortunate reverted to his human form but was sickly and fearful to tell of his predicament. People at the time believed that such was the fate of those who violated the rules of the Catholic observance of Lent.

Swartz is also a scholar of cinema and provides several pages of background and poster art from movies about werewolves.

Not to be outdone, legendary paranormal writer Brad Steiger offers his chapter, called “The Terrible Hungers of Real-Life Vampires, Werewolves and Ghouls.” The title alone should whet your appetite for Steiger’s fascinating historical study of monstrous crimes committed before the advent of modern psychiatry, which taught us to attribute such things to simple human sadism and sexual perversion. In times past, Steiger writes, evil spirits got the blame, but perhaps we moderns should instead search “the wasteland of man’s subconscious.”

Then, finally, there is William Kern’s short story, “The Man Who Fell From A Clear Blue Sky.” Kern is a sort of jack-of-all-trades; he writes both fiction and nonfiction, as well as working as a graphic artist and layout designer, to include his designing efforts on “Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains.” Kern’s short story revolves around the phenomenon of “changelings,” specifically human/wolf changelings, which are called “hulfs,” we learn.

The reader will most likely agree that the new book covers the subject of supernatural canines very thoroughly, does it not? To which we can only add, “We double-dog dare you to take a walk on the wild side and read ‘Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains.’”

Sean Casteel headshot April 2015

Sean Casteel


Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains: Dogmen, Devil Hounds, Phantom Canines And Real Werewolves

America’s Strange And Supernatural History: Includes Prophecies Of The Presidents

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs: Ghostly Pets, Phantom Felines And Haunted Hounds 



By Sean Casteel

The struggle of the UFO-believing community to wrest some sort of official disclosure of the mystery phenomenon from the iron grip of the government, the military and the intelligence community has been part of the overall flying saucer picture since the 1950s. Both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan spoke publicly about having seen UFOs, and Hillary Clinton has joined the choir of high-profile leaders who would like to see the subject dealt with transparently and brought before the American people in a way we can all agree is trustworthy and honest. It was suggested that Hillary was courting the “UFO vote,” sneeringly intended to mean the “lunatic fringe.”

But in 1979, across the pond in the United Kingdom, a lone voice once rang out in the House of Lords, a voice seeking the support of his fellows in demanding that Her Majesty’s government come clean and confess to the reality of the UFO phenomenon as well as the cover-up that had kept the public so undeservedly in the dark about a subject that was of concern to all humankind.

That lone voice belonged to Brinsley Le Poer Trench, the Eighth Earl of Clancarty, a member of the House of Lords from 1976 until his death in 1995.


Brinsley le Poer Trench 1

Brinsley Le Poer Trench in his private library on the 4th floor of his London flat.

At the time, members of the House of Lords were not elected officials, as was the case with the House of Commons. To be an English Lord required that one be of noble birth.

According to an online posting by a writer known as Steve on the Bear Alley Books website, in Brinsley’s case, his family tree can be traced back to Irish politician Frederick Richard Trench (1681-1752), his son Richard Trench, and grandson William Keating Trench, who became the Earl of Clancarty, taking the name from a “tenuous link” to the Munster Earls of Clancarty. Le Poer was an old Irish noble name dating back to the Norman invasion of Ireland.

Brinsley’s full name was William Francis Brinsley Le Poer Trench, and he was the fifth son of William Frederick Le Poer Trench, the Fifth Earl of Clancarty. Brinsley inherited his title following the deaths of two older brothers (Richard in 1971 and Greville in 1975), making him the Eighth Earl of Clancarty and the Seventh Marquess of Heusden.

But Brinsley felt one could more honestly trace his family origins back to around 63,000 B.C.E., when aliens landed on Earth. Other aliens, the posting continues, ascended from below the surface of the planet from civilizations that still exist.

“I haven’t been down there myself,” Brinsley said, “but from what I gather these civilizations are very advanced.”

He also believed that Adam and Eve, Noah and other Biblical characters were brought here from Mars to populate the nascent Earth.


legacy of sky people

The cover of the recently updated and expanded edition of “Legacy of the Sky People.”

Brinsley was raised in London and educated at the Pangbourne Nautical College. He worked for a while selling advertising for a gardening magazine. After the success of his first book, “The Sky People,” published in 1960, he was able to write full time.

Brinsley’s interest in UFOs began after World War II. Finding others with similar interests led to his involvement in the early years of “Flying Saucer Review,” selling advertising space for the fledgling UFO publication and eventually taking over its editing between 1956 and 1959. He also founded the International UFO Observer Corps in 1956, which had observers watching the skies until 1960. The organization closed down that year because of a dearth of reliable reports and a shift to other forms of flying saucer evidence gathering, like mediumship and the study of ancient myths and traditions.


The 8th Earl of Clancarty makes a presentation before a group of teenagers in Japan as part of the opening ceremonies of the International Sky Scouts.

The list of Brinsley’s UFO efforts also included serving as vice-president of the British UFO Research Organization (BUFORA), founded in 1962. He was chairman of the International Committee of the International Sky Scouts, founded in 1965. The group held a flying saucer spotting day on June 24, 1966, the 19th anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold sighting in Washington State that is often seen as marking the beginning of the modern UFO era. The name was changed to Contact International in 1967, with Brinsley as their first president. He was also   an honorary lifetime member of the now defunct “Ancient Astronauts Society,” which supported ideas that had been put forth by Erich von Daniken in his 1968 book, “Chariots of the Gods?”

When he succeeded to the earldom on the death of his half-brother and was thus entitled to a seat in the British Parliament, Brinsley used his new position to found a UFO Study Group at the House of Lords, introduce the “Flying Saucer Review” to its library and push for the declassification of UFO data. One of the speakers Brinsley invited to speak to his study group was the American publisher and journalist, Timothy Green Beckley.


Beckley had a long-distance friendship with Brinsley years before the venerated Briton would request his presence in London.

Brinsley House of Lords The-Queen-Addresses-the-House-of-Lords

The Lords gather to discuss the topic of UFOs at an open debate in the House of Lords.

“Long before Brinsley invited me to London to speak before the House Of Lords UFO Group,” Beckley fondly recalled, “I had been in regular correspondence with the hardworking Britisher. He had developed a worldwide chain of correspondence in an era long before it was possible to email someone and have them receive your message in mere seconds. It sometimes took weeks to receive a handwritten letter that was actually penned on a very lightweight blue paper and folded over into a self-mailer and then sent across the pond to an American correspondent like myself, who anxiously awaited the arrival of the latest saucer news from the land of Her Majesty.

 “Brinsley was known for making some fairly bombastic statements,” Beckley continued,   “such as having traced his family tree back thousands of years to the time when aliens first landed on Earth. He told me that during WW II he had read of several incidents in which our fastest military aircraft were followed by what became known as ‘the foo fighters,’ craft which could not be attributed to either the Allied or Axis forces and for which there was no rational explanation. Upon discussing the topic with others in the early 1950s, it was thought that there was a need for a good UFO publication, and thus the prestigious ‘Flying Saucer Review’ was created and distributed to those with a thirst for knowledge on a cosmic level.

“Brinsley was able to give up his regular job selling ad space for a magazine on gardening,” Beckley recounted, “when his first book, ‘The Sky People,’ started to sell at a more-than-modest level. Around 1964, Trench joined forces with a Japanese UFO contactee group that published an English language magazine called ‘Brothers.’ The newly-merged group was initially known as the International Sky Scouts. Brinsley also traveled to Japan, where he spoke before several gatherings mainly attended by members of the ‘Japanese UFO youth movement.’ Eventually, the group had to change its name after being drawn into a lawsuit by the real Boy Scouts, who saw Brinsley’s use of the organization’s name as an infringement on their trademarked name. As a ‘compromise,’ the name was changed to Contact International, which continues to issue ‘Awareness,’ a quarterly journal which Brinsley started years and years back.

 “And while Brinsley had started out as a literal believer in the ETH, short for the ‘extraterrestrial hypothesis,’ he told me out in the foyer when we met at the House of Lords, where I was to deliver my talk to his unofficial UFO group, that he had changed his opinion and now believed that UFOs were part of an underground civilization which had established a tunnel system from one end of the Earth to another, thus enabling them to move around unimpeded.

“Brinsley thought this civilization was well ahead of us and had learned to live in peace since its original downfall during the time of Atlantis. He also saw its technology as being hundreds of years more advanced, leaning on various forms of fossil-free fuel to sail their ships about when they emerged from their inner Earth headquarters.”

While enjoying Brinsley’s hospitality, Beckley also sat down with the Lord for a face-to-face interview, which Beckley published in his own magazine, “UFO Review,” in 1981.

Beckley opened the interview by asking, “How did you start the ball rolling on the question of UFOs in the House of Lords?”

Brinsley official house of lords ufo report

Transcript of the House of Lords UFO debate.

“I took my seat in June 1976,” Brinsley replied, “and a month after that I made my maiden speech, which wasn’t on UFOs, but had to do with the state of our nation. Then I started sounding a few of the other Lords out and found that quite a number of were interested in the topic. In our country, if you want to find out something from one of our leaders, you can put it in writing or ask a question in the chamber. My questions led me to believe that there was a cover-up here in this country.

“This set me off but good,” the Earl continued. “The next thing I did was to introduce a debate in the chamber of the House of Lords. This debate went very well. In total, 14 speakers took part. The Earl of Kimberly, who is a member of our group now, was my main supporter. True, some people were talking against UFOs and some in favor of the subject, but there was no ridicule. It was treated with respect. As the result of a suggestion that I made during the debate, we now have gotten a House of Lords UFO Study Group. It has over 30 members.”


The debate Brinsley is referring to happened on January 18, 1979, and is still considered a watershed moment in “Exo-Politics,” or the politics of the extraterrestrial question.

Veteran UFO journalist Antonio Huneeus posted an update on the event on the “Open Minds” website that marked the event by saying, “Another significant sign of how deeply the interest in ufology had penetrated the upper crust of British society was the famous UFO debate that took place in the venerable House of Lords, which made worldwide headlines at the time. Just imagine the same exercise taking place in the U.S. Senate! Decades before the term was invented, this was pure Exo-Politics – a four-hour debate on the political and national security implications of UFOs and possible extraterrestrial activities on the upper chamber of a parliament of a major power with nuclear weapons and international prestige. It doesn’t get better than that and yet it really happened.”

In that same posting on “Open Minds,” Huneeus reprises an article he wrote at the time under the pseudonym A. Hovni for a long-defunct New York City daily newspaper:

“It is with much pleasure that I introduce this debate this evening about unidentified flying objects – known more briefly as UFOs and sometimes as flying saucers. I understand that this is the first time the subject of UFOs has been debated in your Lordships’ House, so this is indeed a unique occasion.”

With these words, the article continues, his noble Lordship, the Earl of Clancarty, initiated a historic debate in Britain’s venerable House of Lords, over a “question” previously requested by him. The debate lasted almost four hours, and not less than 14 Lords stated for the record their pro and con positions concerning UFOs and, specifically, Lord Clancarty’s motion that Her Majesty’s government initiate an “intra-governmental study” of UFOs, as well as his suggestion to set up a UFO Study Group within the House of Lords to look further into the matter. It was reported that within 48 hours of this debate, every single copy of Hansard – the official Parliamentary Debates records – with the UFO transcript was sold out.

“Lord Clancarty was certainly the right man at the right place,” Huneeus writes. “Better known as Brinsley Le Poer Trench, he was described by ‘The Illustrated London Times’ as ‘the one uncontroversial personality, the “elder statesman” of the British flying saucer movement.’ Among other things, Clancarty has published seven popular books on UFOs and was one of the founders and an early editor of ‘Flying Saucer Review,’ perhaps the oldest and most prestigious publication in the field.”


When Beckley did his exclusive interview with Brinsley a couple of years after the historic House of Lords debate, Brinsley had developed a new ambition regarding finding the truth behind the UFO mystery.

“We would like to get two aliens or more to come and talk to our group,” he told Beckley.

“Is that an open invitation?” Beckley asked.

“Yes,” came Brinsley’s reply, “and I’m sure that some of them speak our language and many other languages. You are bound to get some people who will say that they are just Earth people pretending. But the point is that if you get them to do their materialization and dematerialization, paranormal abilities which are normal to them, that should be proof.”

“Have you ever met anybody that you thought was an extraterrestrial?” Beckley prodded further.

Brinsley Lords-Clancarty-C-von-Keviczky_sm 2

The 8th Earl of Clancarty with Colman Von Keviczky.

“Yes, I have, on several occasions,” Brinsley answered, “but I was probably completely wrong. I had this idea in my head because of certain things. But I always thought that there was lots of life elsewhere, even when I was very young.”

The earl reflected further on his efforts to bring about disclosure, which he phrased as getting “the government to come clean.”

“I’m sure they’ve got plenty of reports,” he told Beckley. “There are reasons for a cover-up. The original one, I think, has to do with panic, but also a number of countries might be trying to get hold of an alien spacecraft in operational condition, or in good order, not a crashed, smashed one.”

“Do you think that the British government has a crashed UFO?”

“It’s possible,” the earl said, “but I wouldn’t know. I couldn’t give you a good answer to that one. But think that if one country were to get hold of one and were actually able to make more of them, that particular country would rule the world. That, of course, is the reason that a particular government would have a cover-up.

“Another possible reason for a cover-up,” he continued, “is that, if they are using a free electromagnetic method of propulsion, this would be a blow for a lot of industries: the nuclear industry, the electrical, oil, coal. It would be a good thing, because a lot of these industries are causing pollution.”


Many years before he made international headlines by introducing the debate on the UFO question in the House of Lords, Brinsley was paying his dues as a researcher and writer. Beckley has republished two of the late Lord’s titles through his Global Communications/Inner Light Books publishing house.

“Legacy of the Sky People,” which also includes updated material by Nick Redfern, Tim Swartz and, in the interest of total disclosure, myself, is a reprinting of Brinsley’s 1960 bestseller, “The Sky People.” In an interview I conducted with Brad Steiger, who has long been one of the most respected journalists specializing in the field of the paranormal, he wholeheartedly praises Brinsley’s pioneering exploration of the Ancient Astronauts theory of UFOs.

“I read Brinsley’s book when it came out in the 1960s,” Steiger told me. “I haven’t had the privilege of hanging out with him, the way Brother Tim (Beckley) has, but I certainly am familiar with his work. It’s the groundbreaker aspect that is so important.”

Steiger said that in one of his own bestselling books, “Atlantis Rising,” he quoted quite freely from Brinsley’s work, adding that it was a new field at the time and Brinsley was one of the few proponents of the idea that UFO contact had begun in ancient times. Nevertheless, it was Erich von Daniken, years later, who seemed to get the most recognition.

“Brinsley was generally neglected,” Steiger said, “because Erich von Daniken was the fair-haired boy at the time and was given a great deal of credit for coming up with the whole ancient astronauts concept. A book such as ‘The Sky People’ was read by a few individuals, but the great masses of people were not interested. Then something comes out and gets a lot of attention, like ‘Chariots of the Gods?’ As people said, von Daniken just happened to be standing in front of the cosmic slot machine when it paid off.”

Steiger feels that Trench stands out from his contemporaries because the late earl’s approach was more scholarly and careful in terms of the claims he made.

“Brinsley would present things as a hypothesis,” Steiger explained. “He would say ‘PERHAPS you find this daring; PERHAPS you find this offensive to your beliefs. But consider that Jehovah may have been a leader of people who came from the stars.’ There’s a difference between presenting things and allowing your readers to ponder them and then make up his or her own mind as opposed to coming out and saying, ‘These entities came from outer space and built the pyramids.’ There’s a difference between presenting it as a hypothesis and presenting it as fact.”

Another interesting testimonial comes from Giorgio Tsoukalos, the spokesman in the English-speaking world for none other than von Daniken himself.

“Brinsley Le Poer Trench’s books,” Tsoukalos told me, “have been quoted in many classic ancient astronauts works. An argument definitely can be made for the points he has written about, especially because he based a lot of his research on more ancient texts that are not available as readily as they were back when he was alive. I do think he is one of the founders of the modern-day ancient astronauts theory.”



Brinsley’s 1974 book, “Secret of the Ages: UFOs Inside the Earth,” reprinted by Global Communications under the title: “Finding Lost Atlantis Inside the Hollow Earth.”

Beckley has also republished Brinsley’s 1974 book, “Secret of the Ages: UFOs Inside the Earth,” giving it the title “Finding Lost Atlantis Inside the Hollow Earth.” As the new title suggests, one is required to buy into two ideas that many still consider to be on the fringes of generally accepted reality: one, that Atlantis actually existed, and, two, was forced to move inside the hollow Earth when its home as a continent on the surface was destroyed.

Beckley sums up the concept nicely.

“While the Earl strongly endorsed the idea that aliens may have been coming here since the time of creation,” Beckley explains, “in his later career his ideas took a strange turn, encompassing the notion that an ancient, ‘pre-Noahan’ civilization existed in what we commonly refer to as the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Intermingled with this Atlantean culture were space beings arriving for various reasons – some beneficial, some destructive.”

“The result of which,” Brinsley writes, “is a long, panoramic narrative in the form of legends and myths, telling us of gods that came from outer space, who ruled over Atlantis and were the progenitors of our own civilization. They also fought terrible wars and made grotesque monsters and giants with reptilian legs that turned upon the gods themselves.”

Brinsley adds that the Atlanteans tried to escape the surging chaos by using thermal drills and electron ray guns to bore out a massive tunnel system that extends even to this very day from the surface to the hollow core at the center of the planet. There – at the center of the Earth – the Atlanteans still live in peace and tranquility, hidden away from the warmongering elements among the surface dwellers.


thumbnail_Robert Pinotti_e_Lord_Clancarty_a_Londra Brinsley Le Poer Trench

Rare photo of Brinsley during his visit with Italian researcher Roberto Pinotti.

It is to the credit of the other members of the House of Lords present at the 1979 open debate that they treated Brinsley and his “out there” ideas with respect and made no effort to ridicule or mock his beliefs. The British press even noted at the time that Brinsley was considered to be “noncontroversial,” meaning his ancestry and public deportment were acceptably dignified. He was not labeled as just another British “eccentric,” but seen as an honorable Member of Parliament with something serious to say.

 In his introduction to “Legacy of the Sky People,” Beckley warmly remembers his time spent with Brinsley.

“It was unfortunate that I only got to meet Brinsley once,” Beckley writes, “but I did spend two full days with him as he introduced me to members of Parliament and hosted a dinner for me at his flat in London. Recently the British Ministry of Defence released thousands of files on British UFO encounters. I can’t help but believe that Brinsley was partly responsible for this new ‘sharing of information’ with the public. It started with his research into the legacy of the sky people and his later pressuring of the government to ‘come clean’ about UFOs. We need more like the Eighth Earl of Clancarty in power today. Such men and woman are difficult to find in service to their country, both on and off the UFO playing field.”

Brinsley Le Poer Trench died in Bexhill-on-Sea in 1995, leaving his extensive collection of papers to Contact International, the organization he presided over beginning in 1967. Since Brinsley had been childless, he was succeeded to the earldom by his nephew, Nicholas Le Poer Trench, who, as of this writing, continues to hold that position.

Sean Casteel headshot April 2015

Sean Casteel






By Timothy Green Beckley

Shirley MacLaine Meets The Pleiadians

Shirley MacLaine Meets The Pleiadians

I learned with heartfelt sadness that my UFO sky-watching friend and boxing icon Muhammad Ali has passed from this realm to the next. There was no one like him inside or outside of the ring for that matter. He was among the most well-known individuals around the world – a true good will ambassador who attracted crowds like few others could. When he spoke, those around him would listen.

When promoting an upcoming fight he was outrageously bombastic and full of self-praise – he made Donald Trump seem like a little punk left in the schoolyard talking trash to kids much younger than he. In person was a real charmer that crowds would encircle just to be within his aura. 

I visited Ali in his New York hotel following one of his UFO sightings, the first that he made public; journeyed to his home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey; and took Uri Geller with me to Ali’s training camp in Pennsylvania where the mothership was waiting nearby. For those who say that UFOs are NOT a part of the Afro-American experience, this is NONSENSE. Ali tied in his sightings with his religious affiliation with the Nation of Islam and believed that the ultimate UFO was a giant wheel in the sky. We will miss him, of course, but we have fond memories and are happy to share them with our community of friends. 

No more rope a dope or stinging like a bee, but the Champ is in Heaven as peaceful as can be.  

The following is an excerpt from “Shirley MacLaine Meets The Pleiadians, Plus the Amazing Flying Saucer Experiences of Celebrities, Rock Stars and the Rich and Famous” by Timothy Green Beckley.

*     *      *     *    *


Muhammad Ali

Of all the famous folks I’ve spent time with discussing UFOs and theories about extraterrestrial civilizations and life in outer space, no one seems to know more about the subject – at least from a firsthand point of view – than retired heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali. Thus, Ali deserves an entire chapter for himself.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to visit Ali at his home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I remember thinking to myself, “What a place! This looks more like a Holiday Inn than somebody’s residence.” There was a long, circular driveway paved with massive cobblestones with four or five classic cars parked in front of an adjoining garage that would be any collector’s dream. Ali owned them all! Even here where the wealthy reside, it was hard to believe that few would ever attain the financial plateau reached by their most prominent neighbor. Towering well above six feet, I had first met the most famous prizefighter of all one morning around 5:00 AM as he sprinted along the trail that leads into Manhattan’s Central Park around 80th Street. His long-time friend and trainer, Angelo Dundee, warned me that Ali wanted to talk and jog at the same time, as he was getting into shape to fight then-arch rival Oscar Bonavena.

I looked at my own less-than-perfect physique, wondering whether I could keep up with Ali’s pace, even for a short distance.

As luck had it, Ali didn’t plan on doing any heavy sprinting. After introducing myself and giving Ali a brief rundown on what I wanted this opportunity to speak to him about, we began to trot and chat simultaneously – fortunately at a speed that, though taxing, I could maintain.

The “knockout” king had been working out in the park on previous mornings and had made the news by claiming to have seen not one, but two UFOs moving over New York City. Both in the park and later in his home, Ali would tell the same story to all those willing to listen.

UFOS Among the Stars15“I happened to look up just before dawn, as I often do while running, and there hovering above us was this brilliant light hanging as if by an invisible thread. At first I thought it was a beacon projected from a helicopter,” Ali explained, “but moments later a similar object passed in front of us.” The second UFO had a glowing red trail behind it.

“I brought it to the attention of my trainer, who was standing nearby. We watched them come from behind the skyline and move slowly across the sky for at least 15 minutes. The best I can describe the sighting is to say they were just round and big.” Ali says he later found out there were other UFO sightings made that same night, “including a report from a pilot about to land at Newark Airport.”

A number of reporters traveling with the Champ jumped on the story and it was picked up by the wire services, though Ali was concerned that these reports made it sound as if the subject were to be treated as a joke. He wanted to let me know right from the starting bell that he was quite serious about what he had seen. “This is no joke. All my friends here saw it.”

Ali added that this was by no means his only encounter with a UFO. “Actually, I’ve seen them many times before. I’ve had 16 sightings total to date,” he said as he headed toward his limousine. I was prepared to bid him goodbye, but he waved me over and said he wouldn’t mind talking further.

“I have a few more stories you’ll definitely find of interest. Why not come over to the hotel and we’ll discuss these things some more.”

When I arrived at his hotel suite sometime later along with Global Communications correspondent Harold Salkin, Ali was trying to relax. He was flat on his stomach talking a mile a minute to a small group that had gathered while at the same time getting a massage and rubdown from one of his personal aides.

Trying to cram as many words and thoughts into each sentence seems to be his method for getting a particular message across.

“Hey, I wanted you to check out these paintings. The champ’s an artist you know.”

muhammad ali

Timothy Green Beckley with Muhammad Ali

He motioned to four or five medium-sized canvasses. “I’m quite good, I’ve been told” he went on, rapping to no one in particular but everyone in general. It was easy to see how the public always got the impression that Ali’s a braggart. He is, but it’s all part of the hype that made him the most talked about – and highly-paid – boxer in the annals of prize fighting.

Now he looked directly at me. “I thought you would find this really fascinating,” he remarked. “In my painting, I brush in the number of the round I’m going to win my next bout by. See this one with the number three in it? I did that a few weeks prior to pounding Jerry Quarry into the mat. It happened exactly as I predicted.”

During his career, Ali had long been known for his poetic flights in which he foretold the round his opponent would be knocked out in or otherwise defeated. Some of his divination was accurate; other times . . . well. But his paintings all contained the right round number.

“Remarkable?” One reporter was heard to mumble under his breath that he wasn’t sure our host hadn’t airbrushed the correct round numbers in after his successful ring appearances. (Some people will just never believe, I thought to myself.)

After testing the credibility of the group further, Ali went from predictions and poetry to UFOs. “You know those objects we discussed in the park? I’ve mentioned this to no one before, but they’ve been watching me for some time now!”

“When?” “Where?” “Why?” We all queried at the same moment.

“Many times, in the early morning hours, if you look up in the sky you can see them playing tag between the stars, really high up. I’ve had a good number of sightings myself. The closest one happened when a cigar-shaped ship hovered briefly over a car I was a passenger in one night driving north on the New Jersey Turnpike. What a sight that was. We could see the shadow made by the UFO as it passed over the pavement of the road in the light of the full moon.” His trainer put down the bottle of rubbing alcohol; Ali raised himself on his elbows.

Ali’s voice shifted to a more confidential tone. “I don’t like to talk about this much, but we all seem to be open-minded here. One day, walking through the Florida Everglades, I saw this ship land and, as I watched, a door slid open and a ramp projected itself onto the ground. Out stepped a human-looking figure more than seven feet tall who proceeded to walk down the ramp and stand in front of me.

“‘Muhammad,’ he said, ‘You will beat Sonny Liston in . . .’”

The room filled with laughter. What had sounded at first like it could have been an honest account of an Ali fantasy was really another of Ali’s famous put-ons.

After a last round of stories, Ali excused himself and headed for the shower. “Be sure to call me at home,” he said, grasping my hand, into which he placed a slip of paper with his unlisted phone number. “I just bought a new house and would like to you to see it.”

Three weeks later I called and a soft, feminine voice answered, introducing herself as Mrs. Ali. Muhammad took the phone a few seconds later: “You sure Joe Frazer didn’t tell you to call?” he shouted in jest. All I had to do was mention UFOs, and Ali knew who I was.

“Listen, I’ll be back in around ten days, so come down and bring some photos, slides, films, anything you have on saucers, okay? I’ll even tell you what they are, if you’re interested enough.”

Promising to bring all the material I could carry, we concluded the brief conversation. On the appointed day, I piled everything I could possibly carry into the car, and, with a few friends, headed for southern New Jersey.


Muhammad Ali’s house in Cherry Hill, NJ

We hardly knew what to expect, having read various journalistic descriptions of Muhammad Ali’s new home. Locating the house was a breeze (everyone in Cherry Hill knew where it was located). The house itself was set back a good 500 feet from the road, hidden from the mainstream, but obvious to those looking for Ali’s estate. (I equate it with trying to hide Madison Square Garden on 32nd Street in New York City.) On the edge of the property sat a large mobile house trailer, easily a forty-thousand dollar score. Parked in the drive was Ali’s Rolls Royce, complete with TV and telephone.

Ringing the bell brought no response, and since signs of life in the front section were nil, our entourage hiked through the soft mud to the back entrance. Knocking loudly, we were greeted by a smiling black man who ushered us down into an elaborately set up basement-den-and-work-area.

Here sat the “king‚” gabbing to a roomful of people, mostly teenagers from nearby communities. “Joe Frazer better worry ‘cause when I get finished, he’ll wish he never insulted me.” Ali was using his time-honored trick of turning the truth around to make his opponent look bad.

“Hey, here are my UFO men. What did you bring with you?” he smiled. I explained that we had brought along some motion picture film of flying saucers taken in West Virginia.

“We’ll plug in the projector and let’s see what they look like.” There was never any question in his mind about their being real or not; he’s a stone cold believer. At Ali’s request, we ran the film three times while he pointed out the physical characteristics on these video saucers that were similar or identical to the ones he observed in real life.

When we completed the screening, Ali asked if we could have copies made for him.

MB398MessageToTheBlackmanSINGLE“I’d like to show them at my college lectures. UFOs tie in with what my teacher, Elijah Muhammad, says.” To back up his point, he produced a copy of a book, “Message To The Black Man In America.” Thumbing through the clothbound volume, he stopped about midway. Under the heading, “Battle in the Sky is Near,” Ali read us the following passages: “The vision of Ezekiel’s wheel in the sky is true if carefully understood. There is a similar wheel in the sky today which very well answers the description of Ezekiel’s vision. The similar Ezekiel’s wheel is a masterpiece of mechanics. Maybe I should not say the wheel is similar to Ezekiel’s vision, but that Ezekiel’s vision has become a reality.

“The present wheel-shaped plane known as the Mother of Planes is one-half mile by a half mile and is the largest mechanical manmade object in the sky. It is a small human planet made for the purpose of destroying the present world of the enemies of Allah. The cost to build such a plane is staggering! The finest brains were used to build it. It is capable of staying in outer space six to twelve months at a time without coming into the Earth’s gravity. It carries fifteen hundred bombing planes with the deadliest explosives – the type used in bringing up mountains on the Earth. The very same method is to be used in the destruction of the world.


Mother of Planes

“The small circular-made planes called flying saucers, which are so much talked of being seen, could be from this Mother Plane.”

After closing the book, Ali concluded our discussion of UFOs and indicated to the dozen or so persons seated around that it was time to leave. He pulled me aside and asked if I was interested in seeing the rest of the house. “I got it at a real bargain,” he said proudly. “Originally it was priced at $750,000, but I got it for nearly half.” (Just imagine as I write this, years later, how much that house would be worth at today’s inflated prices!)

Walking up the semi-spiral staircase connecting the basement with the first floor, we stepped into the dining area that is built around an outdoor patio, enclosed on all four sides with glass, behind which two frisky dogs romped. I could see Ali’s eyes glow as he pointed out items of interest. “The crystal chandeliers cost me only $25,000. Can you believe that?”

Looking at them, I could.

Escorted out of the dining room, we were then shown his wife’s and children’s personal quarters. “Notice the black velvet wallpaper. I got that at a real buy. Bet you’ve never seen anything like this,” Ali challenged, pointing to gold bathroom textures.

Indeed, I hadn’t and I suspect neither have many other people. Next, the exclusive set of silver and chinaware were brought out and we were allowed to examine it. I could not even guess the cost of something like this. But from the way Muhammad talked about everything. I’m sure he got the best of the deal.

A tour of the grounds surrounding the house completed the inspection, and I bid Ali farewell. My impressions at that point were mostly positive. I felt an affinity for him, for he has a warmth and glow his public image does not convey. I couldn’t wait to get together for Round Two and find out more about Ali’s interest in UFOs.


Some time passed before I was to see Ali again, which is to be expected, considering the fact that he was in such demand all over the world as a champion prize fighter, a celebrity and a peacemaker who always felt that, because of his status, he had the opportunity to help mend fences and bring about a better Earth.

He’s one of the few well-recognized figures who is comfortable whether he is speaking with a group of ghetto kids, being interviewed on national television or dining with presidents or kings. Regardless of the circumstances, he has always been permitted to get his message across because he is Muhammad Ali.


Muhammad Ali with Johnny Carson

One of his messages happens to involve UFOs. Ali even went so far one time as to break away from a pre-planned conversation on the Johnny Carson Show to bring up a subject that “The Tonight Show” host seemed to have little interest in discussing.

Our next “confrontation” was at Ali’s training camp high in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania at Dear Lake. This time I went along with an entire entourage, including my old friend Harold Salkin, health writer Herbert Bailey and super psychic Uri Geller.

In addition to finding out more about Ali’s UFO experiences (there were several sightings that had transpired since we last met), Ali expressed interest in meeting the young Israeli sensitive who was said to have the power to bend metal utensils and make objects disappear and reappear upon command.

For the record, Geller put on quite a show that afternoon. I remember him standing in the outside doorway of one of the buildings on the camp site with Ali’s ex-wife, Belinda. Clasping her hand in his, Uri asked her to tell him when she felt anything unusual. After a minute or two, she commented that she felt her ring getting warm. After another minute or two, she commented that she felt her ring getting warmer. After another minute of deep concentration, Geller removed his hand and everyone standing around – particularly Belinda – gasped out loud. Without applying any physical strength that was visible to the naked eye, the stone inside Belinda’s ring had vanished from its setting and was nowhere to be found!


Muhammad Ali and Uri Geller

Hopefully it was not a valuable stone, because I do not recall it ever being returned, like all professional magicians would do as part of their act. Later, Uri was talking with one of Ali’s sparring partners when he asked if he could demonstrate his powers again. He held a very heavy religious medallion that was around the boxer’s neck and, by merely touching it – and without pressing down his hand – Geller made a considerable impression in the medallion with his fingertip. Again everyone was impressed, as there was no “logical explanation” as to how this extraordinary feat was accomplished.

Meanwhile, back in the main house, Muhammad Ali was doing some fancy “trick work” of his very own. It turns out that the champ is a bit of a magician himself and thinks he can do everything Geller can do with sleight of hand. He did accomplish an impressive rope trick where a piece of thick hemp was sliced in two pieces, only to have it tum back into a single length of rope. Apparently some of Ali’s professional magician friends had told Ali that Geller was not “the real thing” and to be leery of what he was able to accomplish.

Be that as it may, once the “magical” interlude part of our visit was out of the way, Ali happily returned to the topic of UFOs, which he seemed genuinely more comfortable with than psychic phenomena.

“Remember how I told you about Elijah Muhammad’s belief in a large mothership circling the Earth? Well, I think this is what I observed recently over my training camp here.”

Prodded into giving additional details, Ali seemed willing to talk about this sighting, which had taken place over a two-night period on a Friday and Saturday during the summer.

“I had been training for three hours in the afternoon, getting ready to do battle with George Foreman. After a light supper, I decided to take a stroll around the grounds. Around 9:00 PM – it had just gotten dark – I walked up a gravel path that runs along back of our log cabin gym.

“The nighttime sky was as picturesque as one of my poems,” he interjected. “The sun had been down for only a short while, and so the sky was still quite light.”

Suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere, Ali’s eyes caught a glimpse of a bright glowing orb off in the distance. “At first I thought this flicker was the North Star rising in the heavens. However, within moments, I could tell I was watching something out of the ordinary.”


Muhammad Ali claimed to have seen UFOs on several occasions.

Ali went on, talking with unusual candor. “Before I could blink my eyes, this ‘light’ had come down toward the mountains until it hovered right above the valley here. I knew I couldn’t be dreaming. Sure ‘nough, it was still there. This had to be one of those big ships they talk about! The UFO was streamlined and shaped sort of like a cigar, but blunt on both ends. I couldn’t see any windows or anything, but I’m certain there must have been people onboard.”

I asked how he knew it wasn’t a helicopter or an airplane. Ali said that the object acted like no conventional aircraft he was familiar with. “First, it would stand still, and then move about, jumping from one portion of the sky to another. From time to time, it would speed away, up to the far reaches of the heavens, and then, minutes later, it would come down toward us again. It did this numerous times during the two hours I watched it.”

Upon first hearing Ali tell the story, a skeptical individual might suspect he was pulling your leg a bit. But, no, as usual the champ seemed sincere enough. In fact, as usual, he shied away from talking about his experiences unless there was someone around to verify them. This time was no exception. Ali says the nocturnal visitor came back to haunt the skies above his mountaintop retreat at the identical hour the next evening.

“For two more hours, until 11:00, I watched this ‘stranger’ maneuver about. It was really somethin’ to see,” Ali related. With him on the second evening was business manager Gene Kilroy.

“I never paid too much attention to Muhammad when he talked about these things. I chalked it up to a vivid imagination. But I know there was something mighty peculiar happening over the camp that night. I looked up and saw this thing – this UFO – doing acrobatics up among the stars. The sighting changed my previous opinion concerning UFOs,” Kilroy conceded.

During our next – and final – formal meeting, Ali only had a few minutes to spare, as he was flying to the West Coast on a promotional tour. Wiping his brow with a towel – he had just gone four rounds with a hard-slugging sparring partner – Ali said he found it a lot easier to live with UFOs than ever before.

“I always speak my mind, since I found out that so many other people have had similar sightings. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years lecturing to college campuses around the country and I find students are open-minded toward the existence of things like this. I hope others will listen in the future as I’m convinced UFOs are of tremendous importance to the whole world.”










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By Sean Casteel

“We cannot take credit for our record advancements in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped by the people of other worlds . . . We should think of the craft in the New Mexico desert as more of a time machine than a space craft.” Professor Hermann Oberth, Father of Rocketry

* * * * *naziufo

“When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of objects reported to UFO observers.” Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, USAF Project Blue Book

* * * * *


Ground Zero with Host Clyde Lewis

On a recent a recent airing of “Ground Zero,” a nationally-syndicated, conspiracy-focused program heard in the U.S. on the I Heart Radio Network, researchers Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz shocked bombastic host Clyde Lewis and his thousands of listeners by declaring that NOT ALL unidentified flying objects originate from the stars. Some may have been developed here on Earth by a group of Nazi earthling scientists who were working in collaboration with a group of Nordic-looking extraterrestrials channeling information to the German nationalists as far back as 1919.

This, say Beckley and Swartz, is partially the reason why there is no “Disclosure” in our future, because of fear that the American military would have to admit they have known about these “wonder weapons” in our sky ever since thousands of Nazi scientists and engineers were “legally” ushered into the United States under the highly classified “Operation Paperclip” program, which exonerated them from their war crimes, while many hundreds of other Nazis were executed or fled from the Fatherland.

nazi time travel cover

The new book, “Nazi UFO Time Travelers: Do We Owe The Future To The Fuhrer?” is guaranteed to stir up a hornet’s nest of controversy.

While admittedly a sensational hypothesis, Beckley and Swartz, in collaboration with several other investigators, lay out their complex concept in a just released book, “Nazi UFO Time Travelers: Do We Owe The Future To The Fuhrer?” published by the Conspiracy Journal, an imprint of Beckley’s Global Communications paranormal publishing complex. For over half a century, Beckley and his writers have taken on just about every conceivable topic related to UFOs and Fortean phenomena. The iconoclastic Beckley and Swartz, who also co-host a weekly podcast, Exploring The Bizarre on KCORradio.com, produced “Nazi UFO Time Travelers” with the added assistance of “Phenomena Magazine” editor Brian Allan from the UK and, in the interest of full disclosure, myself.

At the outset we should explain that we in no way intended to glorify the Third Reich. In some instances, others have used the Nazi UFO theory as a springboard to promote pro-Nazi propaganda, which was the farthest thing from our minds. But, in all honesty, this complex theory needs to be bought to the attention of others who refuse to examine any of the evidence, evidence which indicates that we could be dealing with a number of explanations for the UFO phenomenon all rolled up into one. But the uppermost concern here is the acknowledgement that some of the craft we have been seeing in our skies could have been manufactured in underground bunkers somewhere in Germany during various phases of the Second World War. And if, indeed, some of these craft can travel through time, well, then some of the older sightings of “wonder weapons” could be attributed to highly advanced, Germanic technology.


Die Glocke – “The Bell”

As Beckley explains the matter in the book’s opening chapter, “Beyond the mere ability to fly what may still seem like technologically ‘miraculous’ aircraft is the haunting, troublesome possibility that the ships also function as time machines, bringing the ability to travel in time within human reach for the first time in recorded history. Devices like Die Glocke (translated as ‘The Bell’) may have been used to bend both space and time and give the Nazis the unthinkable power to explore the past freely and even to CONTROL THE FUTURE. Are we plummeting headlong toward a world under fascist domination – a nightmare in which grinning, sadistic, jackbooted thugs are waiting for us to ‘catch up’ in time with our own predestined subjugation to open worldwide rule by the Nazis, who are possibly hiding out on the surface of the moon or in ‘secret cities’ at the Poles? Do they lie in wait for us as the clock on our freedom runs down?”

ancient bell 2

At several archaeological sites, many bell- and saucer-shaped artifacts have been uncovered. Could this be proof of Nazi time travelers?

The concept is a little tricky, but it involves the idea that the Nazis were able to move into the future and exert total control once they got there. That concept does, of course, sound “fringe” on the surface. But, according to Beckley, we should not assume that the Nazis acted “alone” in achieving such a feat. They obviously had help from “Aryan Space Brothers” who seized an opportunity to use the fledgling Nazis to their own otherworldly ends. In other words, the aliens made building a time machine simple enough that mere humans, once properly instructed and provided with the raw materials, could accomplish the task sufficiently well in real-world terms.

What their motives were is open to dispute and debate. Some see the Aryan “Space Brothers” as friendly visitors from the future, while others wonder why they would want to share their secrets with a very negative group of earthbound scientists. Perhaps they were deceived by the attractive mediums who they thought they may have been related to. Or they could have simply lacked the information required to see their channels’ coming evil before sharing their technology.


Maria Orsitsch, also known as Maria Orsic, was a famous medium who later became the leader of the Vril Society.

The history of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis has always included elements of their occult beliefs, but the new book goes back further in time, to the early 20th century, and the mediums associated with the Vril Society. The female mediums, referred to as true “Nordic beauties,” began to channel messages from extraterrestrials whose origin was many light years away. The messages included the technical

designs of advanced aircraft unheard of in their day in addition to a kind of “blueprint” for a time machine. Some years later, Hitler himself, along with several of his SS henchmen, came under the influence of the Vril Society as he began his rise to power in a Germany that was sick enough and corrupt enough to be mesmerized by his unchecked anti-Semitism and militaristic obsessions.

When combined with the high caliber of scientists the Nazis “recruited” to design weapons for the war effort, which included now-legendary names like Wernher von Braun and Hermann Oberth, the fact that they had alien “help” along the way makes some of their more exotic advances a little more plausible.

In fact, the scientists themselves talked openly about this alien help.

Hermann_Oberth_Enterprise_stamp_Paraguay1979 nazi famous worldwide

The father of rocketry, Professor Hermann Oberth, said the space program was being helped by “Them.”

“We cannot take credit for our record advancements in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped by the people of other worlds . . . We should think of the craft in the New Mexico desert as more of a time machine than a spacecraft.”

So said Professor Hermann Oberth, one of the early fathers of rocketry and the mentor to the young Wernher von Braun.

Meanwhile, von Braun himself stated in 1959 that: “We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base of operations is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into a closer contact with those powers, and in six or nine months’ time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter.”

While neither Oberth nor von Braun specify that they were aided in their efforts by Aryan Space Brothers, they are nevertheless surprisingly candid in what they DID say for public consumption. Their openness may have been part of some larger strategy to steer the belief in UFOs in the direction of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (or the “ETH” for short) and therefore away from a darker point of origin in the blueprints and designs of the Nazis. In the decades-long campaign of disinformation waged against the truth of the UFO phenomenon, Oberth and von Braun may have simply been firing another salvo of confusion and subterfuge. Or were they simply being sincere in reflecting on their own invention processes? Was there an undeniable alien presence working alongside them? Like most unanswered questions about the UFO phenomenon, the answers await their time.

Another fascinating thread of the story that Beckley holds fast to is this: In many alien abduction accounts, especially the early stories from the late 1950s and early 1960s, the UFO occupants are said to speak in German and to speak English with unmistakable German accents.


On Oct. 5, 1957, 48-year-old Reinhold Schmidt said he stumbled across a spaceship when his car stalled near the Platte River in Kearney, Neb. Schmidt said he was invited inside to chat with the humanoid occupants – four men and two women, who spoke both English and German.

The new book quotes a well-known contactee named Reinhold Schmidt who encountered an alien ship in Kearney, Nebraska, in 1957. After accepting the flying saucer captain’s invitation to come onboard, Schmidt heard the captain and crew speaking to one another in “High German,” a dialect that Schmidt had been versed in by his parents from his youth up. Apparently unaware that Schmidt could understand them, the beings spoke to him with their Deutsche accents intact and made no effort to disguise their voices.

The 1961 abduction of New Hampshire couple Betty and Barney Hill is much better known than Schmidt’s, but, when studying their case, there is an often overlooked moment when Barney, as he undergoes regressive hypnosis with post-trauma specialist Dr. Benjamin Simon, begins to panic when one of his alien abductors takes on the appearance of a Nazi in full uniform. Was this a glimpse into the aliens’ “true” agenda? As an African-American in the early 1960s, Barney was certainly familiar with the oppressive fears that come from being a victim of racism. Did his unconscious mind somehow conjure the Nazi image as an expression of those fears? Or was it intended as a grim warning of future totalitarian domination?


George Adamski

The Nazis also cast a shadow over even the beginnings of the contactee movement in the 1950s. Many people will be familiar with the 1952 meeting between George Adamski and the androgynous, blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan Space Brother who called himself Orthon. But one may not know that that first contact in the California desert was facilitated by Adamski’s associate, George Hunt Williamson, who worked out the time and location for the landing in the days before it took place by using an Ouija board to communicate with the Space Brothers. Williamson was himself associated with right wing extremist William Dudley Pelley, an American Nazi-sympathizer who had served time in jail for sedition and anti-government rabblerousing. While Williamson would later disavow that he held any racist beliefs at the time, he did serve in Pelley’s employ writing and editing pro-fascist pamphlets and magazines.

orthon boot print

From an imprint left in the soft soil. Adamski’s space contact, known as Orthon, had the symbol of the swastika etched onto the sole of his space boots.

Admittedly, no one wants to give up the utopian hopes that accompany belief in the Space Brothers. But the fact that their physical appearance embodied the ideal of Aryan or Nordic “good looks” is not an easy one to ignore. In the case of the desert encounter between Adamski and Orthon, we have this to consider as well: the new book “Nazi UFO Time Travelers” offers a line drawing based on a plaster-of-Paris cast – taken at the site of the meeting – of the boot print of Orthon. One can easily discern a pair of swastikas engraved into the sole of the alien’s boot, leading one to consider the possibility that the visiting alien followed “on the heels,” so to speak, of the Nazis defeated some short few years before.

I think at this point we now have a clearer idea of just what Beckley is aiming for in “Nazi UFO Time Travelers.” When one combines these seemingly disparate events with one another, they coalesce into a picture of the possible: Aryan aliens who matched their advanced knowledge and technology with willing scientists bent on controlling the world, a kind of fifty-fifty split between extraterrestrial and human efforts that resulted in the flying saucer phenomenon as we know it today.

But there is still more. One of the most generally agreed upon historical aspects of the Nazis/UFO theory concerns an aircraft called “Die Glocke,” which is German for “The Bell.” It was believed to be a product of both alien guidance and the work of topflight scientists like the aforementioned von Braun and Oberth.

A mock-up of this purported airship is featured on the cover of “Nazi UFO Time Travelers,” and it is indeed a bell-shaped aircraft, although what kind of propulsion system could enable such an ungainly monstrosity to fly at mind-bending speeds remains unknown. The Bell is also said to contain the time travel apparatus that is so essential to the story, but which remains an even deeper mystery than what kind of fuel propelled it through the skies. Some contend that the propulsion system is based either in the long sought after antigravity energy or some manipulation of electronic principles which can be tapped into throughout the universe.


According to witnesses, the object that crashed near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania was acorn shaped, much like the descriptions of the Nazi Bell.

In 1965, in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, numerous witnesses saw an unknown object crash in the woods outside town. Locals reported that some kind of government/military cleanup crew was on the scene nearly immediately, which indicates that the federal interlopers had been following the craft’s descent on radar. The witnesses say the object was put on the back of a flatbed truck under some kind of tarp covering and hurriedly hauled away. But it was still possible to discern that the clandestine cargo was a large, acorn-shaped object that could easily be said to have resembled the contours of the Nazis’ Bell. In fact, the similarity is so remarkable that one hesitates to conclude that it’s all a simple coincidence.

“Nazi UFO Time Travelers” also features a pair of chapters by Tim R. Swartz, who writes about a tangled trail of conspiracy and secrecy that involves pioneering inventor Nikola Tesla’s research being commandeered by Nazi spies in their desperate quest to develop weapons for defeating the Allies. Swartz also contributes several anecdotal accounts of ordinary people who have experienced time distortion, missing time and other similar anomalies while within close proximity to a UFO. Time does more than stand still at such moments, and Swartz gives some needed insight into how ordinary, non-Nazi witnesses also encounter a kind of time that dances outside our normal understanding.


Brian Allan

Brian Allan, a Scotsman of longstanding fame in the world of the paranormal, provides an introduction into the many elements of the Nazi/flying saucer theory that are essential to the reader’s understanding, a kind of primer in the basics. Allan’s writing is both caustic and amusing, which is treading a fine line when it comes to this kind of analysis of this heavy, some would say “grim,” subject.

So, with “Nazi UFO Time Travelers: Do We Owe The Future To The Fuhrer?,” a certain amount of license must be granted to the authors. While most UFO believers quite understandably like to ignore the links between flying saucers, alien abduction, Germanic origin stories and Nazi technology rumors, Beckley and his crew prefer to look these nightmarish ideas in the eye and report on them as objectively as possible.

Have we assembled a book of “inconvenient truths,” to paraphrase environmental activist and former vice-president Al Gore? It might be more accurate to say “frightening possibilities,” and then to commence praying for deliverance from a future world of high-tech Nazis leering at us from some beer garden around the next corner in time.

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Also, visit Timothy Green Beckley’s YouTube Channel – “Mr. UFO’s Secret Files” https://www.youtube.com/user/MRUFO1100/videos


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By Timothy Green Beckley – “Mr. UFO”


Howard Menger UFO Contactee

The following is an excerpt by Timothy Green Beckley from the new Global Communications book, “UFO Repeaters: Seeing Is Believing! The Camera Doesn’t Lie!” The book itself was written by Beckley and Sean Casteel and includes additional material by Scott Corrales and Tim R. Swartz, but the telling of Howard Menger’s story below here is solely Beckley’s own.

I have to admit that I am sort of predisposed to believing at least part of Howard Menger’s tales of meeting beautiful, highly advanced beings from other planets behind his home in what was once the sleepy farming community of High Bridge, New Jersey.

Truth is, I wouldn’t be hitting the keys of this computer so persistently if it wasn’t for Howard and his admittedly far out and sometimes outlandish stories of contact and communications with tantalizing Venusian gals and broad-shouldered Martian men.

It could all be a fantasy – albeit a beautiful one – but, as a kid listening to the crackling of the AM transistor radio under the covers late at night, it gave me something to believe in, to grab my attention, to propel me forward into a space/time continuum that seemed to promise great things for a planet that was itself just heading into the depth of space and looking to conquer the pathway to the moon and beyond.

I first heard Howard Menger on the Long John Nebel midnight-till-dawn “Party Line” show broadcast over the airwaves of WOR, a clear channel in those days that could be heard in over 20 states. It was in the mid-1960s, and I hadn’t even reached my teens, but I was hooked on flying saucers and tales of angelic-like aliens walking and living among us. In front of a panel that was very often harshly skeptical, the mild mannered Howard Menger – who looked like a soap opera star, his face perfectly chiseled – would spin yarns that would make the most susceptible listener scratch their head in puzzlement and awe. . . and maybe a bit of disbelief.

Though the majority of his contacts with “space people” took place far from the lamppost lights of the city, Howard was by no means a country boy. Howard’s folks came from Brooklyn, where he was born on February 17, 1922, and it was only at the age of ten that Howard’s mother and father decided a quieter, rural lifestyle was far more suitable for growing children, thus moving to the spacious, rustic property that was to become their homestead for years to come.


Menger claimed that a ten-foot diameter UFO landed close to him and his brother when they were children.

Well, quiet might not be the most appropriate word when you consider that Howard and his brother loved to romp in the pastures and over the hills, just like any young tykes would love to do. The only difference? On several occasions, the youths maintained, they were cornered by weird objects resembling Buck Rodgers-like spacecraft that came out of the tree line, prompting them to run like the dickens. Strange as this was, matters got even weirder when, Howard claimed, a ten-foot diameter disc landed pretty darn close to them. Meanwhile, a larger object hovered overhead, as if to gauge their reaction to what was happening in front of their bewildered eyes. It was an amazing science fiction-like episode that might otherwise have been forgotten except that it was the beginning of a half century of amazing experiences for the little boy named Howard, who would grow up to be among the most famous contactees in America, perhaps second only to George Adamski. Howard was in many ways a bigger puzzle to all those who attempted to unravel the mysteries that seemed to surround him and his controversial claims of contact with extraterrestrials and shadowy figures who always seemed to be just on the fringes of the action, perhaps directing his moves and egging him on to be a bit more fanciful and provocative in his claims so as to gauge public reaction to the idea that aliens are walking the Earth right here among us.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves, as there is much to tell and a great deal to ponder.


Little by little, Howard, being more “sensitive” than his brother, started to venture out into the pastures and meadow-lands on his own. He noticed that he easily made friends with the smallest of beasts, such as squirrels and rabbits. He enjoyed the sounds and the smells of nature and found himself drawn to a specific spot near a slow-running stream that ebbed and flowed in back of his home. As he tells it, the sun was shining brightly on that day in 1932 – a day that was to change Howard Menger’s life forever and shape the belief patterns of many who were to be drawn in the years ahead to his uniquely divergent sense of reality.


The Venusian girl on the rocks as illustrated on the front cover of Menger’s book “From Outer Space to You”

“There, sitting on a rock by the brook,” Menger poetically reminisced in his memoirs The High Bridge Incident, “was the most exquisite woman my young eyes had ever beheld! The warm sunlight caught the highlights of her long golden hair as it cascaded around her face and shoulders. The curves of her lovely body were delicately contoured . . . revealed through the translucent material of clothing which reminded me of the habit that skiers wear.” To say that the young Menger was more “unworldly wise” than his age would seem to allow is no minor point to bring up when relating his life’s most impacting moments.

Though Howard might have had every reason to be at least momentarily blown away by the appearance of this woman, who seemed to have just dropped in from nowhere, he reveals that he was not in the least frightened, “but was overcome by an overwhelming sense of wonderment” which nevertheless made him freeze in his tracks.

Howard continues by explaining that the lady on the rock “turned her head in my direction. Even though very young, the feeling I received was unmistakable. It was a tremendous surge of warmth, love and physical attraction, which emanated from her to me. Suddenly, all my anxiety was gone, and I approached her as one would an old friend or loved one. She seemed to radiate and glow as she sat on the rock, and I wondered if it were due to the unusual quality of the material she wore, which had a shimmering, shiny texture not unlike but far surpassing the sheen of nylon. The clothing had no buttons, fasteners or seams I could discern. She wore no makeup, which would have been unnecessary to the fragile transparency of her camellia-like skin with pinkish undertones. Her eyes, opalescent discs of gold, turned their smiling affection on me with a tranquil luminescence.”

“Howard.” The woman spoke the little boy’s name and he trembled with joy. “I have come a long way,” she said and then paused, smiling, “to see you and to talk with you.” As long as he lived, Howard said, he could never forget those first words exactly as she spoke them; but “then my thoughts swirled in a maelstrom of emotion and slowly coalescing understanding as she continued to talk. Nobody had ever spoken to me as she did. She talked with me as if I were much older. She said she knew where I had come from and what my purpose would be here on Earth. She and her people had observed me for a long time and in ways I would not quickly understand. When she spoke of her ‘people,’ I still could not understand they were from another planet; as I listened in awe, my eyes delighted in feasting on the beauty of this lovely creature. Every movement of her body, as she stood up and walked toward me and reached out her hands to me, was a symphony of rhythm, grace and beauty. I seemed to be encompassed by the very glow, almost visible, that emanated from her presence. Somehow the entire area surrounding us appeared to take on a greater kind of radiance. I have often tried to describe it as like seeing a Technicolor movie in three dimensions and being a part of the action in the film.

“Again she pronounced my name and reassured me she knew who I was, ‘from a long, long time.’ And then some words that have taken on even more joy and meaning as I have grown older: ‘We are contacting our own.’ She told me that even though I did not understand many of the things she told me, later in life I would. Her words would be impressed on my mind – I suppose she said “subconscious” – but it was difficult, as she said again, to make me understand. I remember that she compared the idea to that of a phonograph, which would be played back to me time and again. “It is no fault of yours, Howard, that you cannot understand everything. Do not worry.” And she laughed musically. She continued to speak to me as if I were an adult. Time has dimmed many of her exact phrasings, but the ‘phonograph’ has played back the ideas, each ‘replay’ taking on more and more meaning. Some of the actual words were beyond me, for they were words that meant nothing to a ten-year-old: ‘frequency…vibration . . . evolvement.”

Howard maintained that the lady on the rock seemed to know every thought that he had in his head. But, as she spoke, a look of sadness came over her face. Howard says he grew at that point not to envy her as she spoke of grave changes, destruction and torment to move as a dark cloud over the country and the world. “As you grow older, you will learn of your purpose,” the alluring lady in the translucent, tight-fitting garb intoned dramatically. “And you will grow to help other people learn of their purpose as well.”

I mean, come on now! How can you go away without being incredibly touched by this account as given by an adolescent who should be reading the Hardy Boys finding himself mixed up with some Gypsy Rose Lee from outer space?

The lady told Menger that she would see him again but that it might not be for a long while. Trying to keep the spark in his heart alive, Howard said he returned to the same spot time and time again, hoping to rekindle their friendship, but the lady did not reappear. As the months and years rolled by, Howard confessed, the spot near the brook seemed to have lost its power to attract the boy who was now growing rapidly into manhood.

But Howard was soon to learn the incredible – that he would never truly be alone the rest of his life, for the world “out there” was rapidly closing in on him, and the lady on the rock was only the first of many strange episodes in his life involving phenomenological lifeforms.


Being a patriotic American, when his country called, Howard was happy to serve. But, while never one to be non-personable, Menger found that he had little in common with his fellow GIs. While they wasted no time in wanting to shoot the breeze, play craps and drink whatever alcohol was handy, Howard was drawn to more esoteric activities. While on leave, for example, he says he was content with window shopping, taking long walks and doing a bit of people watching. It was the latter that led to some interesting adventures in interplanetary communications.

While south of the border, Howard was trying to catch a taxi when he noticed there was already someone in the cab he had hailed. The gentleman in the backseat had blonde, shoulder length hair and was all too happy to open the door for him. Howard backed off, thinking the situation a bit peculiar. And it became even more so when Menger realized the passenger was attempting to speak to him but his lips were not moving. No! Better not get into that taxi, Howard. You have no way of knowing for sure where it might take you.

Later, it was confirmed to him that the man in the Mexican livery was “one of them.” It was not unusual, his unearthly contact explained, for them to hang out in Mexico, as they had been doing so since the time of the great Aztec empire. There they taught those brave young men “some of the secrets that had to do with the use of sound and light necessary to produce power and run machinery.” This individual explained to Howard that they had been selected for a series of ongoing contacts and that, while superior in many ways, these beings were not infallible and had deep emotions just like earthlings. And while they revealed in true prophetic terms that Howard’s life might be in danger while in the military, they said it would never be necessary for him to have to kill another living individual. This part of their otherworldly prediction seemed momentarily inaccurate when Howard was attacked by a burly Japanese soldier who came at him with a razor sharp bayonet, cutting a hole in his tent in the middle of the night. Quick on the draw, Menger started blasting away. The Japanese soldier was injured by a blast of fire from Menger’s service weapon, but the enemy was not mortally wounded nor were his two other companions.

It seemed that everywhere he went, Menger was bumping into “them.” It was widely thought that aliens from space would have to be monstrous in appearance. But these people were not. If anything, they were a bit more delicate then we are. Were opposed to war. Didn’t consume meat and believed in the sanctity of each individual and professed a love for the Creator. Surely, they looked human enough, but there was just something odd about their appearance – something a bit “off” perhaps – that convinced him these visitors meant what they said when they claimed to be from other neighboring planets. They intimated that they had selected Howard to become a “contactee” because he had some of the same benevolent qualities about him that they had.



Space ships were supposedly coming on a regular basis.

Returning back to the same area of New Jersey after the war, Howard’s contacts increased, and so did the sightings of their craft. He met them in his home as well as outdoors in several remote rendezvous spots where he had been told to go. One was a “landing field” in Pennsylvania where he would see their craft touch down several times. On a number of occasions, he carried a camera with him to record some of their aerial activities. He even managed to get several still photographs of the beings approaching him against the lit up hull of their craft, creating eerie shadows and figures which some have tried to say were “painted in” because, after all, Howard was a sign painter and could create all sorts of effects against the right backdrops. This was, however, years before the creation of the “blue screen” effect and I don’t think Howard was quite sophisticated enough to create such special effects. Still photographs are easy to fake, 8mm and 16mm footage quite a bit harder back before Photoshop and the age of computer enhancement. Plus there was the fact that Menger was not alone in reporting extraterrestrial craft and their occupants around the town of High Bridge, New Jersey.


Menger even took 8 and 16mm home movies of the visitors.

In fact, people were coming from far and wide to meet Howard. Some of them went away impressed and feeling he was the real McCoy, while others felt he was definitely trying to pull the wool over the eyes of a public fascinated with space travel and UFOs. Not only that, but there were others – some of whom did not even know Howard – who professed to have met the space people and undergone incredible experiences of their own right near where Howard lived, some while walking about in the now famous apple orchard behind the Menger’s home.

In 1958, Howard married Connie, who still lives in Vero Beach, Florida, where they had gone to retire. But the couple ended up “holding court” again, as well as starting up their sign painting business once more, this time with the assistance of their grown children.

But we are getting a bit ahead of our story – and a fascinating one it will continue to be. Yet to come was a supposed trip to the moon, the invention of a disc-shaped craft that could fly without rocket fuel, a career as a radio and TV guest acting on behalf of the Space Brotherhood, the promotion of a highly successful outdoor UFO conference, and authoring a controversial book entitled FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU, which created so much of a stir that Menger found himself backtracking away from telling about his experiences with extraterrestrials. There were hints now that something perhaps a bit more sinister and strange had taken hold of him, and he had become an unwilling – or perhaps all-too-willing – pawn of the military industrial complex.

Had Menger fallen into the hands of the silence group? There is much more to be said as we become even more deeply wound up in telling our story.



Long John Nebel

Long John had a voice and a personality and a way of doing things that was unique. He started out as a sidewalk pitchman, became an auctioneer and finally turned up on Broadway in the studios of WOR from midnight till dawn on his “Party Line Show” with some of the most incredible guests the world has ever known. He might have been the first all night talk show host in America and certainly was the first to use the phones to pose questions to his guests live over the air. At first, it was a one-sided conversation where the caller would ask the guest a question, but only Long John could hear it. Long John would then repeat it over the air to his guest and his assorted panel of “experts,” who all took diverse views on whatever the topic of the evening was going to be.

Later on, the beeper system was developed, and two-sided conversations went LIVE in all 30 states where Long John was heard . . . and we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of listeners in a time when everyone normally went to bed long before midnight. Hell, “The Tonight Show” wasn’t even on the air yet and CBS’s “The Late Show” – which broadcast a full-length movie every night – went off around 1 a.m. the latest. It was dead air and dead silence, and good night till around 6 a.m., when the airwaves started to hum again. But then came Long John and his Friends from Outer Space. America’s sleeping habits would be changed forever – just ask Art Bell and George Noorey, whose careers would not have been so easy if it wasn’t for a man who stood six feet-seven inches tall.

And the tales that he aired on a regular basis were as tall as the man who broadcast them, perhaps even a bit taller, as we shall see.

Long John never said he believed any of the stories told him and his audience. “I don’t buy that,” he relished saying, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t use a particular guest to boost his ratings. He must have had some inkling that, after midnight, there is a little bit of paranoia in all of us and he profitably tapped into those feelings. Nebel was the first radio show host to be given a salary of a hundred thousand dollars annually, the equivalent of what Mickey Mantle was making over at Yankee Stadium just a short subway ride away.



George Adamski

There was George Adamski, who said he had met Orthon, a long-haired space visitor from Venus, in the desert near Sun City, California.

The Mystic Barber, who wore an antenna on his head to protect himself from the bad vibes of the bad space people and who everyone thought was a complete whack job. And he was, but a nice man just the same who had a reputation for giving the best haircuts in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

Stuart Robb, who talked about the prophecies of Nostradamus before anyone else did, could pick up the voices of the dead on his reel to reel tape recorder, and had proof that Shakespeare did not write any of those plays, couldn’t read or write, but offered a safety net for Francis Bacon, who really penned these incredible works.

There was Gray Barker, who told about Albert K. Bender being silenced by the Men-In-Black and who later published, in hardback, Menger’s “FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU,” only to have Menger blow off the opportunity to promote the book and instead decide to change his story in midstream.

Jim Moseley, publisher of “SAUCER NEWS,” which later morphed into the satirical “SAUCER SMEAR,” before the days when he became the acknowledged “Court Jester” of UFOlogy.

And even the mighty visionaries, like science fiction’s Arthur C. Clark and the Great One himself, Jackie Gleason, who stopped by the Times Square studio of WOR from time to time to discuss UFOs and to voice his opinion that contactees were charlatans. He once agreed to go for a ride onboard a flying saucer, but I guess the Space Brothers passed him by because he never made it to the far side of the moon like the man who became Long John Nebel’s biggest drawing card claimed he did.


Howard and Connie Menger

Howard Menger was, for all intents and purposes, the East Coast version of George Adamski, except that Menger’s accounts seemed a tad more believable, there was at least some scant independent evidence that something pretty unearthly was happening on Menger’s property in the Garden State, and, finally, his ability to communicate a good story was heads above any of the other contactees, who mostly resided on the West Coast, thus giving Menger an uncluttered field to operate in.

And operate he did. Howard’s contacts seemed to take on a life of their own. On weekends, dozens of cars headed for the open road in order to pull into one of Menger’s fields and speak with him personally about what had been going on when the sun went down and the heavens came alive with shooting stars and the flickering lights of the flying saucers.

And the stories did get wild – they seemed to have no boundaries. But the public ate them up and Howard Menger became, in his own right, a star with his 15 minutes of fame long before that amount of time was allocated to anyone and everyone by the highly-hyped artist Andy Warhol.


Long John’s questions came fast and furious. Nebel would often try to trip up his guests, but Howard either outfoxed one of the greatest fox hunters of all time because he was smooth and polished or because he totally believed in what he was saying. You can decide (or just maybe you can’t) by reading the following interview that Howard did around this time period.
Q. What is a flying saucer?

A. An interplanetary space craft.

Q. Where do these come from?

A. From other planets in this system, such as Mars, Venus, Saturn; also from planets outside this solar system.*

* There are also space craft, though of inferior design, which are built by people of this planet. These people are in communication and in service with people from other planets. They are people who possess a high spiritual understanding and have reached an awareness of natural law; therefore they have been entrusted with information enabling them to construct such a craft.

Q. Who has seen them?

A. Thousands of people all over the world.

Q. What do they look like?

A. Saucer-shaped (as the name implies), disc shaped, bell-shaped and so on. They may often appear to take on different shapes and colors due to the magnetic fields surrounding them.

Q. Where do we see them?

A. In flight, in the sky all over the world. They land only in secluded areas where they may contact people without attracting attention.

Q. How fast do they fly?

A. In the Earth’s atmosphere, they travel in excess of 20,000 miles per hour; outside the Earth’s atmosphere, they can exceed the speed of light.

Q. Has anyone seen them land?

A. Yes, many people have seen them land – such as myself, and countless others who have not told of their experiences.

Q. Do they have people in them?

A. Yes, physical beings like ourselves operate the craft.

Q. Do the people get out?

A. Yes, when they need to make contact or gather information.

Q. What do the people look like?

A. They are humans and look just like we do, excepting their manner of dress. They have solid physical bodies.

Q. How many people are aboard a flying saucer?

A. I have never seen more than six in one craft; however, they can travel in units of 3-6-9, or 4-8-12, depending on the planet from which they originate, or the polarized balance of the people in connection with the mechanics of the craft traveling through space.

Q. Do the people say anything or communicate in any way?

A. They communicate telepathically and orally with whomever they may contact.

Q. What do they say?

A. They say they come in love and compassion for us, their brothers, to help us to help ourselves to reach a higher understanding of life and its meaning.

Q. What language do they speak?

A. They have their own language, unintelligible to us because of the higher frequency and different harmonics in the tonal scale; however, they can speak any language on Earth after a short period of study aided by electronic instruments.

Q. Do they indicate where they have come from?

A. Yes, usually. The ones who have contacted me have come from Mars, Saturn, Venus and probably Jupiter.

Q. Do they seem peacefully disposed towards us?

A. They say no man can leave his planet with the purpose of conquering or controlling another world. They are not hostile. They come in love and service to the Infinite Father.

Q. Did anyone ever see a craft take off?

A. Yes, hundreds of people have seen them take off and have ridden in them.

Q. Do the craft make any noise?

A. None audible to our physical ears.

Q. Are there any pictures of craft taking off?

A. Yes. I have color movie films of craft taking off and landing, people getting out and stepping into the craft. I have Polaroid shots of the same, which will be shown in the future.

Q. Is the viewer of a craft affected in any way – emotionally, physically or mentally?

A. What happens is that we ourselves may unwittingly cause our own fear or panic. Some cases have been reported where an individual got too close to the craft while the power was still on.

Q. If there are such craft in our skies, why are they not a more common sight, such as our regular aircraft?

A. First, they are not our regular aircraft; second, they are considered alien to our skies; thirdly, it has to be a slow process in reaching the people because of the hostile nature of this planet.

Q. Why don’t they make proper visits through channels of government, or mass meetings and landings?

A. Mass landings, great displays, and the like would only cause confusion. The military would be involved immediately; the governments of the world would be in turmoil, each seeking its own advantage. There would be hysteria and, possibly, panic. And so, in the interest of humanity, the space people approach us cautiously. Incidentally, space visitors do not have identification papers and passports. If we now investigate and counter-investigate every suspected alien who might be suspected of being a foreign agent, what would we do if confronted with people who are entirely new, strange and alien to our planet?
There would be endless investigations and controversy, and the work and message the space people have come to deliver would be snowed under by red tape. I doubt whether they have the time or inclination to play this silly Earth game of intrigue and counter-espionage. So they come directly to the people, by contacting their own; and the people will learn of them over a period of time – gradually, without fear, panic, or censorship. Every great movement has always started with the people, and that is where the story belongs: with the people.

Q. If they can speak our language, why don’t they come among us and announce themselves, as we would do if we went to another planet?

A. They have tried, but people would not believe them – mainly because they look and act like us and are not monsters with six or eight arms.

Q. How long have they been coming into our atmosphere?

A. For thousands and thousands of years.

Q. Why don’t they tell us about the wonderful experience of space flight?

A. They have, through certain people, and these certain people are willing to listen and believe whether or not they see; and also some of the information divulged must be kept secret.

Q. What is the place of the space people in the cosmos – do they come from different dimensions?

A. They are spiritual beings, like ourselves, using physical forms adapted to their own planets. There is time around their planets within their atmosphere just as on Earth; but there is no time in space.

Q. Is this their first or early beginning of flight into space?

A. No, they have been traveling in space for thousands of years.
Q. How do they regard us?

A. As brothers. They love us.

Q. Why do they come here – what is their purpose?

A. To try to awaken within us a yearning for higher understanding so we can help ourselves in preventing any further destruction of our planet, which could conceivably have a bad effect in our solar system. It is about time we grew up as a humanity.

Q. What planets are they coming from?

A. From Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and some planets outside our own solar system.

Q. Are any craft coming from beyond our solar system?

A. Yes. And some mother ships have come from distant galaxies.

Q. What are the main different types of craft?

A. Discs are remotely-controlled objects sent out from the masterships, to record thoughts, emotions, feelings and other conditions of the people in the area; also to detect hostility before landing. Some of these recordings are used for future contacts with the individuals concerned. These discs range in size from eight inches to more than eight feet in diameter. Bell-shaped Saturnian craft are about 509 feet or so in diameter, 18 to 20 feet high; metallic, grey, somewhat flatter in appearance than a Venusian scout ship. A Mother Ship or Carrier is elliptical, cigar-shaped or egg-shaped. They have been reported up to 3,500 feet in length; however, there is no limit to their size. Green Fire Balls are a means used by space people to protect us from the effects of the atomic and hydrogen explosions in our atmosphere.

Q. What are other planets like? For example, Venus or Mars?

A. Venus is a planet slightly smaller than our Earth. It is in the stage that the Earth was in many thousands of years ago; young and healthy, with beautiful foliage, streams, forests, large bodies of water, mountains, and hills. As a matter of fact, there are some places in California today that resemble Venus. It is beautiful and verdant and a veritable paradise. There are also places in South America similar to places I have seen on Venus. They plan to keep their planet young, beautiful and healthy. Their atmosphere is very similar to ours, but the sun cannot penetrate it with destructive rays.

Q. Do they have governments, cities, country places, farms, gardens, factories, schools, etc.?

A. They do not have authorities or government officials of any kind. They live in peace and harmony and everyone knows what his or her particular talent is so that they work at that particular job – and they love their work.

FACTORIES: There are buildings where work is done, or where the craft are built; but the buildings are beautiful places and not like our factories at all. They receive no coin in exchange for work. Instead, they exchange talents, and everything is shared to the extent of their talents and desires and no one wants for anything. We work because we have to work. They work in service of their Infinite Father.

FARMS: They grow fruit and vegetables and flowers. They do not raise meat-producing animals since they do not eat meat. Animals roam free and complete their cycle of life naturally. They are not over-bred and over-produced for food.

SCHOOLS: There are schools of wisdom that children or adults can attend. Most knowledge is inherent in the children, since they are born with the knowledge of the past. Their education is their past learning, which they apply in their present life to gain wisdom for future use.

CITIES: They live in small communities, built in the forests and close to natural surroundings. They do not denude the land of all trees and shrubs and then build boxes. Their communities are kept small and usually contain no more than a few thousand people. They are spread out and decentralized.

Q. If well-known people have been contacted, why don’t they tell about their contacts?

A. Government officials in particular refuse to tell because it would upset our economy. The knowledge they have gained depicts an entirely different way of life. It is living under God’s law rather than man’s law. Most mechanical energy sources would become obsolete.

Q. Have all countries been contacted?

A. People in every country of this world have been contacted.

Q. Why do they contact only certain people?

A. Certain people are born with an awareness of truths within themselves, or they are reborn from another planet, in which case their own are contacting them and awakening within them that one small spark of truth so that they become the flame of truth. These people must have the courage of their own convictions and the ability to take it, for they will suffer ridicule and attacks.

Q. If they are coming here to help us, why are they concealing their identity?

A. They are not particularly trying to conceal their identity, and to those they have contacted they have revealed themselves.

Q. Are space people living here on the Earth among us?

A. Yes, thousands of people from other planets are living among us. Some are rebirths, some have come directly from their home planets in spacecraft. They may live next door to you. One of them may be your co-worker, the person who serves you in a store or a restaurant. They have one identifying trait: love of fellowman.

Q. Why don’t they tell us how to build a craft?

A. Because it is like giving a child a firecracker, an automobile or gun. We cannot live with ourselves, let alone trying to live with people of other planets. We would use this power to conquer. On other planets there are no wars – they would like to keep it that way.

Q. If, as some reports indicate, some of our airline pilots are seeing flying saucers and are said to be suffering from hallucinations or seeing weather balloons, why are they not fired since the safety of our flights depend upon the pilots?

A. Because authorities know the pilots are NOT suffering from hallucinations. They know the pilots are telling the truth, and saucers are being seen by too many airmen to adequately squelch the story.

Q. What is the average life span on other planets?

A. Eight hundred years.

Q. Have the space people brought us any picture or films of their home planets?

A. Yes. In the future, pictures taken on other planets will be shown here. These will include scenes of the planet, people, animals, etc.

Q. What kind of clothing do the space people wear?

A. On Venus and some planets, the women wear knee-length, billowing, tunic-like gowns of pastel colors, sometimes held by a jeweled belt. The women do not wear girdles, bandeaux, or any tight undergarments. The clothes are comfortable, airy, loose and beautiful, enhancing the contours of the female form. The men wear ski-type trousers, translucent and soft, something like nylon. The clothing both for men and women adjusts to the bodily heat so that it can keep them cool or warm as the temperature varies. A sandal-type foot gear is worn by both men and women.

Q. Do they have families, children? What is their social setup?

A. Two beings, when perfectly mated, stay together as long as their desire and mutual progress continue, sometimes for many of our lifetimes. They have children, and the children are loved by all. However the children mature at a very early age. Their social setup is communal. They share the goods of life with one
another. Yet, if it is their desire, they can have isolation and privacy at any time they wish.

Q. At what age do children reach maturity on other planets, such as Venus?

A. They mature in three to five years. A child on Venus shortly after birth is already equal to an Earth child of seven.

Q. Do they nurse their children?

A. Yes, the children are breast-fed in a few months, then are weaned on natural foods, such as fruit and vegetable pulp. They are not given animal milk.

Q. Do the children go to school?

A. They have communal-type schools or places where they are briefed on their own spiritual development. Most of their knowledge is within themselves and in such schools it is encouraged to develop.
Q. Do people work?

A. There is no work as we know it. They have advanced mechanics and apparatus that do the work quickly and efficiently. All services are voluntary and rendered with love. All products are shared. They do have buildings where people go to perform services, where the various conveniences of life are made.

Q. What is their religion? Do they believe in God? Do they believe in Jesus?

A. Their religion, or more properly, way of life, is serving their Infinite Father, and attaining more knowledge so they can serve their Creator to a higher degree. Jesus was one of them in the highest degree of development.

Q. What are their homes like?

A. On Venus, the buildings are dome-shaped and semi-translucent to permit light and color to enter. Some of the buildings resemble our own modern organic architecture.

Q. Can we go to the other plants and be accepted and live as they do?

A. Generally, no. We might, due to the differences in development and vibration, atmospheric pressures, etc., suffer a nervous breakdown. Some people from Earth, however, have gone physically to other planets aboard a craft and stayed there (not wishing to return); others have returned after a learning period or visit, to help their Earth brothers. Those who do return usually remain silent as to their experiences lest they be confined to a mental institution or suffer ridicule.

Q. Can a disc-type craft return to Venus without having to depend upon a mother ship to transport it back?

A. Yes, the craft has the ability to return to Venus on its own power without transport by a mother ship.

Q. What is the purpose of the mother ship or carrier?

A. The space carrier is used outside this system for extended trips into outer space. It transports cargo and equipment, along with many people.

Q. Can space people take goods or plants from here back to their own planets?

A. Yes. Many craft are sent here for specific botanical studies and take many of our plants back with them for study and transplanting.

Q. Can we transplant plants from their planets to Earth?

A. Yes. Plants can adapt themselves to the conditions of varying frequencies in time.

Q. Have some of our terrestrial plants been brought here from other planets?

A. Yes. Some of our plants have been brought here from space.
Q. Are the planets known by names different from the ones we call them?

A. Yes. In some cases. In other cases, planets are designated by symbols. Our Earth, for example, has a specific symbol.

Q. Do people from other planets have hair on their bodies as we do?

A. They are not as hairy. In some cases, however, when a person from Venus comes here, he will, after a short while, grow hair much faster than the ordinary Earth person. When they return to their own planets, they lose the hairy condition.

Q. Does the frequency of a planet affect the mental development of its people?

A. Yes.

Q. Are men and women equal in social level on other planets?

A. Yes. In fact, from a physical standpoint, it is more pleasurable to be a woman on other planets. Childbirth, for instance, is a thrilling and pleasurable event, not associated with pain or discomfort.

Q. What is the difference between a reborn and a reincarnated being?

A. A REBORN (or rebirth) is a being who has volunteered to come to this planet from a higher planet or dimension on a mission to teach his or her brothers and sisters and assist them in helping themselves gain more insight and understanding of the Universal laws of the Creator.

Q. Is it difficult for a reborn to understand the reasoning of Earth people? Is their reasoning or understanding different?

A. The reborn are usually masters or near-masters; therefore, it is not difficult for them to understand the Earth reasoning or its people; however, it is, at times, difficult to live among them.

Q. What is the difference between a master and a near-master?

A. A MASTER can do anything, but does not. A NEAR-MASTER (such as an adept) can do almost everything, and does. There is that small percentage of the ego still operating that prefers to demonstrate through the individual ego, rather than operate God’s law through many forms and people. A MASTER appears confused, but is not, among those who are confused, just to be one of them. A NEAR-MASTER appears calm and in control before the confused, and prefers to remain aloof from humanity.

A MASTER can leave (mentally and etherically) a group of people engaged in conversation at any time he wishes, without the people being aware of his spiritual absence, or partial absence, since a master can be several places at one time. A NEAR-MASTER can leave, mentally or physically, and appear before those people then, as a master.

A MASTER directs indirectly the laws of God through the confused people around him, because when they act on what they term as their own thoughts, these actions are recorded in their own subconscious and they then learn through their own mental processing what the master has known for centuries. A NEAR-MASTER directs throughout what HE knows as God’s laws and the beings in the physical illusion do what they think HE knows is right and do not learn as much. There are four real master in the world today. One is in the United States, one is in India, one is in Australia, and one is in South America.

Q. Are the master celibates?

A. No. God is married to the Infinite Universe. All masters are married. It takes a master to get married and perform physically that which is taken for granted that a master would not do. Sometimes it is a matter of choice. The sexual expression is one of the highest expressions of God, in that it takes in the sense of touch. When we speak of sex, we interpret it to mean physical union expressed through love and understanding – not sex as expressed for and by itself. Sex expressed purely on the physical plane for itself and its beings, perfectly combined in all areas, that is, in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, should be joined as one. Wedded incompatibility is the true adultery.

Q. What is a flashback?

A. A mental picture of an experience, or a feeling of remembering a place or lifetime on this planet or another planet. Only the brains and mental makeup of reborns can tune in to flashbacks. Certain granules in their brain cells, which are present by previous development, will respond to flashbacks.

Q. Why don’t we remember past lives?

A. The memory of past lives is trained out of us from childhood onward. Children’s fantasies, imagination and play are sometimes really flashbacks and/or regressive memory.

Q. How are the visitors trying to raise the mass consciousness of the people?

A. By various methods such as: a. Dissemination of saucer research data. b. Stories of contact with their own. c. Their signs in the sky. d. Mechanically by means of mental capsulation, and machines.

Mental capsulation can be projected by sound, color, vibration. A high-frequency sound can be a mental capsulation; a song or a selection of music can be a mental capsulation. Music in the form of a mental capsulation helps push certain buttons in the mind and releases something which is there. However, because of the way we eat, think, and act on this third-dimensional planet, this knowingness is held dormant, sometimes through several lifetimes. Nevertheless, God’s laws shall prevail, and those who are due this release toward an awareness will have it when the time in the cycle of expression of this planet is ripe. The machines which send out super-sonic high frequency sounds use a man’s body as a terminal in conjunction with the mental capsulation. There are three terminal bodies in each state. The machines operate on a silent carrier wave.

Q. What is the Will of the Father and how can it be developed?

A. The will of the Infinite Father is to EXPRESS, in ALL dimensions, the love of the Infinite Father in ALL FORMS, COLORS, SOUNDS, TASTES, and EXPRESSIONS.

Q. Will there ever be an interchange of people, ideas and cultures between the planets in our solar system so that there will be a brotherhood throughout our solar system?

A. This is inevitable. You can delay God’s plan, but never stop it. Interplanetary brotherhood for Earth’s people is dependent upon the degree of decline of hostility and the degree of increase towards tolerance, love and good will toward our fellow men. The near-masters do not know of the masters, but the masters know of the near-masters, and of the reborn, who do not know of themselves as near-masters and/or reborn. This realization of one’s near-mastership usually comes somewhere between the ages of thirty and forty.



Menger allegedly took this photograph of a Venusian silhouetted against the bright light of its landed spacecraft.

Around the time Howard began to reach his stride, he suddenly grew silent. Noted UFO/New Age publisher Gray Barker had just issued “FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU” in a deluxe hardback edition which featured an illustration on the cover that Menger had painted himself of the girl on the rock. Barker needed to recoup quite a bit of dough and, like all publishers, figured that the author would be more than happy to promote the work in all media, especially on the Long John Show where he could possibly sell several thousand copies. Nebel’s Party Line had just gotten onto WOR-TV in New York and Menger was invited on to hype the book.

He did show up, but his story had changed from that of fact to a possible work of science fiction. His space friends might have been imaginary. Perhaps he had been duped by secret agents – Russians? – into believing what was basically a lot of hogwash. Barker was ready to pull his hair out. Long John would probably have liked to put a hit out on him.

Rumor had it that Menger had been visited by the Men-In-Black and they had warned him for the safety of his family that he should tone this all way down. This does not seem out of the realm of possibility because, as we mentioned earlier, shadowy types were often seen in the vicinity of Menger while he told his stories. Some folks thought they might be space people themselves – others figured far worse.

At the time, I was publishing a monthly newsletter called “THE SEARCHLIGHT.” Being the journalist that I am, I tried to get Menger to comment on these stories. I wanted to know why he had copped out on Barker, Long John and those who wanted to believe his experiences were real and not fabrications. After all, how could such a seemingly sincere person be such a liar?

Menger did not talk to me for several years but he did send me some material which he hoped would shed some light on what was happening and why he was not “hanging out” in the limelight for the time being. In addition to Menger’s remarks, I tried to feel out those in the field who I thought might have some insights into this troubling situation.

The following are the notes that I collected – some of which I published – at the time.

Notes on the High Bridge Incident—A Turn of the Screw


After a spacecraft landed on Menger’s New Jersey farm, he photographed a Venusian woman as she walked toward him. Just after she touched her belt, she vanished in a flash of bright light.

Menger wrote in his book, “From Outer Space To You” (Saucerian Press, 1958), that he had met people from outer space on his farm in High Bridge, New Jersey. Later, while appearing on the Long John Nebel TV show, he backed away from many of the controversial statements presented in his book. As our readers know, even though we attack the subject of contact claims with a completely open mind, it doesn’t take much to know that many of the stories told by the contactees over the years leave a lot to be desired in the way of solid evidence. We now seem to have some additional information which might shed some light on the Menger claim in particular and on “contact” cases in general.

The following are extracts drawn from an eight-page letter sent by Menger on September 18, 1965, to a Colonel Jordan, United States Army (Ret.), who was then the City Clerk of Sebastian, Florida. At the time this letter was written, Menger was attempting to hold a three-day space convention with the help of the City Council. But because of “negative publicity” received from such then-active groups as NICAP and CSI, the council refused to pledge their full support.

Because of the length of this letter, we will not reproduce it here in full, but will give the bulk of the relevant parts of its text.


“I wrote a book, “From Outer Space To You,” (Fact/Fiction) based on an actual experience, which I accidentally stumbled upon in an isolated field to the rear of my property in High Bridge, NJ. These photographs (I took) I sent to a department in the Pentagon. It wasn’t long afterward that I was contacted and asked if I would cooperate in an experiment based on what I had inadvertently seen and project into this experience an expanded futuristic view of ‘things to come’ with their help and information. (I suppose they must have figured the only way to obtain my silence and cooperation was to put me on the ‘team.’) In other words, the ‘High Bridge Incident.’

“‘The High Bridge Incident’ was used as a gauge to indicate the people’s reaction to alien contact. You will think this not so strange when you consider that our astronauts today are being thoroughly conditioned and trained to meet any and every strange condition or situation they may face upon landing on an alien world! The psychology of human reaction to the strange and unknown, the utter desolation of hostile terrain, the complete isolation in the black void of space, and the awesome feeling of looking back at a dimly glowing globe called Earth, so distant, small . . . these are the feelings our astronauts must feel, conquer, control and cope with. Space Medicine is dealing with unknown factors and human reactions to them, and if our scientists sometimes obtain their much-needed information in bizarre ways, it is because they have only one known quantity with which to work, namely the human factor. Bearing this in mind, let us suppose they superimpose a hypothetical condition, based on truth, like a spacecraft landing in an obscure country town, and some alien creatures disembarking, giving messages of good will to a local yokel acting as ‘contactee’ . . . This would be one way of getting an index of human reaction . . . .

“I agreed to cooperate in the above experiment, and when the press picked up the story of flying saucers over High Bridge (and they were there and the people did see them – don’t ask me how or why) they really had a ball. They worked it up into a real sensation. However, all the publicity did not help me, my work, or my family, as I had little or no privacy left. But this was all part of it. I had to meet and talk to people. At first, I was a little shy and more or less tongue-tied, but after many lectures I gained in confidence and with the material and suggestions handed to me, I was able to carry on.


Menger claimed his outer space friends took him for rides outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. This photo was taken on the Moon and shows a spacecraft landing near a dome-shaped building.

“Yes, I was handed a specimen that was claimed to be a potato from the Moon Base. It’s the finest piece of dehydration you have ever seen on Earth to date. There is no dehydration plant that can safely dehydrate a whole specimen . . . .

“I never said I married a Venusian. My wife never said that she came here in a spaceship from Venus. She was born in Elizabeth, N.J. In my own UFO investigations, I have come across many accounts of aliens claiming to be from Venus and being described as fair-complexioned with long blonde hair. In my own futuristic account of space, I mentioned a blonde Venusian woman, as does George Adamski in his book . . . I have remarked rather whimsically that my wife, who is small, fair and blonde, is a ‘Venusian type’ . . . The press really went to town on that and made money turning out copy.
“After the ‘High Bridge Incident’ had been widely publicized and the experiment was considered finished, I completely withdrew from all activities in saucer research. I refused to give lectures or show movies or speak to anyone about it. I had completed my mission. I wanted peace . . . .

“Whatever bizarre circumstances occasioned my entrance into the UFO field, it was with proper motivations and the desire to help that so involved me . . . .”


Mysterious Nordic spaceman Val Thor was photographed at Menger’s UFO conference.‏

Perhaps you will say that this account, given above by Menger, will add more confusion to the saucer picture than it subtracts. And, in all probability, you are correct. Were all the various contactees put on the “team,” as Menger says he was? Or did they have actual experiences? Perhaps, as Dr. Davidson has suggested many times, they were hoaxed, unknowingly, by the CIA or some other government agencies, into believing that they were talking with friendly space people and then relaying the space people’s “message” of good will and brotherly love to the general public. Perhaps Menger was smart enough to find out what was going on. But, just the same, how does one go about explaining the strange objects seen over High Bridge?

Saucers were seen. We’ve talked to some of Menger’s close associates, who say they saw UFOs landing near Menger’s home. One person even goes so far as to claim some sort of mental contact with the “visitors.” Or perhaps, as our own Staff Advisor, Harry Hoffman, suggests, this is merely an attempt by Menger to somehow connect the past with the present. Perhaps things, as Menger indicates, got too hot for him and, being unable to get one second of privacy, he decided that he had better change his story. These are all questions which remain to this date unanswered. Menger’s book (now out of print) has just been translated into French by Dr. J. P. Crouzet and has been published under the title of “My Friends, the Men from Space” in Paris by Dervy Livres Publishing Company. Presently, Menger is working on a new book which he says “will drop a few bombs in certain places.” But this may not be released for some time.

By Gray Barker, Publisher of “From Outer Space To You.”

After ten years or more of saucering, I’m afraid I’m a rather jaded individual when it comes to getting excited, but, very frankly, this statement from Menger interests me greatly. Although no doubt there is much fiction in many of the contactee accounts, I have always thought in my mind that SOMETHING actually happened to many of these “extremist” saucerers. I cannot say in all certainty that Menger is telling everything when he talks about the Pentagon bit, but it certainly does ring a bell somewhere in the corner of my mind.

After Menger’s book was published, you will recall that it was a source of some disappointment to me that, on a Long John Nebel TV appearance, Menger really backed down by saying that he wasn’t sure about some of the contacts.

Although I knew this wouldn’t help book sales, strangely enough here was the point where I began to take Menger more seriously than before. Especially after he had told me in a phone conversation that he was still contacting people but that he wasn’t quite sure whether they were from other planets or not!


Color photograph of what were alleged to be three Venusians, Val Thor on the right, his brother Donn in the middle and Jill. Taken at Menger’s Outer Space Conference in New Jersey.

You will also recall Dr. Leon Davidson and his many articles for “Saucer News” and “Flying Saucer Review.” Although “Dr. D.” had some pretty far out stuff, he did come up with an interesting accusation – that the CIA had set up some of Adamski’s contacts. He also accused my publisher of having been subsidized by some government agency. Well, like Ray Palmer, I had a “fact” here: I knew that I wasn’t working with any government setup and doubted very much that the publisher of “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers” was. But Dr. Davidson did leave some suspicions in my mind.

In regard to Menger, I do know that nobody subsidized me in any way in publishing his book (except the thousands of people who ordered the book in advance of printing). Although I had contact with the FBI early in the Bender mystery days, and several disquieting contacts during the (Adamski-related) Straith Letter matter (also from the State Department), I have never had any contacts with the Air Force on saucers nor with any government agency which offered any sort of encouragement or subsidy.

And I still think that if you take Menger’s experience, add either encouragement of a government agency, or some other party besides himself, you will come up with a clearer picture of what may actually have happened. The same may well be true of Adamski.

Take Albert K Bender’s book, “Flying Saucers And The Three Men,” also. It could be an invention to cover-up, as sort of a red herring, something that may have happened involving government intervention.

As a publisher of various saucer books, however, I have tried to retain a completely open mind, as you have done, and much of what I have expressed above is at best only speculation.

                                             A DIRE WARNING TO “WATCH MY STEP”

Charles Marcoux, who has been a student of UFO matters and a follower of the Inner Earth and, more pointedly, the Shaver Mystery, since the very beginning, has some rather interesting comments regarding Menger that would tend to add some credibility to Menger’s claim that he was an agent for the Pentagon. These observations are in a seven-page report written on April 28, 1957, at the time Menger was lecturing in Michigan. Since the report is most lengthy, we will once again quote only its most important sections.

“At this lecture, Menger played a tape recording of a saucer sound as it ‘hovers and vibrates’ before landing. The sound was sort of a high-pitched whine which reminded me of the Atlantic communication system. It was also very similar to a hydroelectric generator. After this, the tape seemed to change to a high pitched Morse code effect . . .

“Menger in his lecture claimed that there were no monsters coming here in spaceships and any such things as Deros and subsurface races were hoaxes. I thus proceeded to question Menger further about this since I am very familiar with the Shaver Mystery and know there is a lot to it. He told me that if there were such things the space people would have informed him about them . . . .

“After I put the pressure on Menger, he sort of shrugged his shoulders and asked me if I didn’t think it better to be in contact with the higher forces than such low ones and proceeded to warn me to ‘watch my step’ . . . .


Two men watched Menger like a hawk about to pounce on its unsuspecting prey. They were silent and remained in the background.

“But perhaps the most unusual thing was the two men who traveled constantly with Menger wherever he went. After I left the meeting, one of the men (I believe his first name was Dave) asked me point blank, ‘Don’t you think that it would be better if you followed the higher contacts, rather than those lower ones, as Menger said?’ To this I replied that I could have knocked loopholes in everything that Menger had stated but that it wouldn’t be wise to do so on Menger’s field of battle. To this the fellow agreed . . . .

“These two men watched Menger like a hawk about to pounce on its unsuspecting prey. They were silent and did not noise about too much but instead remained in the background and let Menger hold the attention of the group. I knew that the money taken in from his lectures in the area did not cover the expense of the three persons and also keep up the cost of operating a five thousand dollar automobile . . . .

“A few weeks later, I was threatened by three men who attempted to force their way into my home. I cannot say for certain whether there was any connection between the two events but, following the Menger lecture, I also received a number of very strange notes and letters through the mail . . . .

“There is more that I could tell you, but think it not advisable at this time . . . .”

                                 Comments By “Saucer News” Editor James Moseley

“I think you will agree that it certainly does take courage for a contactee, or anyone else, to change his story. Although I tend to disbelieve all saucer contact stories, we must admit that Menger is apparently sincere.

“I am almost ready to believe that the government DID put him up to his pseudo-contact stories, for reasons best known to themselves. Why should he, in effect, admit he was lying, when he could just as well stick to his old story or remain completely silent as he has done for a couple of years now? In other words, I really think he may have something.

“Longtime readers of “SAUCER NEWS” will recall that Dr. Leon Davidson has propounded the idea that UFOs are a hoax perpetrated by the Central Intelligence Agency. The letter from Menger to Col. Jordan sounds like he is expressing a view very similar to Dr. Davidson’s.

“I do hope he writes another book, as it sounds like it might contain some very interesting material . . . .”

                                                      Dr. Leon Davidson Comments

“My earlier opinions on this matter still apply, without adding or subtracting a word, as is indicated in my ‘Open Letter to Saucer Researchers,’ published in the March 1962 issue of ‘Flying Saucers,’ Ray Palmer’s magazine . . . .

“My view of the CIA involvement also remains exactly as I expressed in my article ‘Why I Believe Adamski,’ as published in the British ‘Flying Saucer Review,’ Jan-Feb 1960. The CIA contact man in the Menger case was, I believe, the ‘electrical engineer’ from Califon, N.J., whose identity is known to Richard Harpster, a reporter on a New Jersey paper.

“The recent activities of flying saucers may be linked to other and newer secret agencies than the CIA, such as the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). As long as government money may be spent without public accountability, for reasons of ‘military secrecy,’ we can expect continued ‘psychological warfare’ as represented in the Menger case and its aftermath.”

Although Menger’s letter has brought to light a new possibility for many of the contact stories, this is not the first time that it has been suggested that the people contacted were in reality from this planet. In a “New York Daily News” column, written by Ben Gross on April 4, 1957, noted naturalist and author Ivan T. Sanderson suggests that agents from other nations may be behind some saucer contacts!

Ivan is quoted as saying: “Some of those who tell such stories can’t be dismissed as liars, psychotics or conscious charlatans. Menger, for instance, appears to be utterly sincere.

“All of these stories have certain similarities: the alleged spacemen appear only at night; their craft land in out of the way places; and they warn their contacts never to approach them while carrying any weapons, even flashlights.

“Furthermore, these space visitors preach a doctrine of brotherly love and are reported to harp constantly on the suggestion that we abandon our experimentation with atom and hydrogen bombs. Also, they are said to be giving secret instructions of some kind to their earth-people contacts.

“But most suspicious of all is this: Persons who say they have had contacts insist that occasionally they recognize ‘people from other planets’ working in our factories and riding along our highways in cars. How do they identify these individuals as being from outer space?

“Well, they tell you that this is a secret. But some have gone so far as to say there are hidden means of identification, including code words, involved.”

Sanderson goes on to say he is beyond the point of dismissing all such stories as fiction since “There is now quite a considerable mass of such reports. Some of these alleged contacts have been witnessed by as many as six persons at a time, in one case even a Princeton University physicist . . .”

To bring this story up to date, Ivan wrote us on February 4, 1966:

“Ben Gross and Long John were at that time deeply intrigued by and concerned with the drive behind the new rash of contactees, from a purely news point of view. Put it this way: there were either UFOs or there were not; assuming there were, where did the contactees fit in? And, if all they said was make-believe, why did they do it? In view of certain things that were definitely recorded, it was manifest that there must have been some very good reason for this drive because, if for nothing else, the amount of money these people were able to spend . . . .

“As for Menger’s claim that he was used or virtually employed by the government, I am afraid that I can have no comment. It amazes me that it should have been so claimed and I frankly don’t believe it. If true, it would seem to me that Menger is behaving in a most improper manner in so disclosing without official permission and he should therefore produce such permission.

“‘Howie’ Menger, whom I met at least fifteen years ago near here when he contracted to paint the road signs for my zoo, is, as everybody knows, a most likable chap, and I feel pretty confident in saying that he certainly never intended to harm anybody. Whether he was deluded, misguided or, frankly, blackmailed, I don’t know and nobody will ever know most probably; but, published stories (press clippings) show that he caused a tremendous disturbance for a couple of years, and there are those photographs. Both may have been pure ‘games,’ but as more experienced newsmen than I (like Ben Gross) pointed out: just how much money will you spend on games, and where in the heck do you get it? . . . .”

                         Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz, the Kindly, Credulous Psychiatrist

Over the years, a few of the more liberal-minded investigators of the phenomenon decided to give Menger’s accounts a second look. Timothy Good, the very popular British UFO writer, spent crucial time checking out Menger’s claims, found additional witnesses and was not afraid to include these accounts in his books. But, more than most others, one of Menger’s prime supporters was the late Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz, who received his M.D. from the New York University of Medicine and was a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and also of the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey.


Howard and Connie Menger outside their Florida home.

When Menger passed on February 25, 2009, Dr. Schwarz gave a very touching eulogy at Howard’s funeral service, making mention of those who not only respected Howard’s claims but actually might have participated in some sort of contact or sighting themselves, sometimes in the presence or vicinity of Howard or while they were out and about on their own.

In the heavily footnoted “UFO Dynamics” (Rainbow Books, ISBN: 0935834648), Schwarz recounts several incidents in which Menger apparently was somehow linked to the events in question.

In one case he recollects the time a couple were on their way to hear Menger speak when suddenly their radio apparently was “possessed” – or “taken over” might be a better way to phrase it – by a voice which stated: “It’s been reported that the British have communicated with a saucer in England and have made arrangements with the occupants.” It was a bulletin broadcast over WOR radio in New York. When the husband and wife arrived at their destination “the people there were also listening to that particular radio show, (yet) they hadn’t heard what we did! I could hardly believe what I had heard. I never had an experience like that before or since. A hoax would have been highly unlikely.”

In addition, Dr. Schwarz recounts how he interviewed a physicist from Princeton University who said he had seen “a noiseless disc three feet in diameter” in a rural New Jersey ravine near the home of Howard Menger. “The disc changed in color for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and was observed at a distance of 6 to 8 feet. The physicist was unable to offer a plausible explanation.” Another witness was present who added more details when he said, “A little light came out of the disc and circled around.”

The most remarkable of the cases discussed by Dr. Schwarz centers around the time one of Menger’s sons, then aged 12, was dying of brain cancer. The family had gathered around, having given up on doctors, and were down to using advice from the space brothers.
Let us quote directly from Dr. Schwarz’s text, which contains the statement of one individual who was present on this rather remarkable night: “We were sitting in the kitchen and the boy was in the other room with the nurse, who was on twenty-four hour duty. The sick boy then called urgently. His mother rushed into the room and we followed. The nurse took his pulse; it was very slow. The boy had a convulsion and a light started to show up above his bed. It began as a light blue and was about eight inches from the wall but not casting any light on the wall. It was like a bar of light. It pulsated and grew whiter and then it faded. The whole manifestation lasted about one and a half minutes.

“The nurse left to call the doctor . . . When the boy relaxed, the light was white. By the time the doctor came there was no light and the boy was all right. When I saw the light I turned my head sideways to make sure it was not an optical illusion which would travel with me, but it was still there . . .

“The night of the column of light, I saw four men in luminous uniforms. They were about three hundred feet away on a hilltop in the pasture. They stood in front of a dark grove of trees behind a fence. It was a moonlit night. They were on the edge of the rise and walking and flowing. If they were stooges, it would have been a very strange hoax. The sick boy’s mother was with us; the other children were too small to fake this. The contactee was in the house, as was everyone else whom we had met when we first came . . .”

During his illness, the son had other remarkable experiences which are recounted in “UFO Dynamics,” which I believe is one of the best books ever written on the high strangeness element apparent in many UFO cases. And it may be the only positive UFO book ever written by a psychiatrist with impeccable credentials.



Howard Menger claimed repeated contact with ETs.

I have tried to cover as much of the Howard Menger story as I possibly can. I have tried to present all the highlights as best as I remember them. And I am not blind to the fact that there are some inconsistencies in Howard’s recollections. He had made different statements on various occasions, even in his own “High Bridge Incident” book (privately published and co-authored by Connie Menger).

On one page we are told, for example: “Years ago, on a television program, when I first voiced my opinion that the people I met and talked with from the craft might not be extraterrestrial, it was thought that I had recanted. However, they (the aliens) said they had just come from the planet we call Venus (or Mars). It is my opinion that these space travelers may have bypassed or visited other planets (as we are planning to do) but were not native to those planets any more than our astronauts are native to the moon.”

Shortly after, we are hit with the following statement: “The authors believe that the underlying pattern of the UFO phenomenon is controlled by a central network from which contrived information, such as sightings, holograms, photographs, specimens and documented accounts are fed to the public. This central network consists of various top secret agencies in our government working with specialized personnel of the Army, Navy and Air Force in secret locations. But why is the public uninformed? The authors believe they know why but cannot prove it. Their main purpose is to let people know their side of the story, the story behind the story, and then let the reader decide the answer.”


Menger tried to market a free energy device whose design was given to him by his ET friends.

Menger even takes into account the notion that they could be other than extraterrestrial in the sense that we think of ET . . . that they could be life forms, time travelers or perhaps beings crossing time and space from some other dimension.

Connie Menger sums it all up quite beautifully when she states: “Despite the testimonies, witness accounts, photographs, movies and even specimens of dehydrated food samples, scientists will not and cannot accept any of the foregoing as proof of extraterrestrial visits. They would like to see and examine a landed craft, see and talk with the visitors, see and visit the planet of origin, inspect some alien artifact and obtain scientific information about their culture.

“The proof as required for scientific analysis was never really offered. The contactees, witnesses, abductees and others did their best to present the facts as they perceived them. They never had access to artifacts, books, language, culture, bodies or hardware. They did get a story, photos and a whole lot of philosophy. But perhaps that’s the way the visitors and government wanted it. The whole point, we believe, was to introduce the possibility of alien culture from other worlds through consciousness. Have you ever used flash cards to teach a small child numbers, letters or images? Maybe, someone is flashing images to us, a childlike humanity, in the hope that we will learn.”

And so it is – and so it was.

And, in conclusion, all we can do is repeat the words of Dr. Schwarz given at the end of the day – a day perhaps when Howard Menger passed over to a place full of peace and kindness, where some of the most vital questions of the cosmos could finally be put to rest at least for one of the most interesting individuals of our time.



Timothy Green Beckley – Mr. UFO



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Timothy Green Beckley – Mr. UFO The King of All Unpaid Media Reveals the Truth about Paranormal Radio

By Sean Casteel


Tim Beckley during a special meditation and skywatch with King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp to try and “bring down” a UFO.

Timothy Green Beckley has been in the trenches of the paranormal and psychic wars since the 1960s. He is truly a seasoned veteran when it comes to exploring and speaking out on the strange, the weird, the real-life “Twilight Zones” of human coexistence alongside otherworldly ultra-terrestrials that continue to elude understanding and even definition.

Along with his many years of writing and publishing in the field, Tim has also darkened the door of many a radio program in order to spread his unorthodox views to a world that seems forever poised between awe and simple disbelief.

“You know,” Tim said in an interview with me, “I always jokingly say that I am the ‘King of All Unpaid Media.’ Going back to 1964 or so, I have probably been on a thousand or more radio and TV programs. Also, as a publicist, I frequently offer guests that I think are very good on a particular subject to other shows. The shows then book the author or authority on a given subject directly because I believe in sharing the information. If somebody has something important to say or something relevant, it should be passed on to as large an audience as possible. I’ve been helping guests and talk shows find each other for about 40 years.”

Along with his friend and fellow journalist, Harold Salkin of Washington, D.C., Beckley even ran his own public relations and promotion firm called Artists and Celebrities International.  Among the duo’s paid clients were the pop artist Peter Max, legendary guitarist and recording artist Les Paul and various other musicians and entertainers.

“That was all long before, of course, there was an Internet or podcasts,” Beckley said. “But in those early days just about every major city did have a talk show host. The big one would have been Long John Nebel out of WOR in New York City.”


Long John Nebel

Nebel’s WOR was a 50,000 watt radio station that claimed to be heard in 32 states.

“I remember one time I actually picked it up in Arizona,” Tim said. “In those days, a lot of radio stations went off the air at 11 o’clock or midnight at the latest. So Long John had that whole period between midnight and 5:30 A.M. when there were virtually no other signals going out in that part of the country. Which meant he had a very strong signal and what would be for those days a very large audience.”

Long John went on the air in the mid-1950s, broadcasting from a transmitter in Carteret, New Jersey. Radio had been dealt a heavy blow by the advent of television and its increasing popularity and WOR was willing to give a show about UFOs and other oddball topics at least a chance to succeed. Long John’s nightly audio parade of flying saucer contactees and paranormal believers was a surprise hit and he stayed on the air well into the 1970s.

Long John was also an early pioneer of the call-in radio show that gave listeners the opportunity to ask their own questions.


The only known photo of a Man-in-Black, taken by Tim Beckley

“But in those days,” Tim explained, “you could only hear his side of the conversation. He would have to repeat the caller’s question. When they were finally able to broadcast a two-way conversation, they had to implement a seven-second delay mechanism in case the person who called in used a bit of vulgarity or foul language or said something that Long John didn’t particularly like.

“So Long John was actually one of the first – if not the first – talk show host to feature paranormal guests and telephone call-ins,” Tim continued. “He eventually moved from WOR to WNBC, where he got more money, but the signal was nowhere near as strong.”

Long John’s replacement at WOR was James Randi, better known as “The Amazing Randi,” a stage magician who later achieved fame as a scientific debunker of paranormal phenomena and occult beliefs.

“In those days,” Tim said with some amusement, “Randi was nowhere near as ‘skeptical’ as he is today or he would never have been able to get guests on. Today, who would do a program with Randi as the host unless you were a die-hard disbeliever in any of this? And there was a little bit of a feud between Long John and Randi. If you went on Randi’s show, you were not allowed to go on Long John’s. I don’t think there’s any such line in the sand today. I don’t think anyone has the clout to say that to a potential guest, that you can’t go on anyone else’s show, because you would just laugh in their face.”


Candy Jones

Long John passed away in 1978 and his widow, Candy Jones, took over the program. Jones was a former model who claimed to have been a victim of government mind control experiments, which upped the ante of controversy for the program and helped to raise the show’s ratings.

“I was a guest on her program on a regular basis,” Tim said. “Usually on Sunday night.”

Which was only a small part of Tim’s long and rich history of being a radio talk show guest.

“I was doing this long before anyone else was,” he said. “I was traveling around the country appearing on radio and TV talk shows, traveling on my own pocket. But I paid my dues. I was on shows in San Diego and Pittsburg and Cleveland and Boston. Some of these shows had a fairly good audience and there were a select handful that liked the paranormal but in particular UFOs. This is where the contactees made their rounds. If they were in Cleveland, they knew there was a show they could easily get on. If they were in Chicago or St. Louis or Denver, there was always somebody in their little black book that they could call and get on a program.”


John Keel and Timothy Green Beckley

In those days, Beckley recalled, one was more likely to get a welcoming response from a given talk show host.

“It’s not like today,” he said, “where you’re competing with dozens of other authors and speakers and people who are trying to promote something. When George Adamski or George Van Tassel came to town, and you were into the subject, it was something that you would tell your friends about and they would listen to the show and perhaps come out over the weekend for a lecture.

“I did what they call in political parlance ‘stumping,’” he continued. “I went from place to place and paid my dues. It was interesting. I met a lot of people and got a lot of good firsthand experiences and stories, some of which I followed up on. It got me out of my home base and into the field.”

Although one is almost never paid for appearing as a radio or TV talk show guest, the cost of Tim’s traveling was partially covered by selling his books and his UFO newsletters.

“It was enough to keep the home fires burning,” he said, “and it did help getting your name in front of the public. At one point, I had a mailing list of about 100,000 names of people who bought books and so forth. So we were rocking and rolling.”
But in the summer of 1987, when the landmark books “Communion” – Whitley Strieber’s first-person account of being abducted by aliens he called “The Visitors” – and “Intruders” – by alien abduction researcher Budd Hopkins – both hit bestseller lists around the country, a new era of media coverage of the UFO phenomenon began.

“Then I decided it was time for me to give up the mantle,” Tim said, “and let somebody else do it for a while. Whitley and Budd went out and did the ‘stumping’ and got a little bit of notoriety. The subject was in the news for quite some time. The subject has its waves. It goes up in popularity and then down again for a couple of years.”

CZ1Qdd_UAAAotUKIn the 1960s, when Tim first started making the rounds of talk shows, outside of Long John Nebel and one or two other shows around the country there were no specifically paranormal programs. Now the Internet is full of paranormal-themed podcasts, and Tim is on the other side of the microphone ASKING the questions, along with his solidly supportive co-host, Tim R. Swartz. Their program is called “Exploring the Bizarre” and is heard every Thursday night on the KCOR Digital Radio Network, beginning at 10 P.M. Eastern, 7 P.M. Pacific, providing two full hours of the latest and most interesting news about UFOs, aliens, ghosts – whatever strikes their supernatural fancy.

The programs are archived on the KCOR website within twelve hours if you miss hearing a show live. The recordings of the shows also are posted to YouTube under the moniker “Mr. UFO’s Secret Files,” along with about 80 other interviews, both audio and video.

And you can rest assured – as Tim’s warm and dulcet tones come out of the speakers on your home computer or mobile device – that you are listening to the voice of experience.

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